2017 I Heart British TV & I Heart Britain Holiday Gift Guide Submissions

Fall is slowly but surely creeping in, and that means it’s time for us to start thinking about our holiday gift guide. This year, the guide will span both our sites – IHeartBritishTV.com and IHeartBritain.com  – along with the corresponding Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and mailing lists.

Our goal is to showcase high-quality items that are likely to be of interest to those who appreciate British culture, giving our readers great ideas about what they might like to gift to others or hint about to their families and friends. Anything legal, high-quality, and in some way relevant to the British Isles (including Ireland) is fair game for inclusion. All products must be available for purchase in the US (even better if it ships worldwide).

Examples of products likely to be accepted: Tea and tea-related products, holiday hampers/gift baskets, British DVDs (please list the region-encoding), books set in the British Isles, items featuring photos or images of locations within the British Isles, foods or apparel specific to the region, items or guides of use to those traveling to the British Isles, etc.

Audience & Demographics

The two sites have been growing fast in the last year, with roughly 18,000 combined Facebook fans, 600+ newsletter subscribers, and thousands of site visitors monthly. In addition to our existing organic traffic, we’re allocating a significant budget to advertise the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide when it goes live in early November. It will be promoted on our sites and all our promotional channels throughout November and December.

Overall, it’s a great opportunity to reach a highly targeted, incredibly passionate audience. According to Facebook’s demographic reports, the I Heart British TV following is 99% female, 96% over the age of 35. The overwhelming majority are from the United States. I Heart Britain’s following is similar, with 99% female and 99% over the age of 35 – again, mostly from the United States.

Basic Holiday Gift Guide Inclusion

$30 + 1 product unit for review & social media photos

Your product will…

  • Be listed in our gift guide, along with a photo and brief review + a link to where visitors may purchase it.
  • Be photographed alongside other gift guide items and featured on our social media pages

VIP Holiday Gift Guide Inclusion (Limited Spaces)

$150 + 1 product unit for review & social media photos

There will be no more than 1 VIP item per category. Categories are: Books, TV & Movies, Tea, Food, Toys, Fashion, Home, Travel

Your product will…

  • Be listed in our gift guide, along with a photo and brief review + a link to where visitors may purchase it.
  • Be listed first in your category with a larger photo than what’s allocated to other products.
  • Appear both in group photos and solo photos on our social media pages.
  • Be promoted more prominently in our gift guide newsletter mailing.

Contest Sponsorship Add-On 

$100 +  units you wish to give away

This option can be added to either a basic or VIP listing in the gift guide, depending upon availability at time of inquiry. We’ll be hosting a holiday giveaway in late November and early December, and that giveaway will be promoted heavily on our social media.

Contest items will…

  • Be included in our contest post (with a more prominent placement for VIP products opting in to the contest add-on)
  • Be promoted independently on our social media pages (as in, “Here’s one of the great items in our 2017 Holiday Giveaway…”)
  • Be promoted in separate newsletter mailings about the contest.

To ensure that none of our contest sponsors disappear/die/go out of business between the beginning and end of the contest, we’ll require that contest items be received at our HQ by November 15th at the latest.

How to Submit to Our Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re interested in participating in our holiday promotions, contact us at stefanie (at) iheartbritishtv [dot] com with the placement that interests you and a link to your product. We’ll send you more details from there.


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