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Interview with Amy Huberman

by David F. in British TV Interviews 0

We recently had the chance to chat with Amy Huberman (Striking Out, Cold Feet) about her new show Finding Joy. Huberman not only stars in the comedy, she also wrote it. It's a big change from [...]
British Television Streaming

41 British Comedies on Netflix

Netflix isn’t always the first place many of us go when we’re looking for a new British comedy to watch (that’s usually Acorn TV or BritBox), but they have a surprising number of good ones. […]

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British Comedies

Honest Trailers Takes on Sherlock

If you haven’t yet seen any of Screen Junkie’s “Honest Trailers”, you’re missing out. They’re extremely well-made, and they always seem to say what everyone else is thinking (even when you don’t realize you were […]

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