25 British Christmas Movies You Can Stream Now

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Nothing gets me in the mood for Christmas quite like a good Christmas movie – and the Brits have made plenty of them. Below, we've gathered up some of the best ones available for online streaming in the US. Some are even free to view with Amazon Prime or Netflix at the time of posting (early November 2019).

If you need us, we'll be curled up on the couch with some popcorn. Let us known which one is your favorite!

The Snowman

The Snowman – Based on the Raymond Briggs' book of the same name, this short movie is a British holiday classic. There's also a sequel, The Snowman & the Snowdog.  Watch The Snowman | Watch The Snowman & the Snowdog

Millions – Starring James Nesbitt (Cold Feet, The Missing), this 2004 movie tells the story of 2 pre-teen siblings who find a million pounds in cash and need to spend it before the Euro is adopted. Watch on Amazon

Stick Man is a delightful Christmas film for the whole family

Stick Man – This short, animated Christmas film features voice work from some of the UK's most popular actors: Martin Freeman, Jennifer Saunders, Hugh Bonneville, and Rob Brydon, to name a few. It's about a little stick family man who embarks on an adventure and just wants to get back in time for Christmas. Watch on Netflix 

About a Boy – Though not traditionally classified as a Christmas movie, this Hugh Grant rom-com has plenty of holiday cheer. Watch on Netflix | Watch on Amazon

A Christmas Star – Born under the Christmas Star, a young girl is said to be capable of miracles.  Watch on Amazon

A Muppet Christmas Carol

Muppet Christmas Carol – Now 25+ years old (really??!) this Muppet film is a classic retelling of the much-loved Charles Dickens Christmas tale. Watch on Amazon

Arthur Christmas – With voice work by Hugh Laurie and James McAvoy, this star-studded animated film about Santa's youngest son Arthur isn't one to miss. Watch on Amazon

Get Santa – New Doctor Jodie Whittaker stars in this 2015 movie about getting Santa Claus out of jail to save Christmas. Watch on Netflix | Watch on Amazon

A Child's Christmas in Wales –  This sentimental family film shows us a young boy dreaming of a white Christmas, and his grandfather who gives him a snowglobe and shares some of his own Christmas memories. Watch on Amazon | Watch it on BritBox

Love Actually

Love Actually – This may be the ultimate British Christmas film of the modern era, but we do offer one warning: Don't watch it at a family gathering. Some scenes are inappropriate for young children, and it's all but guaranteed to create some cringe-y moments in a multi-generational situation. This ensemble comedy includes Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, and more. Watch on Amazon 

The Man Who Invented Christmas – This 104-minute film is a dramatisation of the life of Charles Dickens, the man who created A Christmas Carol, one of the world's best-loved Christmas stories. Watch it on Amazon

Bridget Jones's Diary – This film about an unhappy single woman looking for love during the holidays is a true classic in granny panties. Watch on Amazon

Scrooge – The story of Scrooge has been done over and over, but this classic 1970 musical version with Albert Finney is not to be missed. Watch on Amazon UPDATE: Amazon dropped this one since we updated this post last month. Hopefully, it will become available again in the near future.

Patrick Stewart in A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol – As long as we're talking Scrooge, we can't skip over A Christmas Carol. Though not strictly a British production (it was made for TNT), it stars Sir Patrick Stewart and it was filmed in London and Northamptonshire, which makes it British enough for us. Watch on Amazon

The Lion in Winter – It's 1183 AD and King Henry II wants to spend Christmas with his family – but of course, that gets complicated. This one's full of history and royal family dysfunction, proving that some things never change. Watch on Amazon

The Koala Brothers: Outback Christmas – Though this is technically an episode of a longer show, it's also sold as a standalone movie, and that's good enough for us. The Koala Brothers have invited their animal friends to spend Christmas with them, but a letter from their friend Penny Pengui in Antarctica sends them on a quest to go get her. Watch it on Netflix | Buy it on DVD

The Holiday – Two women facing an unhappy holiday season decide to swap houses – and end up finding love. This one's partially set in California and partially set in an English village. Watch on Amazon

The Christmas Candle – In late Victorian England, a village's new arrival threatens an age-old Christmas tradition. Watch on Netflix | Watch on Amazon

Pirate Radio / The Boat That Rocked – Known as Pirate Radio in the US, this one comes to us from the makers of Love Actually and Notting Hill. It's not strictly a Christmas movie, but there's a good bit of Christmas in there. Watch on Amazon

Christmas Survival – Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones), Joely Richardson (The Rook), and Julian Ovenden (Downton Abbey) star in this British Christmas film about a family coming together for a chaotic holiday celebration at their family home. Watch it on Netflix | Watch it on Amazon


Clash of the Santas

Clash of the Santas – Robson Green and Mark Benton star in this fun Christmas movie about two friends going to Lithuania to compete in a Santa competition. Watch it on BritBox

Christmas in Britain – Though it's not truly a movie, this brief 1960 video offers archival footage showing us what a classic British Christmas is like. Watch it on Amazon

A Merry Little Christmas – This one's not really a movie and not entirely British, but it features Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey, Bonekickers) alongside the Mormon Tabernacle Choir – so we thought we'd add it for those die-hard Hugh Bonneville fans. Watch it on Amazon


Click and Collect

Click and Collect – Stephen Merchant (Hello Ladies) goes on a road trip in search of the season's hot toy, Sparklehoof the Unicorn Princess. Watch it on BritBox

Home for Christmas – This movie is probably the closest thing you'll find to a British Hallmark movie. It's not specifically about Christmas, but it takes place during the Christmas season, so it's still a good choice if you need something with a bit of Christmas. It's a rom-com about a woman who seems to have things together, but who has never been loved by a man. As an added bonus, it's filmed in Brighton (a quirky seaside city in Southern England).  Watch it on Amazon


What's Your Favourite British Christmas Movie?

While we love them all, Love, Actually is an annual favourite around here. Let us know your British Christmas favourites in the comments!


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