As you might guess, I Heart British TV is dedicated to the topic of British television. Though our visitors come from all over the world, the information here is primarily geared towards North American viewers who use streaming services like BritBox, Acorn TV, and Amazon to view British content.

I Heart British TV is based in Northern California and run by two passionate British TV fans and all-around Anglophiles – and when we say Anglophiles, we don't mean the kind who think London = the UK. That's not to say London's isn't great, but we'd much prefer to venture out into the countryside.


Stefanie in Canterbury, just after all the birds were scared off


Stefanie is the founder of I Heart British TV. She started the site in late 2016 during a nasty cold, and promptly realized it was too much fun to give up. When not working on the site or planning another trip to the UK, she's a freelance consultant who works with medium-sized companies on their digital marketing strategies.



As Stefanie's best friend and frequent travel companion, it's no surprise that David was dragged into this little hobby. Already a big fan of the UK and its television programming, David came on as a partner in April 2018. He's just getting settled in now, but if you notice things getting tidied up around the site, that's probably his doing. He's also working on some new and exciting video projects based on footage we took last year.


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