Advertising Opportunities with I Heart British TV

If you want to reach a passionate audience of Anglophiles (people who love England or Britain), you're in the right place. We only accept ads or sponsored post opportunities that have some tie to the British Isles or relevance to our audience.

I Heart British TV is a rapidly growing site, and we're currently on track to see around 40,000-50,000 unique visitors in the month of April 2018. Our Facebook page has an audience of roughly 16,500, our Facebook group has around 1600 members, and our mailing list is a little over 1000 members. We have a little over 300 followers on Instagram.

We also have a sister site, I Heart Britain, with another 4000 Facebook fans. This site is much newer, but it's growing fast.

Demographics for I Heart British TV

Demographics for this site are overwhelmingly female, and the audience is mostly older. A large percentage are retired and able to spend money and travel to the UK. According to Facebook, our audience demographics are as follows:

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Types of Advertising Opportunities

As a fairly new but fast-growing site, we're still very flexible about advertising opportunities. Whether you're looking to do a traditional banner ad, sponsored post, giveaway, or something entirely different, feel free to reach out to or We look forward to learning more about your business and how we can help each other.

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