Agatha Raisin, Season 4: Premiere Date & Where to Watch

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Agatha Raisin, Season 4: Premiere Date & Where to Watch 1
Agatha returns for Season 4

Early in 2021, Acorn TV announced that they had commissioned a season 4 of Agatha Raisin, and that in spite of pandemic delays, they would be heading into production shortly. 

Of the new season, star Ashley Jensen said: 

I am overjoyed to be returning as Agatha Raisin. A role I love playing and a show that is very close to my heart. I am excited to see what’s in store for Agatha and her merry band of misfits in Series 4.

As we approach the end of 2021, we have wonderful news – there will be a new episode in 2021, along with three more to enjoy in 2022. 

What's Happening in Season 4 of Agatha Raisin?

Agatha Raisin, Season 4: Premiere Date & Where to Watch 2
A still from Season 3 of Agatha Raisin

Like the third season, season 4 will adapt four of the late M.C. Beaton's novels in four 90-minute episodes (or eight 45-minute episodes with some services).

  • “Kissing Christmas Goodbye” – With business booming for Agatha Raisin's Detective Agency, she’s in need of a well-earned break. With Christmas just around the corner, it looks like the perfect opportunity to relax. However, when she receives a letter from an old lady begging for protection, Agatha can’t help but spring into action.
  • “Love, Lies and Liquor” – James has finally returned to Carsley and promised to whisk Agatha away on holiday where she can help him write his next book. Agatha’s dreams of the French Riviera quickly fade when she finds herself in Snoth-on-Sea, a seaside resort whose glory days are far behind it. When a hotel guest is found murdered, it’s up to Agatha to prove who the killer is.
  • “A Spoonful of Poison” – The competition to be crowned winner of the Carsley Jam-Off has always been fierce, but when the prize jam is poisoned leading to the death of a judge, things may finally have gone a step too far. Determined to bring the killer to justice, Agatha resolves to restore the competition’s name.
  • “There Goes The Bride” – Agatha reluctantly promises to support James by attending his wedding. However, when a body is found during the morning of the big day, it’s up to Agatha and the gang to come to the rescue.

Acorn TV has yet to adapt either of the two new novels written by Beaton's appointed successor Rod Greene, but that's not surprising since they've only just been released in the last year or two.

We have no idea whether future seasons might adapt the new novels, or whether they'll stick with M.C. Beaton originals until they run out of them. The TV adaptations are quite different from the books, so even though some fans say the “feel” isn't quite the same in the new books, it seems likely the TV version would still feel pretty similar to previous TV adaptations.

Who's Starring in Season 4 of Agatha Raisin?

Agatha Raisin, Season 4: Premiere Date & Where to Watch 3
Most of the main cast is confirmed to be returning

Along with Ashley Jensen as Agatha, we'll see return performances from Mathew Horne (Gavin & Stacey) as Roy Silver, Jamie Glover (Waterloo Road) as James Lacey, Jason Merrells (Safe House) as Sir Charles Fraith, Lucy Liemann (Rev) as Sarah Bloxby, Matt McCooey (The Salisbury Poisonings) as Bill Wong, Jason Barnett (Bridgerton) as Inspector Wilkes, and Marcia Warren (Don't Forget the Driver) as Mrs. Boggle.

When Season 3 came out, there were a lot of comments about the sudden departure of Katy Wix and the addition of Jodie Tyack as junior detective Toni Gilmour. Katy Wix is an incredibly talented actress and she fit the role so perfectly that it was hard to see someone else trying to fill the slot she left behind. 

Toni Gilmour IS a real character who enters the scene about halfway through the series, but her portrayal in the TV adaptation is quite different from how she is in the books, and some people have mentioned missing the on-screen chemistry between Wix and Jensen's characters. 

So far, there's been no mention of either actress participating in Series 4. Katy Wix has been in demand the last few years, taking on recurring roles in The Windsors, Ghosts, and Stath Lets Flats. In a recent interview, she even mentioned heading back to the set to film season 4 of Ghosts, so it wouldn't be surprising if she's just too busy to take on another show – but we can always hope.

When Does Season 4 of Agatha Raisin Premiere?

Agatha Raisin, Season 4: Premiere Date & Where to Watch 4
Marcia Warren will reprise her role in Season 4

In early November, M.C. Beaton's Facebook page announced that the first episode of season 4 premiered December 20, 2021 on Acorn TV. That episode was “Kissing Christmas Goodbye”. 

In the UK, “Kissing Christmas Goodbye” premiered on Sky One in late December.

The remaining three two-part episodes will premiere as follows:

  • February 7th – “Love, Lies, & Liquor” – James takes Agatha on a seaside trip while he researches a new book – only for them to get caught up in a murder at Snoth-on-Sea. 
  • February 14th – “A Spoonful of Poison” – When Dr. Stevens falls from a roof at the jam-making competition, Wilkes hires Agatha to investigate.
  • February 21st – “There Goes the Bride” – Agatha is called in to investigate when James Lacey's fiancee is murdered just before their wedding.

Now that it has premiered, you can catch up on the first episode of season 4 HERE

Catch Up Before Season 4 Arrives…

There's still plenty of time to get caught up before Agatha Raisin's season 4 episodes start airing.

There are 9 episodes from Season 1, 3 movies in Season 2, 4 movies in Season 3, and if you're feeling really ambitious, you could start in on the novels or radio series. We particularly like the audiobooks for the series, as most are narrated by the delightful Dame Penelope Keith (The Good Life, To the Manor Born). 

We've listed them all below, including the series they correspond to.

While M.C. Beaton herself is no longer with us, she worked closely with a ghostwriter, Rod Greene, at the end of her life. Together, they finished Hot to Trot – and she gave him her blessing to continue on after her passing.

With that approval, he will carry on with both the Agatha Raisin and Hamish Macbeth books. You can read more about M.C. Beaton's Agatha Raisin series and the transition over at Great British Book Club

Will You Tune in For Season 4 of Agatha Raisin?

While I can't call it my absolute favourite cosy mystery series (I tend to prefer the older ones like Hetty Wainthropp and Rosemary & Thyme), I always enjoy the new episodes. Will you be tuning in for Season 4? Let us know in the comments!


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Agatha Raisin Will Return for Season 4



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  1. I love Agatha Raisin. Agatha and the gang are the reason I began my subscription to Acorn, and she has been the reason I continue, although I have discovered many fine mysteries, dramas, and comedies since subscribing. Agatha’s clothes, hats, shoes, jewelry – and her men – are all worth the price of the subscription, as is the countryside with an occasional side trip to Barfield. And not to be too ghoulish, I can hardly wait for James Lacey’s fiancé to get murdered next week. I don’t know if the fiancé deserves it, but James Lacey does!

    • Where did you watch it as apart from Christmas episode I can’t find on acorn or now tv

      • Same here I’ve just subscribed to Acorn but there’s only the first episode of S4 there and I have that already on Sky?!

      • We’re having the same issues! Just bought season 4 on Amazon prime and it only gave us the first 2. Which we’ve already seen 🤦‍♀️ And doesn’t give us any indication of how to watch the remaining episodes!

  2. I’ve just read all the reviews, and I SOooooo agree with every one of them. SOoooo love Agatha Rasin and yes Shakespeare& Hathaway. Can’t get enough of them.

  3. Hi from Canada.
    I love Agatha Raisin and all the characters in the show.
    I love Acorn TV as well!

  4. Love this series. It’s a great change from some of the darker – but excellent- shows like Hidden. A little over the top but who cares. Love the character and Ashley Jensen nails it. 💕💕💕💕

  5. I love Agatha Raisin, and I’m so happy there’s a Season Four. I hope they keep making more episodes.

  6. I love Agatha Raisin tv series, looking forward to the Christmas episode and then series 4 next year.

  7. I love Agatha Raisin tv series, looking forward to the Christmas episode and then series 4 next year.

    • This is the BEST news I have heard so far! Love, love, love AR and Shakespeare and Hathaway, too. Please keep it coming. I hope we can loom forward to several more seasons

  8. Just finished binge watching all three seasons over the last three weeks. Can’t wait for season four although I’ve read some thing disturbing about James Lacey character!

  9. Can’t Wait!!!!! LOVE Agatha! I’m in SoCal and we always have to WAIT longer for the release of British mysteries! Still waiting for next season of Murdoch Mysteries AND Shakespeare and Hathaway!!!

  10. I have read and re-read all if MC Beatons Agatha Raisin Books. Her death was a true loss. I am thrilled to finally see the television series resume.

  11. I am surprised at how many people can’t understand why Katy Wix’s character is not in the new series. M.C.Beaton wrote her character out of the books years ago. I love the character as as well and was saddened that that character never returned to the books. Looking forward to the 4th season. Can’t wait 🥰

  12. You better know I can’t wait until season 4 comes out. This is one of my favorite shows I’ve watched all three seasons numerous times. Love her hair love the cast it’s great. And to top it all off we have Agatha’s Scottish brogue ❤️

  13. Greetings from Canada! I am a huge fan of Agatha Raisin. Going through some major AR withdrawals, I’ve re-watched seasons 1 to 3 several times, and very much look forward to season 4, and perhaps beyond.

  14. My wife and I fell in love with the Agatha Raisin show and sincerely hope the series will continue on, not just with season 4 but 5,6,7…!

  15. Absolutely love agatha raisin,excited that season 4 will soon be made , something to look forward to

  16. I can’t wait!!! Just binge watched the first 3 seasons for the 2nd time!!!! Love Agatha and please bring Toni back… she’s Bills perfect match and the long suffering now DS needs a cuddle now and again!!! Lol

  17. Agatha Raisin is one of the MAIN reasons I have subscribed to Acron!! So happy she’s coming BACK!😃

  18. I love Agatha Raisin and look forward to Series 4. Having not traveled to the UK in 2020 what I usually do at least once a year and will probably not been able to go there this year because of the pandemic, the series will bring a little bit of Britain into my home.

    Stay safe and healthy
    Greetings from Germany

  19. I will subscribe to Acorn TV when series 4 comes out. I absolutely love this show and all the characters!

  20. Awesome News…. I love this show..
    AcornTV is the Best…
    Agatha Raisin is my favorite. The styling on the show is phenomenal.

  21. I love Agatha Raisin, Shakespeare and Hathaway, all the cozy mysteries you can give! Please keep them coming!
    I’ve even started reading the Agatha Raisin books. Thanks!

    • I love both shows myself. Being trapped in the US for the past year, both shows transported me to the idyllic English countryside and kept my mind off of our reality. I can’t wait to visit the quaint villages that I’ve seen in both shows as well as many others!

      Love my Brits!
      Stay safe & healthy
      Tracey, Pennsylvania USA

      • I totally agree with you on being cooped up these last years, Agatha takes me away to a place I’ve never been to. I love the English Countryside, British humor and Aggie. I have watched series 1-3. Over and over again, I’m ready for a new episode to begin.

  22. Absolutely will watch. Agatha is a great evenings escape. We’ve already watched Seasons 1,2 and 3 twice!

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