BritBox Now Available on Amazon

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BritBox Now Available on Amazon 1 Great news for anyone who's had technical difficulties with BritBox, or for anyone with a Fire TV/Fire Stick device. As long as you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can now sign up for a monthly BritBox subscription through Amazon.

Why Join BritBox on Amazon?

Ever since BritBox launched a few months back, I've seen people complaining about technical problems. Some people said it didn't stream correctly for them, and many said they had issues with signup and billing. With BritBox on Amazon, those problems disappear. Amazon handles the billing (and they make it extremely easy to cancel when you need to), and Amazon already has a great track record for streaming performance.

If you have a Fire Stick or Fire TV, you've probably been frustrated by the fact that you couldn't get BritBox on it. Now that it's on Amazon, that's no longer a problem. Just sign up here and you'll soon have access to all 300-ish (at last count in May 2018) different programs.

Finally, you may find it easier to navigate BritBox on Amazon. I've heard from many people who had no idea just how much content was on BritBox because the app's navigation is a bit awkward (and very slow on older Roku units).

How to Sign Up for BritBox on Amazon

It's easy! Simply go here and you can start your 7-day free trial. After the initial trial period, you'll be billed the same monthly rate you'd pay if you signed up on ($6.99/month as of 5/31/2018). Keep in mind, each person can only get the free trial once per channel, and Amazon could decide to end the free trial promotion at any time.

One additional note – if you don't already have Amazon Prime and you intend to get it so you can get BritBox on Amazon, I strongly recommend going to this link to get started. If you don't already have it and you try to sign up for BritBox, they will prompt you to start a free Prime trial, too, but it defaults to the much more expensive monthly billing. If you pay for a year of Prime in advance, you'll save 25%. ¬†You can get the full year membership by going here and clicking on “See More Plans” and selecting the 1-year option.


  1. Since offered?
    We’ve signed up 7x, unfortunately can’t log in on roku, as they’ve been informed 27x..
    We’ve an account!
    Works on AndroidTablets!

  2. I am a Britbox customer through Britbox. Instead of paying monthly I would like to pay annually. Is this possible? If it is, how do I go about doing this? I have been to, to my account, subscription and have not had any success on where/how to to this. Can any one help?

  3. I just did this…. have been with Britbox since the beginning but have had some little problems with streaming occasionally… so Ive added it to Amazon. I find it easier to see the Britbox selections too… so glad this is possible! So even though Im already a Britbox customer, I do the 7 day free trial before the billing starts? Im not sure when I was billed for this period… what day is the billing done? I guess I m asking ,,.. it wont be a double billing this one time will it? Thanks! And I do love BRITBOX… just keep the drama and detective series coming and Ill be smiling! lol

    • If you’re already a member at, you’ll want to cancel that one – the billing is entirely separate at Amazon and BritBox, so if you don’t cancel one of them, you’ll be billed twice. The actual billing date for either one will depend on when you signed up.

      • I have tried to find out how to sign up to Britbox via Amazon but with no luck – how do you do this please? I have looked in memberships and subscriptions and I cannot see how to add a channel, when I search for it I just get the programme content but not the channel itself. Thanks!

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