BritBox Series Murder in Provence to Begin Filming in July 2021

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Great news for mystery fans – another new series is headed into production this summer. The new cosy mystery Murder in Provence is set to begin filming in July – and based on the casting notice, it looks like BritBox is involved (though no word on which countries that would apply to).

What is Murder in Provence About?

As the name implies, Murder in Provence involves murder and mystery in the south of France. The series follows chief magistrate Antoine Verlaque and his old flame Marine Bonnet as they team up to solve a variety of murders fueled by love, money, and other sinister elements.

It's based on the Verlaque & Bonnet mystery series by author M.L. Longworth, but for now it's unknown whether a single book will take up a series, or whether each book will fill a smaller number of episodes.

If the books are anything to go by, Murder in Provence will offer a gentler, more feminine mystery experience than other French mysteries like Maigret. The books are full of romance, intrigue, and deliciously-described French food.

Though we don't have a lot of specifics at this point, we know there will be three 60-minute episodes in the first series.

Who's Involved in Murder in Provence?

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Ghosts: Produced by Monumental Television and available on HBO Max in the US

Murder in Provence is being produced by Monumental Television, the same company behind hits like Harlots and Ghosts. Monumental is run by producers Alison Owen and Debra Hayward, and the company is 51% owned by ITV Studios.

Though it doesn't currently show up under her “in development” projects on IMDb Pro, Deadline suggests Shelagh Stephenson (Downton Abbey) is attached to write three episodes. 

When Can We Expect the Episodes?

Based on a normal production timetable (and assuming no nasty COVID surprises), one would expect a series shot this summer to premiere anywhere from late 2021 to sometime in 2022, depending on network schedules and distribution deals. 

It's worth noting that the ONLY place we've seen the BritBox connection is on the casting notice (below), so there's no way to know what the extent of that relationship might be (like which countries will be included). We'll update this post with more details as soon as we hear something official. 

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Check out the Murder in Provence Books

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Verlaque and Bonnet mysteries, Books 1-4

At present, there are nine books in the Verlaque and Bonnet series. You can check them out below:

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Verlaque and Bonnet mysteries, Books 5-9

Will You Tune in For Murder in Provence?

Around here, we're always up for a new mystery – so we'll definitely be giving this one a go. Will you tune in? Do you enjoy the British-produced mysteries set in other locations (like Death in Paradise or Mallorca Files)?

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  1. Looking forward to the series. I have enjoyed all 9 of M. L. Longworth’s novels. I have felt for a long time this series would make a great TV series.

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