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Richard Ayoade in Travel Man on Sundance Now

If you've been paying attention to some of the most recent North American premieres of high-profile British TV shows, you've likely noticed something interesting. Sundance Channel has been gaining an increasingly large number of British titles (not to mention some other great international shows). It's no Acorn or BritBox, but it's definitely worth a look if you're on the prowl for a new series to binge.

British TV Shows on the Sundance Now Subscription Service

Travel Man: 48 Hours In… – 2015 to present – Richard Ayoade (IT Crowd) spends 48 hours in a variety of different cities, each with a celebrity guest.  S1-4 Streaming

The Split – A family of powerful female divorce attorneys deals with its fair share of family drama.

Rillington Place – 2016 – This three-part miniseries is a dramatization of the murders at 10 Rillington Place in the 1940s and 50s. Streaming

Law & Order: UK – 2009 to 2014 – The first 5 seasons of the popular procedural are available now.

Motherland – 2016 to present – Mums take on the challenges of middle-class motherhood, and it's not always pretty. This 30-minute comedy aims to show real motherhood, not the pretty and acceptable public idea of what motherhood should be. S1 Streaming 

McMafia streams on Sundance Now

McMafia – James Norton (Grantchester) stars as the English-raised son of a Russian mafia figure who was exiled from his country. Though  his familiy tried to correct course, a murder draws them back in.

Innocent – 2018 – Innocent is set around the beautiful southern coast of England, and it tells the story of a man rebuilding his life after his conviction for the murder of his wife is overturned. S1 Streaming

Liar – 2017 – After a seemingly pleasant date, a schoolteacher accuses a prominent local surgeon of rape. The situation continues to spiral out of control as more information comes to light. S1 Streaming

Riviera – 2017 to present – Riviera is a UK production set in France. When a newlywed's wealthy husband is killed in an explosion, she's stunned to learn what lurked behind the facade of their upper class lifestyle. S1 Streaming

Australian Comedy Rosehaven Streams on the Sundance Now

Rosehaven (Australia) – 2016 to present – In this half-hour comedy, a young man returns home to Tasmania to help his mother with her business. S1-2 Streaming

Secret State – 2012 – In a miniseries that will reassure you that the US isn't the only place where government and big business are way too close, Secret State shows a Deputy Prime Minister entangled in an international conspiracy. Streaming

The Game – 2014 – This Cold War spy thriller takes us inside an MI5 unit assembled to get to the bottom of a Soviet plot. Streaming

Fingersmith on Sundance Now

Fingersmith – 2005 – In Victorian England, a young female thief hatches a plan to get close to an heiress and scam her. It doesn't go as planned. Streaming

Back – 2017 to 2018 – Fans of Peep Show won't want to miss this Mitchell & Webb project that sees them starring as two brothers taking over the family business after the death of their father. S1 Streaming

Crimson Petal and the White – 2011 – In late 1800s London, a prostitute finds her position greatly improved after becoming the mistress to a powerful man. Streaming

Father & Son – 2009 – After an ex-Manchester gang boss settles down into a quiet rural life in Ireland, he finds himself forced to return to Manchester when his son is found guilty of murdering a gang member. Streaming

Baroness Von Sketch Show (Canadian) – This female-centric sketch comedy takes on a variety of topics, particularly current cultural topics.  S1-2 Streaming

How is a Sundance Now Subscription Different from Sundance Though Your Cable Provider?

Subscribing to Sundance Now on Amazon is NOT the same thing as having Sundance through your cable provider. For example, The Split premiered this week on Sundance, and they really hyped it up – but many Sundance Now subscribers on Amazon were angry and disappointed to find their paid monthly subscription didn't include access to the new show

For this reason, we don't recommend Sundance Now as an ongoing subscription if you're only looking for British TV. You could get all excited waiting for something, then find out it's not included with your subscription. We regard it more like a movie ticket, where you buy it when you really want to see something. Fortunately, Amazon makes it dead simple to manage your subscriptions, and you can cancel right after signing up so you don't forget (the channel will continue to work until the end of your paid subscription date). We've included full instructions here if you need them.

Of course, if you're a British TV fan who also watches a lot of indie films, Sundance Now is fantastic and totally worth keeping around.

To view their full list of programming and get subscription details, click here.

Have You Tried Sundance Now?

Have you tried Sundance Now for its British TV content? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!



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