British TV Shows on Sundance Now by the Sundance Channel

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British TV Shows on Sundance Now by the Sundance Channel 1


If you've been paying attention to some of the most recent North American premieres of high-profile British TV shows, you've likely noticed something interesting. Sundance Channel has been gaining an increasingly large number of British titles. It's no Acorn or BritBox (and it does have some minor overlap with Acorn), but it's definitely worth a look if you're on the prowl for a new series to binge.

Sundance Now specializes in true crime, political thrillers, and drama, but they do have some comedy and more typical documentaries, too. They also have a fair amount of Canadian, Australian, and European content, which we've listed after the British programs.

British TV Shows on the Sundance Now Subscription Service

British TV Shows on Sundance Now by the Sundance Channel 2
A Discovery of Witches

A Discovery of Witches – 2018 – When an Oxford historian and reluctant witch is able to access a book no one else can, it sets off a chain of events involving an eternal feud between witches and vampires. This one has been renewed for a second season, with many expecting it to drop sometime in late 2020 (though we don't know if the US and UK will get it at the same time). Streaming HERE

Next of Kin – 2018 – A GP is devastated after hearing her brother was kidnapped on his way home to the UK. Streaming HERE

State of the Union – 2019 – Each episode of this light drama focuses on time in a pub before a couple goes to weekly marriage counseling. Streaming HERE

The Little Drummer Girl – 2018 – An English actress is recruited by the Israelis to help infiltrate a Palestinian assassin's terrorist cell. Streaming HERE 

Riviera – 2017 to present – Riviera is a UK production set in France. When a newlywed's wealthy husband is killed in an explosion, she's stunned to learn what lurked behind the facade of their upper class lifestyle. S1 & 2 Streaming

British TV Shows on Sundance Now by the Sundance Channel 3
Nicola Walker stars in The Split

The Split – A family of powerful female divorce attorneys deals with its fair share of family drama, particularly where their father is concerned. As of early 2020, an upcoming second series has been announced. Streaming HERE

Rillington Place – 2016 – This three-part miniseries is a dramatization of the murders at 10 Rillington Place in the 1940s and 50s. Streaming

Law & Order: UK – 2009 to 2014 – The first 5 seasons of the popular procedural are available now. Streaming HERE

Motherland – 2016 to present – Mums take on the challenges of middle-class motherhood, and it's not always pretty. This 30-minute comedy aims to show real motherhood, not the pretty and acceptable public idea of what motherhood should be. S1 Streaming HERE

Restless – 2012 – This two-part TV movie is based on a bestselling spy novel by William Boyd. It focuses on a young woman who finds out her mother was a spy for British intelligence during WWII, and that she's been on the run ever since. Streaming HERE


British TV Shows on Sundance Now by the Sundance Channel 4
McMafia streams on Sundance Now

McMafia – James Norton (Grantchester) stars as the English-raised son of a Russian mafia figure who was exiled from his country. Though  his familiy tried to correct course, a murder draws them back in. A second series is on the way, though we've yet to see a date for it. Streaming HERE

Brief Encounters – 2016 – In the early 1980s, a group of British women shake things up in their community by becoming saleswomen for a company that specialises in “marital aids” and lingerie. Streaming

Innocent – 2018 – Innocent is set around the beautiful southern coast of England, and it tells the story of a man rebuilding his life after his conviction for the murder of his wife is overturned. S1 Streaming

Striking Out – 2017 – Amy Huberman stars as a successful Dublin lawyer whose life is shaken up when she catches her fiance in bed with a co-worker. Streaming


British TV Shows on Sundance Now by the Sundance Channel 5
Gruffudd and Froggatt were both confirmed to return for Season 2 of Liar

Liar – 2017 – After a seemingly pleasant date, a schoolteacher accuses a prominent local surgeon of rape. The situation continues to spiral out of control as more information comes to light. Season 2 of Liar is coming in the not-too-distant future. S1 Streaming

Secret State – 2012 – In a miniseries that will reassure you that the US isn't the only place where government and big business are way too close, Secret State shows a Deputy Prime Minister entangled in an international conspiracy. Streaming

Raised by Wolves – 2015 – Six home-schooled siblings live with their survivalist mother, mostly isolated from the real world. This comedy follows the family as the children begin to come of age. Streaming

Midwinter of the Spirit – 2015 – This creepy drama follows a country vicar as she trains to be an exorcist for the Church of England. Before she's able to get much experience, she finds herself faced with powerful supernatural threats. Streaming


British TV Shows on Sundance Now by the Sundance Channel 6
Fingersmith on Sundance Now

Fingersmith – 2005 – In Victorian England, a young female thief hatches a plan to get close to an heiress and scam her. It doesn't go as planned. Streaming

Crimson Petal and the White – 2011 – In late 1800s London, a prostitute finds her position greatly improved after becoming the mistress to a powerful man. Streaming

Born to Kill – 2017 – This miniseries follows Sam, a charismatic but sociopathic teenage boy on the verge of acting out his worst impulses. Streaming HERE

Black Work – 2015 – Sheridan Smith (Gavin & Stacey) is crushed when her detective husband is killed in an abandoned warehouse, but when she learns he was working undercover at the time of his death, she starts to question everything she knew about him. Streaming


Canadian, Australian, & European TV Shows on Sundance

British TV Shows on Sundance Now by the Sundance Channel 7
Australian Comedy Rosehaven Streams on the Sundance Now

Rosehaven (Australia) – 2016 to present – In this half-hour comedy, a young man returns home to Tasmania to help his mother with her business. S1-3 Streaming

The Cry (Australian) – 2018 – Jenna Coleman stars in this miniseries about a young couple dealing with the abduction of their baby. Streaming HERE

Public Enemy (French) – When a dangerous child killer is released to a group of monks, nearby citizens are angry – particularly after a young girl goes missing. Streaming HERE

Dead Lucky (Australian) – 2018 – When a dangerous armed robber resurfaces in Sydney, two very different detectives are forced to work together to catch him. Streaming

The Restaurant (Swedish) – 2017 to 2018 – At the end of WWII, two strangers cross social classes with a kiss that has lasting repercussions. This series has been called a Swedish Downton Abbey. Streaming HERE 

British TV Shows on Sundance Now by the Sundance Channel 8
Stella Blomkvist

Stella Blomkvist (Icelandic) – 2017 – A young and morally dubious lawyer takes on dangerous murder cases. Streaming HERE

Deutschland 83/86 (German) – 2015 to 2018 – This coming of age spy series is set in 1980s Germany. Streaming: Deutschland 83 | Deutschland 86

The Swell (Dutch) – 2016 – After a devastating storm leaves half of Holland under water, a group of people struggle to stay alive. Streaming HERE

The Gulf – 2019 – This New Zealand series follows a detective who's been in a fatal car accident that causes her to lose her memory. Streaming


British TV Shows on Sundance Now by the Sundance Channel 9

Wisting (Norwegian)- 2019 – Norwegian detective William Wisting discovers a corpse at a Christmas tree farm that may be connected to an American serial killer. He may be living among them. Streaming

The Red Shadows (French) – 2019 – In 1993, a five-year-old girl was kidnapped. 25 years later, her sister uncovers clues that suggest she may still be alive. Streaming

The Name of the Rose (Italian-German, in English) – A gruesome murder in a remote Abbey brings secrets to light. Streaming


How is a Sundance Now Subscription Different from Sundance Though Your Cable Provider?

Subscribing to Sundance Now on Amazon is NOT the same thing as having Sundance through your cable provider. Sundance Now offers on-demand streaming of a constantly-rotating set of shows, similar to Acorn TV or BritBox.

Unless you really like watching indie films, it's probably not a subscription you'll want to keep full-time. We like to activate it and binge sporadically, usually when there are a few new shows we've been wanting to watch. Fortunately, Amazon makes it dead simple to manage your subscriptions, and you can cancel right after signing up so you don't forget (the channel will continue to work until the end of your paid subscription date). We've included full instructions here if you need them.

Of course, if you're a British TV fan who also watches a lot of indie films, Sundance Now is fantastic and totally worth keeping around.

To view their full list of programming and get subscription details, click here.

Have You Tried Sundance Now?

Have you tried Sundance Now for its British TV content? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. We watched Sundance channel for a month and found it good.. we watched many good shows but after a month nothing new to watch so we cancelled it
    After 5 months we signed up again to watch Des which was great but nothing else is really new so will cancel again once month is up..
    We don’t watch closed captioning in foreign language. I knit and watch tv so to hard to read, knit and watch..

  2. Here’s a legal trick to add 30 days to the 7 day free trial.
    1.Sign up for the 7 day trial.
    2.Cancel trial then confirm cancelation.
    3.When asked why you’re canceling choose can’t afford it or something similar.
    4.If it worked they should offer you an extra 30 days free.
    5.This also works on their sister channel,Shudder TV

    • You can – if you have Amazon Prime Video, you can use the links above to subscribe through Amazon. They also have a standalone Roku app if you don’t mind managing it separately from your Amazon account.

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