British TV Shows with Strong Female Leads

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As much as we love shows like Midsomer Murders, Sherlock, and Rebus, there are times we enjoy sitting down to a show with women who know how to hold their own. It's not a matter of “social justice” or political correctness – it's about variety and compelling characters. There's a time and place for weak female characters (and weak male characters), but this post isn't about them. Below, we've gathered up some of the best British female TV characters of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

I'm 100% sure we'll miss at least a few of British TV's strong female characters, so don't hesitate to mention your favourites in the comments, or on our Facebook page.


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Miranda – Quite possibly one of the funniest shows to come out of the UK in years, lead actress Miranda Hart really makes the show. She's different – very different – but she owns it. In spite of all kinds of social pressure and even the occasional spell of self-doubt, she stays true to herself. The show is a great ode to finding your own brand of happiness. Watch it: Amazon, Hulu

Keeping Up Appearances – Nobody speaks their mind quite so readily and forcefully as Hyacinth Bucket.When Hyacinth doesn't approve, everyone knows. Still, for all her bluster, there's an incredible vulnerability to Hyacinth Bucket. She needs the approval. One might even go so far as to say she's NOT strong for that reason, but we disagree, especially after watching Young Hyacinth. Though we've always known she came from a very working class background, the prequel shows us a young Hyacinth struggling to keep her head up in a poor household with an alcoholic father. Weaker people would cave in to their circumstances, but Hyacinth lets it motivate her – and in her own way, she tries to “pull up” those around her. Watch it: Amazon | BritBox

The Vicar of Dibley – Although it doesn't seem unusual in 2017, The Vicar of Dibley is set in a small Oxfordshire village, where The Reverend Geraldine Granger is assigned to a local church shortly after the Church of England allowed the ordination of women. In other words, this character (played by Dawn French) is a trailblazer. Although the show ended its run years ago, there have been reports as recently as 2016 that Dawn French would like to reprise the role as “The Bishop of Dibley”. Watch it: Amazon | BritBox

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The Good Life / Good Neighbors

The Good Life / Good Neighbors – It would have been easy for the writers to write Felicity Kendal's Barbara Good as a doormat. After all, when her husband declared he wanted to eliminate most of their creature comforts and try to get by “off the land” in their suburban home, she went along with it. To the benefit of the show (and to the delight of most viewers), however, Barbara Good knew how to hold her own. She was her husband's best friend and biggest cheerleader, but she was perfectly capable of bringing him down a few notches when it was needed.

Margot next door (played by Penelope Keith) was no slouch, either. Though she had a weakness for social climbing, she was a force to be reckoned with. Even better, she was a truly loyal friend and she wasn't above apologizing when she really screwed up. Given that this show was made in the 1970s, it's really quite impressive that a couple of male screenwriters gave us such complex female characters. Watch it: Amazon

Stella – Everybody who's ever lived a lower or middle-class lifestyle knows a Stella. Your Stella may not be Welsh, but you'll recognize her because she'll be working her butt off to keep her family afloat, scolding her kids when they need it, and doing her best to set them on the path to more comfortable lives than her own. Ruth Jones has not just created a great, funny character here – she's written a wonderful ode to struggling, self-sacrificing mums everywhere. Watch it: Amazon 


Mystery & Drama

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Hetty Wainthropp Investigates

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates – Hetty Wainthropp is one of my all-time favourites when it comes to strong female characters in British TV shows. After a relatively normal life taking care of a husband and raising a son, Hetty suddenly decides to put her talents to good use and open a detective business. Guided by a strong sense of justice and pride in her work, she has no issues (kindly but firmly) bossing around her husband, her young lodger Geoffrey, and local officer DCI Adams as needed to get to the bottom of things. Watch it: Amazon | BritBox

Agatha Christie's Marple – Agatha Christie wrote in a time when nearly all detective characters were male, but that didn't stop her from creating one of the most enduring female detectives of all time, Jane Marple. Whether we're talking about the books or the popular television series, Miss Marple is an unlikely but powerful adversary for any murderer. A whip-smart elderly spinster, Marple showed the world that not only could a WOMAN be a smart and capable detective – but an ELDERLY woman could do it, and do it well. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Sherlock Holmes. Watch it: Acorn | Amazon

Rosemary & Thyme – You might not think a show about a couple of sleuthing lady gardeners would be the place to find strong female characters, but Rosemary and Thyme (played by Pam Ferris and Felicity Kendal) are loaded with spirit. After less-than-satisfactory relationships, both are single, older, and not about to take any nonsense from the murderers who turn up at their jobs with frightening regularity. Rather than roll over and “act their age”, these two are active, inquisitive, and putting themselves in challenging, even dangerous situations in pretty much every episode. Watch it: Amazon | BritBox


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No Offence streams on Acorn TV

No Offence – DI Viv Deering doesn't take crap from anyone. She's blunt, extremely capable, and fiercely loyal to her team. She has absolutely no time for silly things like self-consciousness and meaningless hierarchy and red tape, but she always makes time to get bad people off the street. In a show full of big, vibrant characters and snappy one liners, she not only holds her own – she outshines pretty much everybody else on the screen (with the possible exception of some of Paul Ritter's scenes because Miller is just fantastic). A few of her one-liners:

  • “What's this? Bad hair day support group?”
  • “There's a storm in a far-right tea cup brewing here.”
  • “I've got more 5'o clock shadow than he has.”

Broadchurch – David Tennant's character DI Alex Hardy could easily steamroll a lot of women, but not DS Ellie Miller (beautifully played by Olivia Colman). Broadchurch does a fantastic job of creating both push and pull between the male and female leads, all the while avoiding the common “let's make the lead characters fall in love” situation. It's a great friendship between two well-written, complex characters, and we highly recommend checking it out. Watch it: Amazon | Netflix

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Vera – Vera is not your typical lead character. She's middle-aged, child-free, a bit frumpy, and quite rough around the edges. She's also incredibly smart and dedicated putting bad people where they belong. Although often short-tempered, she's good-hearted and sensitive at her core, making it hard not to like her character after a couple episodes. Watch it: Amazon | BritBox

Bletchley Circle – This post-WWII drama/mystery features not just one, but four awesome women. During the war, they were working in a top secret facility as military codebreakers. Afterwards, their lives were considerably less exciting. Together, they struggle to put their brilliance to good use in a world that regards them as little more than wives and mothers (both of which can be great roles, but hey – sometimes a gal wants more). They each have their flaws, but their persistence, loyalty, and overall goodness are all but guaranteed to make you wish there were more seasons to enjoy. Watch it: Amazon


Who are Your Favourite Strong Female Leads?

Have we missed any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Counting the days until AGATHA RAISIN returns–fantastic cast who “play” together so well. Martin Clunes says this is his last upcoming season and wants to retire to his farm. We will miss him and his subtlety, another great cast!

  2. Orphan Black! It’s technically a BBC America production, but it is very good. Tatiana Maslany is so talented.

  3. Scott & Bailey, New Tricks, Loch Ness, The Coroner, The Durrell’s in Corfu, Call the Midwife, and looking forward to the new Doctor Who!

  4. Although she doesn’t always play the actual lead role, Nicola Walker (River, Scott and Bailey, etc,) always shines through. Amazing actor! 🙂

    • Agreed, Call the Midwife was a bit of a forehead slapper – we definitely should have thought of that one!

    • Absolutely – I’m starting to think anything by Sally Wainwright should just automatically go on lists like this one!

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