Death in Paradise Season 10: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It

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Death in Paradise Season 10: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It 1
Death in Paradise returns for Season 10

Though a lot of familiar British TV shows have been postponed during the pandemic, one that DID manage to get a new season out is Death in Paradise. While Red Planet Pictures did go to great lengths to ensure the safety of cast and crew, they didn't face many of the challenges other shows do. Much of the series is filmed outside in the sun, and there are relatively few scenes with crowds, sex, or other intimate contact.

Season 10 brings 8 new episodes in early 2021, and it's also bringing back a couple of fan favourites.

What's Happening on Death in Paradise in Season 10?

Death in Paradise Season 10: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It 2
Ralf Little stars alongside Don Warrington and Aude Legastelois

Season 10 sees DI Parker a little more settled into island life, but there's also a vacancy to attend to. With Ruby Patterson gone, Commissioner Patterson convinces DS Florence Cassell to return and take up the vacant post. 

Not surprisingly, he fails to mention the “quirks” of the new DI.

As the season goes on, we see Florence managing her feelings on the anniversary of her fiancée's death. We'll also see a wide variety of cases ranging from dead broadcasters to poisoned archaeologists to murdered lottery winners.

There's also a new character. Now that JP is a newly-promoted sergeant, he's tasked with training newcomer Marlon Price (Tahj Miles), a young officer trying to make amends for his troublemaking past.

The biggest shock, though, is that DI Richard Poole is set to return. While there's been no word about HOW it will happen, executive producer Tim Key confirmed it. In a recent interview, he said:

To say anything would be to spoil it,” he teased. “I’m so happy he said yes and I’m so happy we made it work, because schedules were very difficult. I think if you watched the show at the start you’ll be very pleased. It’s a cameo, but it’s incredibly impactful and I’m really happy with it.

Sara Martins is also slated to return as DS Camille Bordey in a two-episode storyline. She's pulled into an investigation that involves her mother, Mayor Catherine Bordey (Elizabeth Bourgine).

It's clear they're pulling out all the stops for the ten-season anniversary.

Death in Paradise Season 10: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It 3
Actor Tobi Bakare's (R) real-life wife will guest star on Season 10 of Death in Paradise

Guest stars for Season 10 (aside from those mentioned above) will include comedian Jason Manford, Kelvin Fletcher (Emmerdale), Luke Pasqualine (Our Girl), Priscara Bakare (wife of series regular Tobi Bakare), Danielle Vitalis (I May Destroy You), Lewis Reeves (I May Destroy You) Franc Ashman (I May Destroy You), Gbemisola Ikumelo (Famalam), Patrick Robinson (Sitting in Limbo), Laura Aikman (The Split), Steve Edge (Benidorm), Luke Bailey (Noughts + Crosses),  Lia Williams (The Crown), Eleanor Fanyinka (Masters of Love), Richard McCabe (Poldark), Bryony Hannah (Call the Midwife), Faye McKeever (Des), Jim Caesar (Grantchester), Adrian Schiller (The Last Kingdom), Niamh Cusack (The Virtues), Shalisha James-Davis (Alex Rider), Delroy Atkinson (Luther), Sean Gilder (His Dark Materials), Kellie Shirley (In the Long Run) and Karen Bryson (Shameless).

When Does Season 10 of Death in Paradise Air (& Where Can I Watch It)?

Death in Paradise Season 10: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It 4
Ralf Little suffering in the Saint Marie heat & living conditions

In the UK, Season 10 of Death in Paradise premiered on 7 January 2021 on BBC One. The remaining seven episodes are spread out over the next seven Thursdays.

In the US and Canada, no premiere dates have been announced. If Season 10 follows the same pattern as previous seasons of Death in Paradise, we can expect to see it popping up on PBS stations sometime in the late spring/early summer, followed by an autumn/winter release on BritBox

In recent years, the latest season has also been available for streaming purchase around the same time as the PBS air dates. If you don't get PBS, that's a good way to get it quickly.

If you're having trouble waiting, you might enjoy this post on shows like Death in Paradise – or this one on Death in Paradise filming locations.

What About Series 11 of Death in Paradise? 

Great news for fans – the series has been commissioned for at least two more seasons on BBC One. Though actors have often found it difficult to stay away from home for up to six months each year, the show has survived quite a few cast changes – so it seems quite likely to continue as long as the viewers are there.

Filming for Season 11 begins in May 2021.

The Death in Paradise Books

While many British mysteries are based on books, Death in Paradise is one of the rare exceptions where the books are based on the television series. While some shows basically re-word episodes (like the books for The Good Life/Good Neighbors) in the companion books, the Death in Paradise books are entirely new mysteries. It's like watching lost, un-aired episodes.

Even better? To date, all the Death in Paradise novels feature DI Richard Poole. If you find yourself missing the original inspector, these books are a great way to enjoy him a little longer – and of course, since they're books, you get all those fun little details from the author/creator's mind. 


Death in Paradise Season 10: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It 5

The Death in Paradise novels are written by Robert Thorogood, creator of Death in Paradise. You can view them all below – and fair warning, the availability by format is a bit all over the place:

Will You Be Tuning in for Season 10 of Death in Paradise?

Will you be watching the new season – or have you drifted away from the show after some of the recent cast changes?

While we're not completely sold on the new inspector yet, we'll definitely keep watching to see the returns of Ben Miller and Sara Martins. We're hopeful the writers will tone down some of the new DI's whinging and let him develop more of a personality in the new season. He didn't get a lot of time to stretch his wings in Season 9.


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When Does Season 10 of Death in Paradise Air in the US?




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  1. I love this show. I can’t wait for the new seasons. Already watched Season 10 up to episode 4

  2. I love this show. I think the new detective is terrific. He is an excellent actor. He has a kindness about him and I love his neurotic personality. Looking forward to series 10

  3. I love this show but season 9 is pretty bad but I still watch. My favorite is still Ben Miller and I can hardly wait for season 10. I agree that Dwayne is one of my favorites not to mention Camille. I am so looking forward to the return of these cast members.

  4. I love this series! My most favorite of all. Bring back Sara Martins..Camille, Ruby, and keep JP…Would love to see Ben Miller resurrected for the dead as well. Maybe an undercover op in Paris with Miller and Martins with ties to St Marie???

  5. After Ralf Little’s times up as detective and he decides he wants to move on, like they always do after a few years, I would love to see Tobi Bakare get the detective role. I think it would be really interesting to see JP adjust to being a detective. And at some point, they need to bring back Ben Miller permanently. Make it so he went into witness protection for awhile and faked his death. And bring Camille and Ruby back.

  6. Just wonder why the U.S. is the ugly stepchild who may or may not get to see one of the best (and uplifting) shows from the UK. One that combines humor, quirky characters, and murder, seamlessly.

    Come on, give us a break. We’re all stuck inside and need this lovely diversion.

  7. Being from, not just the USA but from Texas, which is a whole ‘nother world, allow me to say how much I love this series. It’s obvious that an excellent group has come together and created an amazingly appealing series. Of late with no new episodes available I’m “forced” to watch repeatedly the series one through nine, I’m to a point I have them almost memorized…I look forward to future series and new episodes…so as you Brits say, Carry On!

  8. We love Death in Paradise and plan to keep watching. Can’t wait to see Richard Poole – really curious about that. We do miss Dewayne a lot!

  9. But I will miss Ruby. At first I was shocked but she fit in seamlessly and was really clever. I just love Toby Bakare, he has grown so much as a character. Just waiting patiently in Canada.

  10. We love the show and look forward to see what changes take place. Some are harder on us then others, but like being on the military you are always finding yourself with new friends and bosses. Glad to hear that there will be more seasons to follow.

  11. As a Yank, I love Most of the BBC shows. From Lewis, Inspector Morse to Midsomer Mysteries. but Death in Paradise holds a special place in my heart. I look forward to each season and the mystery of who the inspector is and who are his assistants. Good plots, excellent scenery, and well written. Do continue, please.

  12. I don’t care for rain. I wish the old ones will return. It’s not a good show anymore.

  13. My favorite cast members remain Ben Miller, Kris Marshall & Sara Martins. I think their characters were the most developed with distinct personalities. Also, I’ve always wondered why, the female characters who have had very distinguished careers prior to coming to “Paradise,” seem to lose their smarts and become subservient to the British males, never able to solve a case on their own ever again? I too hope Ralf Little’s character develops a lot more depth. Can’t wait to see Ben and Sara again and, maybe in the future, Kris as well?

  14. Love the show
    I’ve gotten used to the change of inspectors as
    One brings something to the party/show. Can’t
    Wait for Season 10; great news re 2 more years

  15. I AM WONDERING WHY PBS NEVER SHOWS SEASONS 8 OR 9. THEY JUST KEEP PLAYING SEASON 7 OVER AND OVER. SHOW THE NEWER SEASONS PLEASE. We have not seen the endings of season 8 and never one episode of season 9. I live in Sacramento, CA. There is no where to see them unless you have Brit Box which i do not. I have asked the KVIE station but never get a clear answer.

    • Britbkx is only 6.99/mo., and has tons of British murder mysteries. We’ve had it for several years and absolutely love it. Well worth the nominal price.

  16. Ralf Little is very talented actor especially his scenes with the Commissioner (Warrington) who is also a seasoned actor are very funny. The secret of the show’s success is the changing of inspectors. It keeps it fresh, gives the other actors to grow in their roles also.

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