Death in Paradise Season 11: What We Know So Far About Filming & Premiere Date

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One show that's been (comparatively) unaffected throughout the pandemic is Death in Paradise. Since much of it is filmed outdoors on an island, Red Planet Pictures was able to proceed mostly as normal, completing Series 10 in plenty of time for its early 2021 release in the UK.

Now, they're getting ready to film Series 11 – so in this post, we'll take a look at everything we know so far. We'll update this post as more details become available. 

What's Happening on Death in Paradise in Season 11?

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DI Neville Parker tries his hand at metal detecting…

So far, very few details have been offered up about Season 11. We do know that Ralf Little is definitely returning for at least one more season as DI Neville Parker, but casting for the new series has yet to be confirmed. We expect more information will be released in the next couple of months as they get closer to filming. 

As Series 10 premiered and the team celebrated the show's 10th anniversary, executive producer Tim Key said: 

We are hugely proud of series ten and delighted we’ll be heading back to Saint Marie to continue the story. Our amazing cast and crew have delivered against the odds this year and we can’t wait to get going again – we’ve got huge plans for the future, with lots of surprises to come.

Season 10 brought back some familiar faces, and Ralf Little has expressed a desire to see ALL the previous detectives brought together in a single episode (perhaps via dreams/imagination). At this point, however, there's not much we can do but speculate and be patient.

When Does Season 11 of Death in Paradise Air (& Where Can I Watch It)?

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A scene from Season 10 of Death in Paradise (since 11 hasn't started filming or released photos yet)

It's still too soon for an official premiere date. However. casting calls have recently gone out, and they state that filming will commence in June 2021 in Guadeloupe. 

With filming taking place this summer, it's reasonable to expect Series 11 to premiere in January or February 2022 in the UK. 

In the US, the last few seasons have aired on PBS in the spring, followed by BritBox in autumn/early winter. BritBox has yet to make a formal announcement about rights or air dates for Season 10 (much less Season 11), but it seems fairly likely we'll see each season on there roughly 6-12 months after their original UK air dates.

Curious about where it's filmed? Check out: Where is Death in Paradise Filmed?

What About Series 12 of Death in Paradise?

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A scene at the Honoré Police Station

Death in Paradise has been officially renewed for seasons 11 and 12 – expected to air (in the UK) in early 2022 and 2023, respectively. 

At present, we know Ralf Little is signed on for season 11, but there's been no confirmation on his involvement (or lack thereof) for Season 12. 

In the Meantime…Death in Paradise Books

While quite a few British TV mysteries are based on books, Death in Paradise is one of the rare exceptions where the books are actually based on the television series. Though some shows basically re-word episodes (like the books for The Good Life/Good Neighbors or Rosemary & Thyme) in the companion books, the Death in Paradise books offer entirely new mysteries. It's like watching lost, un-aired episodes.

Even better? So far, all the Death in Paradise novels feature DI Richard Poole. If you find yourself missing the original inspector, these books are a great way to enjoy him a little longer – and of course, since they're books, you get all those fun little details from the author/creator's mind.

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The Death in Paradise novels are written by Robert Thorogood, creator of Death in Paradise. You can view them all below – and fair warning, the availability by format is a bit all over the place:

We're just hoping Mr. Thorogood sticks with DI Richard Poole. I've wondered whether that was the portrayal closest to what he imagined for the series, and perhaps that's why he went back to that particular inspector for the books.

Will You Be Watching Season 11 of Death in Paradise When It's Available?

Even though we don't always enjoy all the inspectors equally, Death in Paradise is still a fun mystery with good scenery and fun storylines. We'll definitely be tuning in. Will you?


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Death in Paradise Season 11: Filming, Air Dates, Cast

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  1. Where is the frist actress Camille She was the best let her find love and her mom I love them both bring her back with a the actor with the long hair

  2. Hey. Does the new guy ever become a real man or does he go through the entire
    Season scratching whining spraying himself & fainting…I mean he screams when he sees a tiny lizard. Wow.

  3. I absolutely love Death In Paradise. Without a doubt, Ardal O’Hanlon, was the best D.I.I truly miss him and Danny John-Jules. Sara Martins, was a lost too. She was very believable too! Why do they keep replacing D.I.’s on this show?

  4. PBS hasn’t even shown season 9 of Death in Paradise. They keep showing series 8 over and over again. I have watched season 9 via the internet but it would be great if PBS would get it’s act together and show seasons 9 and 10.

  5. Death in Paradise is my favorite show and look forward to watching it. I bought the series so I can watch it when it is not available on TV. So looking forward to seeing it when next season is shown.

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