(UPDATED) Death in Paradise Season 8: Where to Watch + Premiere Dates

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(UPDATED) Death in Paradise Season 8: Where to Watch + Premiere Dates 1
Death in Paradise Season 8 Cast

Fans of the long-running tropical detective series Death in Paradise have been anxiously awaiting Season 8 for a while now, and while it's finished airing in the UK, the US has been disappointingly slow to get this one. 

Death in Paradise Season 8 Premiere Date

In the UK, Season 8 of Death in Paradise aired on BBC One between January 10th and February 28th. 

UPDATE October 2019: Death in Paradise is coming to BritBox on November 5th. You can sign up for a new subscription or free trial HERE if you don't already have a subscription.

In the US, Season 8 will premiere on PBS the week of April 4th, but exact air dates and times will vary by location. If you don't have traditional cable anymore, you can donate a minimum of $5/month to get PBS Passport, which allows you to watch much of what's new on PBS through their Roku channel or website. This is different from PBS Masterpiece, their Amazon channel (which is a wonderful streaming service that actually seems to have a bit more than PBS Passport, but it doesn't give you that localized access to new release programming).

We can't say for certain that Death in Paradise will be available through PBS Passport, but you can check with your local PBS station.

UPDATE June 5th: Death in Paradise Season 8 is now available for streaming purchase HERE

Historically, Death in Paradise has become available on Netflix between 4-10 months after the UK airing has completed. This year, however, there's a bit more uncertainty about a Netflix premiere date. A number of popular BBC shows have been removed from Netflix recently, reportedly in light of a new Netflix competitor the BBC and ITV are launching in the UK (a BritBox for Brits).

It's entirely possible we'll see Death in Paradise show up on BritBox instead – but we've seen no official announcement from either outlet, so it's anyone's guess for now. 

What's Happening in Season 8 of Death in Paradise?

(UPDATED) Death in Paradise Season 8: Where to Watch + Premiere Dates 2
Ardal O'Hanlon returns as DI Jack Mooney in Season 8 of Death in Paradise

The big news for Season 8 of Death in Paradise is that they've lost a key cast member, Danny John-Jules (Officer Dwayne Myers). Ardal O'Hanlon is back as DI Jack Mooney, but it remains to be seen where they'll make up the comedy deficit after losing Officer Dwayne.

Also returning in Season 8 will be Joséphine Jobert (DS Florence Cassell), Tobi Bakare (Officer JP Hooper), Elizabeth Bourgine (Catherine Bordey), and Don Warrington (Commissioner Selwyn Patterson). 

(UPDATED) Death in Paradise Season 8: Where to Watch + Premiere Dates 3
Shyko Amos plays Officer Ruby Patterson in Season 8

Shyko Amos will be taking over for John-Jules as Officer Ruby Patterson. Recognize that surname? That's because she's playing Commissioner Patterson's niece. She comes in as an eager new recruit, fresh out of the police academy and ready to help catch the criminals of Saint Marie. She has big shoes to fill, but so far, she strikes us as a happy burst of energy for the nearly 10-year-old series. 

(UPDATED) Death in Paradise Season 8: Where to Watch + Premiere Dates 4
Alastair Mackenzie guest stars in Season 8 of Death in Paradise

Guest stars for Season 8 include:

What About a Season 9 for Death in Paradise?

(UPDATED) Death in Paradise Season 8: Where to Watch + Premiere Dates 5

In late February, we got news that the BBC had commissioned not one, but TWO more new seasons of Death in Paradise. The ninth and tenth series were commissioned for BBC One by Charlotte Moore, Director of Content, and Piers Wenger, Controller of Drama Commissioning. Tim Key will continue to executive produce the series on behalf of Red Planet Pictures, and Tommy Bulfin for the BBC. Death in Paradise is a Red Planet Pictures production, produced with the support of the region of Guadeloupe.

There had been some concerns that Death in Paradise might get axed due to Brexit (Guadaloupe is an EU territory), but this makes it seem like they've come up with some kind of contingency plan. 

Death in Paradise Series 8 Trailer

If you haven't already seen the Season 8 trailer, you can check it out below. We can't wait to get back to Saint Marie, and we'll update this post with any additional viewing information as we get it.



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  1. We watched a part one where at the end Josephine followed her fiance Prentis into a dark building and was shot. Will you show part 2 or tell us where we can see the end of the show? Because it is Xmas time, most of the programs are slanted that way and the usual channel is not putting on what we would like. Can you help????

  2. If I am paying a monthly subscription to Britbox then why am I required to pay extra to watch the last 2 episodes of Death in Paradise? Is this going to be the new normal for this streaming service for the popular shows if so then I see allot of folks saying good-bye to Britbox.

    • I too want an answer to this question. I only subsribed to Britbox to see Death in Paradise and it’s frustrating they will not add in the final two episodes of Season 8. I will definitely end my subscription to Britbox if they require extra payments.

  3. Death in Paradise Season 8 on Britbox via Amazon Prime has 8 episodes, but episodes 7 & 8 require extra payment. What’s with that?

  4. I can’t wait for new episodes of all of my favorites!! Midsomer, Death in Paradise, Doc Martin, and on and on. Have watched most at least twice. Going through withdrawal!! Hurry, bring ‘em!!

  5. We’re can I watch season 8 if it’s not on Netflix or on Hulu any idea been wanting to watch it love this show

    • I
      I highly rec paying for both Britbox and Acorn. Among the 3, I always have a good British Commonwealth Series to Watch series to watch! Bottom line. I pay a lot for local/network news!

  6. So, there is NO affirmative date for the release on Netflix?…That’s so sad, because due to my local channel selection (yes, I am a cable cutter, I cannot get neither the PBS out of Dallas OR Houston (the 2 closest PBS to me), though.
    I have enjoyed both this DIP, & Midsomer Murders over the years. Have watched ALL of both that ‘flix has to offer…sitting here waiting on new seasons. I have actually gone through ALL the DIP TWICE now, I love it so much.

  7. I love my British shows death in paradise I don’t think well ever be the same without Dwayne and florence I was hoping she would get together with Jack Mooney. Then there’s midsomer murders my favorite even the new replacement for barnaby I love that man and of course Jones think they work well together keep up the good work I’ll be watching

    • We live the show. We are sad when someone leaves yet we enjoy new people. We are very sad John left. Dwayne was our favorite character. Good luck John. We can hardly wait for the next season

  8. This is one of my go to shows along with Midsomer, Poirot and all the Marples. Thank goodness I have PBS that shows repeats along with my subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Acorn, Britbox and Netflix. Hopefully I got it all covered.

  9. I love this show, love it! Please don’t stop it and please don’t send any one else packing, so sad that Florence has gone!

  10. Why does Season 8 not start with episode 1? Please if you are showing a series, you have to start with episode 1. Thank you.

    • Season 8 does start with episode 1. I’m not sure what you’re talking about. We are just a blog that discusses British TV news – we are not a channel or streaming service.

  11. I am so, so glad that this series will be continued. I love it and was waiting for the next season to come back. Thank you!!

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