Doc Martin Series 9: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It

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Doc Martin and Louisa will return to action in Series 9 in 2019

Even though Series 8 of Doc Martin just came out last autumn, eager fans are already wondering when the next one will be arriving on our screens. Unfortunately, it seems we'll be waiting a while yet before we get another season to enjoy.

Doc Martin Series 9 Premiere Date

While an official release date hasn't been set, we can expect Doc Martin Series 9 to come out in the autumn of 2019. Filming will begin in the spring, as with previous seasons. There were some reports of it filming and airing in 2018, but the most recent reports place it in 2019. Traditionally, there has been a new season every other year, so this is in keeping with past releases.

Sadly, Series 9 will be the final season of Doc Martin. Although there were some rumors that Series 7 or 8 would be the last, everything we've seen and heard indicates that Series 9 will be the last. Of course, we've seen some reversals in the past, so I suppose you never really know for sure. Some shows have even come back after long absences, like Jonathan Creek or Lovejoy. Mackenzie Crook didn't expect to do a Series 2 of Detectorists, but he ended up doing 3.

Where to Watch Series 9 of Doc Martin

If you're in the UK, you'll be able to watch Doc Martin on ITV. Over here in the United States, I expect we'll see it pop up first on Acorn TV in the fall, just as with the last series. Last year, they released the episodes one at a time, each one appearing a day after its original UK air date.

Where to Watch Series 8 of Doc Martin

If you haven't yet watched Series 8 of Doc Martin (or even Series 7), you'll be delighted to know they're both ready to enjoy on Acorn TV. While Netflix does have Doc Martin on the menu, they only have seasons 1-6. I imagine they'll get the others at some point, but it could be years, considering they still don't have Series 7. There are also a couple of made-for-TV movies that pre-date the show itself, and you can watch those here. The village name is different, but it's the same lovely scenery. You'll also be treated to a fine guest appearance from Pam Ferris of Rosemary & Thyme.

A US Remake is in the Works

Unfortunately, the US can't seem to keep its hands off successful British shows. At present, there's a US-remake of Doc Martin in the works, headed up by one of the co-creators of Friends, Marta Kaufmann. We're not optimistic.

Can you imagine grumpy Dr. Martin Ellingham operating a practice that has to deal with the American healthcare system? With insurance and Medicaid and all the extra paperwork? With not being able to treat someone properly because insurance won't cover it and they don't have the funds?More importantly, do you really think anyone could recapture the magic of a Cornwall fishing village community in the US? We'll definitely pass on this one.



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  1. I hate it when Americans try to remake classic shows from other countries. Rake was a bomb, and so many others. The Office is the exception. But leave Doc Martin alone!

    • I’m an American and I hate it when we do remakes of better British shows and movies. Some things need to be left alone. I mean, can you imagine an American Fawlty Towers? Our movies have millions of dollars worth of sets and special effects but we also have a bunch of pretty but crappy actors. I hate remakes anyway. I hated it when The Italian Job (British) and Oceans 11 were remade. I mean, George Clooney versus the Rat Pack. Come on, just say NO to dumb remakes.

    • The English do grumpy and irascible much better than we Americans! Why? Because we are talentless when it comes to caustic and biting. It takes a certain degree of wit to portray such characters with a certain degree of believability and charm. We just don’t have it!

      • TALENTLESS???? I read that and was seething…but then I realized your opinion is not worth getting upset over. You should be ashamed to be English.

      • I’m an American in agreement with you. With rare exceptions, American actors have big boobs, big muscles and small brains. It’s our culture, we don’t admire intelligence which is why almost half of us believe in astrology and deny human caused global warming. We deserve the idiot Trump.

    • I am American and I totally agree. In my opinion, British TV and actors are much better. I never watch American programs.

  2. Doc Martin is a ONE of a kind. Even as nice as it has been, there comes a time to move on. It is in respect for the magic it captured.
    DM stands unique with no equal to it’s style and formula.

  3. Do not let the Americans remake doc Martin as they can not copy the English humour and also all they do is shout

    • I’m from the U.S. and even though I love the show, I often wondered why everybody had to shout so much all the time. Goes to show that some stereotypes are meant to be quashed.

    • Actually I believe you are correct as our humor is a bit different. We do however, laugh at Doc Martin and the only one who shouts is our “goofy” president Trump, who is a total embarrassment!

    • Wow! All they do is shout? How horribly stereotypical. While I love Doc Martin- why not allow others to be inspired. It’s just a story/formula that has proven to have universal appeal. Why be stingy. I’m sure if it endures it will have its own life. Nothing can take away from this show. Bet Shakespeare is delighted with all the joy his universal stories have brought audiences around the world.

    • …and don’t forget ALLL of those commercials on American television!! An hour long domestic version of Doc Martin will be about 40 minutes with 20 minutes of commercials to fill the hour. Disgusting and revolting!!

  4. Actually the US has quaint fishing villages in Nee England and the show would probably translate very well. I love the British version and I don’t think it would be the same- none of those receptionists would last 5 minutes here-but in the right hands it could be good. In the meantime I’ll be rewatching old Doc Martin episodes

  5. Every time I invest emotion into a program…it’s cancelled. I will miss this series very much. Just as much as The Closer, with Kera Sedgwick.

    • I agree, it’s hard! I’m just glad we got 9 wonderful series of Doc Martin (well, 8 with one more to come). They all have to go eventually, even Last of the Summer Wine (which made it 37 years).

    • Loved The Closer….watching it right now on spectrum 1255. Repeats,but haven’t seen the show in awhile. Still enjoyable.Don’t care for the spinoff without her.

  6. I live in U.S. but, Oh how I love most all of British TV..the characters, the scenery, the plots and the humor. Just hope the American version of DM doesn’t add canned laughter, but know it will be spoiled with commercials anyway. Our shows just can’t compare.

  7. This American loves England (been over yo visit),”Doc Martin” and British/ U.K. television in general.
    Refreshing improvement over horrible American TV. It’s all car chases and gun fights.

  8. This native Texan, me, loves more British tv programs than US
    programs too. Last night, I just finished series 8 of Doc
    Martin on Netflix and enjoyed it immensely. DM has been
    so refreshing to watch! And baby James Henry…so cute
    and sweet!

  9. OK, you all are correct, we Americans have crappy TV. I LOVE the series Doc Martin, what fun. This is a show that cannot be replaced or remade in any country. All actors are perfect for their parts & in the USA it would be a flop. SO I agree w/all you Brits LEAVE DOC MARTIN ALONE. As Doc Martin would say,
    “Shut up & get out.”

  10. I live in the US and have always gravitated towards watching Brittish shows whenever I can. Honestly, they boast better actors that have depth and are incredibly more dynamic.

    We may scoop up a series here and there but I do believe that goes both ways: “The Apprentice,” “Law and Order,” “Saturday Night Live,” ” Jeopardy!,” “That 70s Show” and more. That said, no one could EVER replace Martin Clunes or the intricate chemistry of this show. I only wish we had more rationings to tide us over until the season 9.

  11. We got hooked on Doc Martin purely by accident on PBS in season 3. My friends told me to watch the beginning on Netflix and so we did and got caught up to season 6, 7, & 8 on PBS. What a uniquely, WONDERFUL show!!!! Thursday nights, no matter what, we are home for our Doc Martin FIX!!! Love each character, love that the women wear the same dress from time to time, I mean it is like dropping in through a looking glass into a vital, busy, and diverse village with all the main characters in their very natural and normal life just living it with all the ups and downs and crazy situations that occur. UNIQUE, CHARMING, and DEEEEEEEELIGHTFUL. Perfectly casted, amingingly so, and good ole Joe the police officer is among our favorites, his timing, facial and body expressions are spot on……They are allllll a great group of actors. I would love to see the take outs, they must be hilarious! Best wishes to each member of the show… WELL DONE….GREATLY ENJOYED!!!! THANK YOU!

    • There’s a video on YouTube with Doc Martin outtakes called “Doc Martin, the Surgically Removed Parts”. It’s hilarious!

  12. Doc Martin is my all-time fav. Signed up for Acorn just to keep up with the series. Can wait to see Series 9.

  13. Shameless, the American version, is a million times better than the UK version.
    Still, I love the cast and scenery of the original Doc Martin and would be pleasantly surprised if we could come close to the original…the odds are against it.

  14. It’s sad though that the few Brittish shows I’ve watched and loved (Doctor Who is a great example) can’t seem to do a new series each year. What is it with waiting an entire year for the next season? Same thing with Doc Martin. This is a great show, but they should commit to the show and follow through on a new season each year. It makes me not want to bother when it finally does come out… But I probably will. Our American TV shows completely suck. It went from family shows (and other types) to reality show featuring ridiculous people in horrible situations. It’s all just ridiculous and sad. (Tossers!) All that I and my family watch now are reruns of all the old but good stuff, including Doc Martin. I know an American version of Doc Martin will suck, but, take heart, it will most likely be cancelled soon enough.

    • The reason it takes a year is the fact the actors may have other work that takes them away so are not always available so they have to wait till they are, plus a lot of the takes are done in a real village where people live so it has to be done around them and also the weather, as sadly its not as sunny everyday as it appears so if weathers bad they have to rearrange things. Perfection cannot be rushed.

    • The reason for it being bi-annual is to give the residents of Port Wen(in reality Port Isaac) a years break between episodes. As a perdon born down there I can assure you, there ain’t much space and when filming is on the place doubles in population withe cast and crew. In this day and age its nice to know that some companies have empathy with communities they invade. It’s also done out of season and rest assured they have to wait a long time for all that sunshine as it rains a lot down there stuck out in the Western Approaches!

  15. You ever hear of a show called Northern Exposure. So we did do a comedy about a city doctor stuck in a country setting. Give it a try and see if your preconceptions are true.

  16. Cornwall and Port Wenn (Port Isaac) IS one of the characters, and infuses the whole series with a unique atmosphere. Yes, I know there are fishing villages in Alaska and New England,but they are not the same: maybe charming, but different. Different actors, different location- so why even call it the same thing?

    • We went to Port Isaac in October on a trip to England and it was the same quaint village , harbor and “surgery” that we see on tv. Sooo fabulous! Waited for Bert and Martin and Louisa to appear but sadly they weren’t there!

  17. I do not think they should do Doc Martin in the US. It would be like the UK doing a version of ‘Friends…it just will not work as you would always be comparing them and it would not be the same. I shall miss the Doc when it finishes. Martin Clunes is one of the UK’s finest actors.

      • You might have forgotten but they tried a more direct “Coupling” rip-off later on. And it was dreadful. I think one of the Brit actresses was actually in it. It was dealt a quick death, thankfully.

  18. Northern Exposure, A reverse Doc Martin, Dr. Fleishman was the sane one and all the townsfolk were crazy. Both enjoyable shows. Leave it as is and import the original.

  19. Leave Doc Martin alone. It works because it is British. America would definitely mess it up. The Office is the only exception. America…you have This is Us.

  20. We already had our version of Doc Martin, “Becker” starring Ted Danson. No, not a direct Doc Martin rip-off but similar enough and a very funny program. A new remake will just be awful, based on 99% of American sitcoms these days. Lazy, vulgar writing and not slightly amusing.

  21. So when will Australia get season 9 of Doc Martin? We seem to constantly the last country to get information about what is happening to the shows that we love.

    • And Australian TV is very well done! I was watching such shows as 800 Words and A Place to Call Home and both are well crafted with very talented actors!

  22. What’s with Acorn? On my Roku they are listing Season 9 as a single episode retrospective and and Season 10 episode which, when clicked, link to Season 8 episodes. It’s version 3.4 build 181022. Curious.

  23. I am an American but I really enjoy the new imagination and creation from the British TV. Now if the American are thinking in remaking Doc Martin that will suck;excuse the language. I don’t think that stealing ideas from one country and remaking as if they can make it better than other country. NOT!!!! That is why I always enjoy the Indie films from each Country and Culture where I really admire and the creation of Stories and Films that some have won the Awards. That could never and I say never will be replaced by an American. There were few Series that I enjoyed like Friends but now a days it is being lame and not so much interesting. Sorry, I am an American but I really enjoy the multi-culture of films and I see it how it is. Sorry

  24. I’m an American and watched this new series on Acorn British TV subscription when it came out in the Fall. Whoever is writing the article has apparently no heard the old news that there is definitely another series to be made. I heard this last Spring from one of the actors.

  25. Watched the first show for season 9. I was disappointed. Not only did the “Doc” check the curate’s pulse incorrectly once but he did it again the second time. Where was the medical advisor when those scenes were filmed? Louisa’s character came across as a air-head. And the policeman is a complete ditz, an embarrassment to the uniform. The only good acting was from Buddy. I hope this is the last season.

    • Why don’t you watch reruns of “House” then? There’s a British actor playing a flawed Yank doctor who gets it all wrong for 35 minutes and then right for the last 5…lots of ditzes and airheads, too!

  26. Although the comment above says Netflix only have 6 seasons I have watch up to season 8 on Netflix so this must be old comment

  27. Doc Martin is the best! It will be sadly missed, but please don’t try to replicate it here in America. Let’s just feel good about what the Brits have given us__without being sad.

  28. There is only ONE Doc Martin, just like there was only one Maigret with Bruno Cremer as Maigret. Others tried to imitate that series and it was total nonsense. I’m American, of Welsh heritage, but I’d never waste my time watching a redo of an series that can never be replicated with any other actor as Doc Martin, other than Martin Clunes. Martin we love you here in the USA, please reconsider ending the series in 2019.

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