Endeavour Season 9: Promising News About a New Season

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Endeavour Season 9: Promising News About a New Season 1
Endeavour looks poised to return for season 9

Though season 8 of Endeavour has yet to air in the US, fans who've already seen it have been wondering whether there would be a season 9 to follow it up. For years, fans have speculated that Endeavour would stop at 33 episodes like the other two shows in the set – Inspector Morse and Lewis.

Now, there's good reason to believe they will NOT stop Endeavour with the current collection of 33 episodes. 

Will There Be a Season 9 of Endeavour?

Though ITV has yet to offer official confirmation, we pay to subscribe to a variety of casting sites so we can keep an eye on what's happening in the British TV world. Shows frequently start casting long before they ever make an official announcement.

Today, we spotted something new – a casting notice for series 9 of Endeavour. Dated 22 February 2022, it mentions the new season will begin filming in May 2022 in Buckinghamshire. Matthew Hamilton is listed as the associate producer/line producer for the project, with Mammoth Screen as the production company. 

You can see a screenshot of the posting from UK Production News below:

Endeavour Season 9: Promising News About a New Season 2
A casting notice for Endeavour season 9

Though dates have occasionally changed (especially during the pandemic), we've yet to see an incorrect “upcoming season” casting notice on this particular site – so we're pretty confident in saying that Endeavour's season 9 is happening. 

What's Happening in Season 9 of Endeavour?

Endeavour Season 9: Promising News About a New Season 3
Shaun Evans in a past season of Endeavour

At this point, it's anyone's guess – although it's probably safe to say we'll start seeing more and more storylines wrapping up and getting closure. There's still progress to be made on transforming young Morse into the older Morse we all know from the original series, and we'd hate to see all our favourite characters just falling away without knowing quite how they faded into the background of Morse's life.

The only thing we know with relative certainty at this point is that season 9 of Endeavour will be made up of three 90-minute episodes. The casting call specifically mentions this, so we can be pretty sure that's accurate. 

There have been no announcements about returning cast members at this point.

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When Will Season 9 of Endeavour Premiere?

Endeavour Season 9: Promising News About a New Season 4
Shaun Evans and Roger Allam in Endeavour

At this point, it's still far too early for anyone to have a premiere date for the new season. However, with a filming date that begins in May 2022, it seems likely the episodes would air sometime between autumn 2022 and spring 2023 (in the UK). 

In the US, we're still waiting on an official premiere date for season 8 of Endeavour, so season 9 is likely quite a ways off yet. It typically follows 3-9 months behind the UK schedule, unfortunately.

When available in the US, new episodes are expected to premiere on PBS and Amazon's PBS Masterpiece channel. For now, you can re-watch all the existing episodes there. 

Will Season 9 be the Last Season of Endeavour?

Endeavour Season 9: Promising News About a New Season 5
 A Scene from Endeavour, Series 8

We'll be honest – we have no idea. Many of us genuinely thought season 8 would be the last, given the history with the number of episodes and the way the storyline had turned darker in recent years. 

We saw Morse starting off young and promising, then we saw him realising some of his potential and maturing into his role – and finally, in recent years, we've seen him becoming more jaded and tormented. He's starting to look more like the man we know from the original Inspector Morse series. 

One thing we do know is that producers have stated Endeavour will NOT go all the way until the original Inspector Morse timeline. However tempting it might be given the appetite for new episodes, it sounds like that's not the direction they want to go in. Still, I think most of us can agree it would be wonderful to get a few more seasons and a bit of closure for all the characters we've come to love. 

Will There Ever Be Another Inspector Morse or Endeavour?

Inspector Morse creator Colin Dexter built a clause into his will that prevents anyone else from playing Morse after his death. Given that John Thaw is sadly no longer with us, that leaves just one possibility for future episodes – Shaun Evans.

As much as we love the original Inspector Morse, it would be wonderful to see those old episodes renewed with the high-quality cameras and cinematic flair given to the Endeavour episodes. Perhaps if we're really lucky, Shaun Evans and the producers will consider revisiting the Morse universe at some point in the future after Endeavour is over. 

Read the Inspector Morse Books

Endeavour Season 9: Promising News About a New Season 6
Roger Allam and Shaun Evans in Season 6 of Endeavour

Inspector Morse is based on a series of novels by writer Colin Dexter. Although Endeavour isn’t based on Dexter’s novels, he was directly involved with the series through creator/writer Russell Lewis. 

The novels, listed below, were written between 1975 and 1999. You can get the first three in a single volume here, or check out individual volumes below.

Dexter also made Cameo appearances in each episode, until his death in 2017 at age 86. 

In addition to Endeavour, Inspector Morse had another spinoff series – Inspector Lewis

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Will You Be Watching Season 9 of Endeavour?

If you're anything like us, the answer is a resounding yes. We're thrilled to see these signs of a new season in progress, and we can't wait for new episodes to grace our screens.

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  1. Absolutely love Endeavour.I was so upset when Endeavour and Sergeant Thursday argued and i was so glad to see that everything turned out ok when Sergeant Thursday went to venice.The best detective series on Tv.

  2. Thank God…. have spent too long in the tv wilderness pining without this series during covid. Essential viewing in this millennium, will be remembered as a classic top rate series forever and nothing to beat its 120% quality script and acting. There really is nothing even close to beat it for authenticity of the times and fascinating complexity. Excellence all round. Never let it die

  3. I can’t wait for the new season ,I have watched the all the Morse series from the beginning and love Endevour.

    It is bittersweet to watch the seeds of alcohol and anger sink in, I find myself wanting to change this for him but then he wouldn’t be Morse.
    Big fan of MYSTERY since the 70’s

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