Father Brown, Season 10: What We Know So Far

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Father Brown, Season 10: What We Know So Far 1
Father Brown (MARK WILLIAMS), Mrs McCarthy (SORCHA CUSACK), Sid (ALEX PRICE) in season 9 of Father Brown

After a VERY long wait between seasons 8 and 9 of Father Brown (because of the pandemic), we have some great news about season 10. It's coming back – and assuming the world doesn't fall to pieces again, the wait for season 10 should be considerably shorter. 

What's Father Brown About?

In case you've been living under a rock for the last 9 or so years (or you're brand new to the world of British TV), Father Brown is one of those lovely, cozy village mysteries in which a Roman Cathollic priest solves crimes in and around his village.

It's set in the fictional village of Kembleford in 1950s England – a troubled but cautiously optimistic time in which WW2 is over, but rebuilding is still happening. Many things are still rationed, homosexuality and abortion are illegal, and the death penalty remains in effect. It's a time when most people still identified with a religion, and church was a key part of village life.

Mark Williams stars as Father Brown, and the series is based on GK Chesterton's short stories.

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Will There Be a Season 10 of Father Brown?

Yes! Actor John Burton (aka Sgt Goodfellow in Father Brown) tweeted yesterday to announce that season 10 of Father Brown will begin filming on May 16th. You can see his tweet below:

When Does Season 10 of Father Brown Premiere, & Where Can I Watch It?

Father Brown, Season 10: What We Know So Far 2
Father Brown (MARK WILLIAMS), Mrs McCarthy (SORCHA CUSACK), Bunty (EMER KENNY), Inspector Mallory (JACK DEAM), Sgt Goodfellow (JOHN BURTON) – (C) BBC Studios – Photographer: Gary Moyes

Given that they've only just begun filming, it's still too soon for any firm details – though we can expect to see season 10 of Father Brown on BBC One at some point in the future. With filming taking place in the spring and summer, it seems likely the new episodes will appear on our screens sometime in the winter of 2022/23.

In the US, it's a fairly safe bet that season 10 of Father Brown will air on BritBox like all the other recent seasons – but of course, it's still too soon for official confirmation or a date.

That's not the only good news – the Father Brown spin-off, Sister Boniface Mysteries, will be returning for a second season. Like Father Brown‘s upcoming season, season 2 of Sister Boniface Mysteries is also too far off to have a firm date. 

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Read G.K. Chesterton's Original Father Brown Stories

Father Brown, Season 10: What We Know So Far 3
An earlier season of Father Brown

If you've already plowed through season 9 of Father Brown and you've re-watched the series more times than you can count, consider checking out the original Father Brown mysteries by GK Chesterton. 

Like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, Chesterton published some works before and after the current public domain cutoff date. Though most of the collections you'll find have only those which are no longer copyright-protected, you can get a complete version of all 53 short stories HERE

It's also worth noting that the Father Brown mysteries were written over many years and set in a variety of locations, while the TV series is quite firmly set in the Cotswolds during the 1950s. Father Brown himself is also a bit different in the stories – not quite as lovable, but more appreciated by the local police. It's interesting to see the differences.

There's also an older version of the television series, which you can watch HERE on BritBox. Filmed in the 1970s, it stars Kenneth More as Father Brown and Dennis Burgess as Hercule Flambeau. The earlier series is much more closely related to the books.

Where is Father Brown Filmed?

While scenes for the popular series have been filmed in a variety of Cotswold villages and towns, Blockley serves as the main location. The church of Saints Peter and Paul becomes the fictional St Mary's Roman Catholic church in the TV series. 

If you're curious about the area, you can take a virtual stroll through the village of Blockley in the Google StreetView window below. It may not be a large village, but it's certainly a lovely one. 


Stay Tuned for More Details on Season 10 of Father Brown

As filming gets underway, we can expect more news and photos to surface. We'll update this when we know more about what's happening in season 10, who's returning for the new season, and anything else the cast and crew might offer up around social media.