Father Brown Season 9 Release Date & Where to Watch

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Father Brown Season 9 Release Date & Where to Watch 1

As one of the BBC's most popular and long-running mysteries, there are plenty of us wondering when Season 9 of Father Brown will premiere. It's been a LONG wait due to the pandemic, but at last, we have more details on the premiere. 

What's Happening in Series 9 of Father Brown?

Ahead of the January premiere, a few more details have been released. We know the series begins in 1953 Kembleford, and that episodes will involve a murder at a local holiday camp and another at a masked ball.

Father Brown will find himself in pursuit of a mystery attacker before newcomer Lord Hawthorne is hounded out of the parish for good, and Sid and Sergeant Goodfellow will need his help to solve a tricky kidnapping.

We also know that there will be 10 episodes, including the show's 100th episode. Star Mark Williams said: 

We love telling our stories as much as the world loves watching them. A modest, warm daytime drama that achieves one hundred episodes and global success. Who’d have thought it?

If we've being honest, WE would have thought it – because really, who can resist a well-crafted British village mystery? The scenery and lightness are a welcome change from dark mysteries and the often darker news.

The 100th episode will be called “The Red Death”, and it follows along as Lady Felicia and her husband Monty host a lavish masked ball counting down to 1954. Unfortunately, their plans are ruined when the Minster of Defence is murdered by a masked figure. The estate will be locked down with a killer in their midst.

Who's in the Father Brown Cast for Season 9?

Father Brown Season 9 Release Date & Where to Watch 2

Mark Williams is slated to return for a ninth season in the titular role. Alongside Williams, we can expect to see his many of his fellow Kembleford residents returning, including The Honourable Penelope “Bunty” Windermere (Emer Kenny), Mrs McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack), Inspector Mallory (Jack Deam), and Sergeant Goodfellow (John Burton).

While they haven't released too many details about the upcoming season, we do know that guest stars for the 100th episode will include Richard Dillane, Alexander Hanson, Gemma Page, Caleb Frederick, Nicholas Audsley and Cam Spence (Ruth Moulton).

When Does Season 9 of Father Brown Air, & Where Can I Watch It?

After numerous lockdown and pandemic delays, season 9 of Father Brown will air in early 2022 on BBC One in the UK. 

In the US, it will air on BritBox beginning January 18th. 

That's not the only good news – the Father Brown spin-off, Sister Boniface Mysteries, will premiere soon after. It begins on February 8th on BritBox in North America.

Read G.K. Chesterton's Original Father Brown Stories

Father Brown Season 9 Release Date & Where to Watch 3
An earlier season of Father Brown

If you just can't bear to go this long without a bit of Father Brown and you've already watched the series more times than you can count, consider checking out the original Father Brown mysteries by GK Chesterton. There are 53 short stories in the series, many of them in the public domain.

Like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Chesterton published some works before and after the current public domain cutoff date. While most of the books you'll find have only those which are no longer copyright-protected, you can get a complete version of all 53 short stories HERE

It's worth mentioning that the Father Brown stories were written over many years and set in a variety of locations, while the TV series is quite definitely set in the Cotswolds during the 1950s. Father Brown himself is also a bit different in the stories – not quite as lovable, but more appreciated by the local police. It's interesting to see the differences.

Will You Be Watching Season 9 of Father Brown When it Airs?

Is this one on your watch list? Have you stuck with it through all the different seasons? Or do you give it a pass in favour of darker mysteries? Will you be tuning in for the Sister Boniface spin-off, too? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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Father Brown Season 9 Release Date & Where to Watch 4
Father Brown Season 9: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It


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  1. Father Brown is a treasure! Absolutely adore Mark Williams portrayal! The show is brilliantly cast, written & produced. Even the musical score is fantastic!!
    I cannot wait for season 10!
    I watched the spin off Sister B. I watched 3 episodes but it unfortunately doesn’t hold a candle to the classical excellence of Father Brown.
    I will wait patiently for season 10 please God 🙏 Thank you to all who contribute to Father Brown. God Bless you

  2. Father Brown is my favorite program of all time and I’m 75! I watch on BritBox here in Idaho. I’ve seen every season and every episode at least five times. So excited to see Season nine and watched both new episodes tonight. The cast is perfect.

  3. We are anxiously awaiting the new season of “Father Brown”! We live in America but absolutely love British TV/mysteries. Hardly ever watch American shows anymore. We “binge-watched” the first eight seasons of “Father Brown” and were sad when we came to the last show. But, after looking online and seeing another season is coming, we were thrilled!!

  4. I love Father Brown! I’ve watched the entire series so many times! I love Mallory! His faces, his snide comments and his little physique and his huge ego keep me laughing! The only character I truly don’t enjoy is Bunty. I’m not sure if it’s her acting or height…each season I want to like her more and I think she is finally growing on me. I love FB, Mrs.M, Lady Felicia and Goodfellow. The producers bring in excellent actors for each show. The whole package is superb!

    • Eagerly anticipating the release here in the US!! Can’t Wait for Father brown! Yes – I’ve watched every episode more times that I can count. Such exciting news that there’s only a few more weeks to wait! Thank you to the cast, writers, producers for giving us some cheer in the midst of other such dark shows. My friends in California and Colorado are all hooked on Father Brown.

  5. Am I the only person who does not like the Inspector Mallory character? His predecessors were much more enjoyable. Jack Deam plays it well but the way it’s written is off-putting to me. Sorry, just being honest. BTW Sgt. Goodfellow is wonderful!

    • I think the Inspector Mallory is hilarious. His facial expressions are great. He is a very good actor.

    • I’m with you. I dislike his character a lot. I was disappointed to see he will be back for this season.

    • Personally I think that Inspector Mallory is (within his boundaries) great, in fact his sarcastic approach of Father Brown is hilarious, especially because in the end he must always admit that Father Brown was right! I noticed, too, that Bunty does not appear in the new series (so far), unfortunately I happened to miss the first episode, so I am not sure whether there was an explanation for her absence in the story. Preferred Lady Felicia to Bunty, though! Glad to see that Sid is back, too!!!!

    • absolutely love Fr Brown, even bought brit box just to watch it. But I too find it very difficult to watch the inspector character….so glad to hear that the new series will have the police more appreciative of Father Browns contributions.

    • I love Father Brown! Sid, Goodfellow and Lady Felicia! Bunty, not so much. But I can not handle Mrs. McCarthy! I love the actor Sorcha Cusack! But the producers really need to make Mrs. McCarthy nicer! That self righteous, prejudice attitude is hard to watch! And Mallory? I wish Tom Chambers/Inspector Sullivan would come back!

    • Me too! I am so tired of his nasty attitude. He definitely needs a little more kindness and empathy. So excited to see Sid again!

  6. Here in Mississippi,US, I also have watched all seasons several times. Missing Father Brown and everyone else like family! Will be so glad when it returns in January.

  7. Love Father Brown…I have watched each episode 5 or 6 times. The show is pure and simple. I grew up in the fifties when the milkman, the garbage man, the butcher, the policeman, the nurse, the teacher, was respected. Now in the USA there is too much class envy. I so much appreciate Father Brown. Can not wait for season 9.

  8. I’ve watched all of the FB season multiple times and am looking forward to S9 and The Sister Boniface Mysteries.

  9. A coy and cozy british mystery with a wonderful cast, the beauty of england’s scenery, the humor and camaradery of the cast: father brown, mrs. mccarthy, bunty windermere, inspector mallory and sgt. goodfellow, make a great evening of MYSTERY!

  10. A coy mystery with a touch of humor and camaradery (father, bunty and bridget plus inspector mallory and sgt. goodfellow add to the mystery and yes, charm of the father brown mysteries which i enjoy watching! also i love to see the lovely scenic beauty of Britain (England) which adds to the charm too.

  11. I’m so happy! I wasn’t sure after the season 8 finale, I fell in love with show after subscribing to BritBox last month. I can’t wait for season 9! This is the best news I’ve heard all day!!

  12. Can’t wait to see season 9. I live in Michigan (USA). This is a show my late sister and I loved to watch and talk about.

  13. Can’t wait to see season 9. I live in Michigan (USA). This is a show my late sister and I loved to watch and talk about.

  14. I am in awe of this wild series. Live in Canada and watch on Britbox. Hope it’s coming back soon. Great actors.

  15. From Canada 🇨🇦 Love the tv series keep them coming great acting 🎭 a joy to watch all of you talented actors on the show and writers just amazing 🤩

  16. From Canada 🇨🇦 Love the tv series keep them coming great acting 🎭 a joy to watch all of you talented actors on the show

  17. I live in Arizona, U.S.A and watch Father Brown on PBS every Saturday evening, along with Death In Paradise and Vera. Also love Midsomer Murders. In my opinion British TV is so much more entertaining than American TV. Keep the shows coming!

  18. Just watched the end of season 8 on my local PBS station. Because the season ended with a reunion of all the police inspectors I feared this was a series finale. Happy to see there is a season 9. We stayed a few days in B!ockly a few years ago. Seeing the show brings back memories of that beautiful village.

  19. Oh YES – Can’t WAIT to see Fr. Brown, Season 9 !!!!!!!!!!
    More episodes with Sid & Fr. Brown, please!!!!

  20. Miss Sid and lady Felicia. The relationship between Sid and Father Brown was so endearing. We needed to see the origins of that relationship. I imagined that Sid was an orphan street kid that Father Brown found sleeping in the church or something. It was a father/son love for sure and very heart warming. FB needs more main characters.

    • Sid has been my favorite character and I have sorely missed him. I can’t wait for the airing if season 9, preferably on Netflix.

  21. I will absolutely be watching season 9! Can’t wait! I love it just as it is and really hope it doesn’t get dark. Who needs more dark story lines during a pandemic?! Love the lightness of it. Please dont change!

  22. I am from Austria, and I too love Father Brown and waiting for season 9, Especially, I love the episodes with Lady Felicia

  23. Love Father Brown and all of the characters! The 3 of us are eagerly awaiting his return. We are across the pond in New Mexico, USA.

  24. I absolutely love watching Father Brown. I own all 8 seasons on DVDs, and have watched all of them definitely over a dozen times. Love the 50s era and the English accents. All the actors are fabulous. I have lived in Florida, United States, my entire life, and love escaping to the Cotswolds! It would be my one dream vacation. So thank you for this show. It is a nice escape!

  25. As all the fans have said more times than once, we love Father Brown and Mid Summer, it is just wonderful Telly. I could watch these programs everyday. If you are having problems viewing , check out public tv in the US and the ovation channel. Keep making these shows and I will be tuned in and recording for extended entertainment . I can’t say enough good things😀😀

  26. We started watching Father Brown because we recognized Mark Williams from his role on Sense and Sensibility. He never fails to entertain and we both love the show.

  27. Absolutely enjoy watching Father Brown, Midsomer Murders, and Death In Paradise. High quality entertainment which this ‘modern world’ desperately needs more of. Have exposed these great series to others and continue to.

    • I too watch these same 3 series over and over waiting for the release of the newest season. my favorite brit tv shows to binge watch

  28. I’m a huge fan of this series and have watched most episodes several times. I’m so eager for season 9! I do have one question- where can I get a replica of the tea set they use? I love it!

  29. I live in illinois USA I think I’m on my 3rd go around through the seasons…..can’t wait for season 9 to come …. Should be required watching for those entering the priesthood…. father brown has heart!

  30. I’m re-watching the series for the third time. Father Brown offers a sense of softness, goodness and kindness that we need, not only during these trying times, but on an everyday basis.

    It amazes me that in dealing with difficult subject matter the end result is always offers a sense of goodness and redemption.

    • I will absolutely be watching Father Brown Series 9. It is the best therapy and reminiscent of simpler times: Thank you for a wonderful show! I keep checking in hopes it may magically appear. I love the gardens and walkways and find myself trying to follow those styles at my home.

  31. So excited, have just been to Blockley where father Brown is filmed and was lucky enough to see not only the church which doubles as St Mary’s, but the film crew as well as a glimpse of father Brown too, through the church door!!

  32. I have watched every single minute of 8 seasons & wouldn.t miss #9 for the world!

  33. I´m from Madeira Island and I and all my friends love Father Brown, i have all 8 seasons. Midsummer Murders and Death in Paradise are special too. But father brown is number one.

  34. With all the darkness and violence in our world, FATHER BROWN is such a blessed relief! A series like Father Brown helps me to keep my world in balance…and of course, Mark Williams plays the role perfectly. One thing I would be quite interested in, is the recipe of Mrs McCarthy’s ‘award winning strawberry scones’…. (but probably she won’t give that away!) Oh, and I did not know there was a Father Brown fanclub!!

    • All I wanted for my birthday this year were (gluten free) strawberry scones. My bf and I in Los Angeles baked some in honor of Mrs McCarthy and our love for Father Brown. After more rounds of watching all seasons through than I can count – I am so excited for some new episodes. I sounds like we FINALLY get to meet Lady Felicia’s other half! The mysterious Monty. This should be fun. Jan 18th (on Britbox) can’t come soon enough. Sending love to all involved in this show. A TREMENDOUS THANK YOU.

  35. Father Brown is my favorite series and the only reason I have Britbox! It’s the one show I go to when I need to relax and clear my mind and soul! Being a lifelong Catholic, I love seeing my Faith a part of my entertainment. My all time favorite episode is The Star of Jacob but I must say the series 8 finale was amazing! Even my busy, picky daughter will watch it with me because she loves the British acting! I can’t wait for series 9…I hope Jude Tindall wrote a few episodes!

  36. This series has literally gotten me through the “pandemic”
    Here in the US where things have gone to hell in a handbag – I can relax watching Father Brown and Midsummer murders!
    Thank you for such great programming and a great escape from the craziness that is now America

  37. I came online tonight to just search “Father Brown – Series 9?” — and am so delighted to learn I am not the only one who has discovered the joy of this Series, and who has been “binge-ing” on it ever since first discovery! As many of the above commentators, this series provides a beautiful contrast to the darkening world of present-day events, the nightly News of hearbreaking sorrow. The Cotswolds are so beautiful, and the plots of Fr. Brown and friends are both complex and innocent, by contrast to the horror and violence of too much of today’s TV. Of course we understand the Show is not continuing through the Pandemic — but I join the many who are waiting, and will be happy to wait as long as we have to, for its return — and who trust the cast will stay well, while we all wait. Again, thank you for producing this beautiful TV Series.
    -Maureen Doherty McGowan, NY

  38. When I have too much things going on in my head, oh how I love to watch Father Brown, with always that clear and simple plot, storyline… like a greek tragedy, but then in comedy detective style. yesss I’m looking forward to series 9.

  39. Yes I am impatiently waiting for Season 9. I found Dather Brown in the summer and have watched all seasons many, many times. When I want a feel-good show, I turn on Father Brown.

  40. One of the best ‘cosy” mystery series I know – I do love Father Brown, Mrs McCarthy, Sergeant Goodfellow and even the grumbling Mallory. Waiting for Series 9 is hard, but I trust, worth the wait!

  41. I love Father Brown. I’ve watch all 8 seasons 3 times and gladly pay for Britbox to get to. I’ve also watched the classic Father Brown. I’m presently reading the 53 short stories of Father Brown. Mark Williams us wonderful as Father Brown. Can’t wait for season 9 to become available

  42. My wife & I love this series. Mark Williams does an amazing job showing concern for the individual’s soul/relationship with the Lord. Speaking as a Christian, I find that beautiful; so refreshing & touching vs the norms of today’s ways of solving problems. Hats off to both the writers and Mark. There is hope in a better tomorrow. Our favorite show.

  43. I have watched Father Brown (every season) so many times that I have lost count.

    I guess I’m one of those people you mentioned. I absolutely love Father Brown. The finale of S8 was so amazing.

    As an American – I am more than willing to pay for Brit Box as I do – completely for Father Brown.

    Can’t wait for Season 9!!!

    • I agree with Ella. Adore the series and the brilliant cast. Looking forward to season 9!!!

      • I love this show. Without it I wouldn’t have made it through Covid.
        Love the small village, the towns people, forgiving spirit, yet intriguing plots. Will be very hard to top “Father Brown”!

  44. I’m waiting impatiently for Father Brown to return…..along with Midsomer Murders.
    Death in Paradise was fun, but only 8 episodes 🙁

  45. Love Father Brown mysteries! Unfortunately, I binge these and your other cozy mysteries. So I get through them quickly and craving more. Please keep them coming!

    • We positively love Father Brown! It is witty, intriguing and never gets too dark. There is enough horror in the world without being subjected to it while relaxing.
      We have helped add many American fans to Father Brown fan club.

  46. I have loved Father Brown for years. I have rewatched all the seasons several times over with my family! We are eagerly waiting season 9!! As well as many more after!

  47. Since Netflix stopped showing it and Britbox doesn’t stream well at my house, I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch. Wish it would come back to Netflix.

    • Have you tested subscribing to BritBox via Amazon? Many people (especially those on slow or rural connections) seem to have better luck streaming through Amazon’s BritBox channel.

    • A coy and cozy british mystery with a wonderful cast, the beauty of england’s scenery, the humor and camaradery of the cast: father brown, mrs. mccarthy, bunty windermere, inspector mallory and sgt. goodfellow, make a great evening of MYSTERY!

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