Father Brown Series 7 Premiere Details

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Father Brown Series 7 Premiere Details 1
Father Brown Series 7 is on the way

Fans of Father Brown got some great news this week. As of June 14th, we have official confirmation that there will be a Series 7 of the popular Cotswold mystery. There's also nothing in the announcement to suggest it will be the last series, so that's encouraging for the future of the show.

Where to Catch Up on Father Brown, Series 1-6

If you're not familiar with Father Brown, it's a lovely cozy mystery about a Catholic priest (Mark Williams) who solves crimes. The series is set in the early 1950s in the fictional village of Kembleford, and it's based on the short stories of GK Chesterton. In real life, the bulk of the filming takes place in Blockley, Gloucestershire, a village in the northern part of The Cotswolds. Moreton-in-Marsh is about 3 miles away and has train access, so it's a great place to stay if you wish to visit the area.

Given Father Brown's position in the community, solving mysteries creates some interesting moral dilemmas – the least of which is whether he should spend his time solving murders or doing the more mundane bits of his parish duties. He wants to see justice done,  but he also opposes capital punishment (which was legal until 1965). He values the confessional, but he understands the weight and importance of some of what he hears. He does his best to practice what he preaches, though, and he's never afraid to get help from the people around him.

If you haven't yet watched this delightful mystery series, you can catch up in either of the following places:

Old Father Brown

Hard-core British TV fans will already know about this, but many fans of the modern version don't realize there was another Father Brown TV series back in the 1970s. In that series, Kenneth More played the clever priest for 13 episodes. It's a bit dated, but still an pleasure to watch. You can watch the old Father Brown at the link below.

When Will Series 7 of Father Brown Premiere?

Series 7 of Father Brown will begin airing in the UK in January 2019. While there's no official North American release date yet, we saw Series 6 arrive on Netflix on March 31st of 2018. It wouldn't be too crazy to imagine it becoming available around that time in 2019.

While we don't know too much about the upcoming series, we do know that Mrs McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack), Inspector Mallory (Jack Deam), and Bunty Windermere (Emer Kenny) will all return in Series 7. Nancy Carroll will again appear as Lady Felicia, back from Northern Rhodesia in need of assistance.

Father Brown in Book Form

If you've never read the original Father Brown stories by GK Chesterton, I highly recommend doing so. With 70 episodes in the modern TV series, the modern Father Brown TV series has outgrown the original 53 short stories in both number and depth. However, the stories have a slightly different flavor, given that they were written between 1910 and 1936 (while the show is set in the 50s).

Who's Going to Watch Father Brown Series 7?

Are you as excited about this news as we are? Let us know in the comments if you'll be watching – and feel free to share your best recommendations for other shows to help pass the time until we all return to Kembleford.


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  1. Just discovered the series while recovering from surgery. I am very excited to learn there will be a season 7.

  2. Wait! What! Father Brown has another series YEAH! I can’t be happier, I wish it would show right away on Netflix but nevertheless I’ll be watching, I just can’t wait, I love all those pictures Vera, Father Brown, DC Banks which just stop like that on television as well as Vera, I would also like to know when Mrs. Fisher would be back with more series, Death of Paradise,I am waiting patiently but please not too long for the wait, it has been long enough, also what happened to Miss Maple she was a nice lady, love her decetive skills

  3. I love this show. Father Brown is one of those shows that makes it easy to lose track of time and you feel good about it. I, too, would like to see more of Lady Felicia, Inspector Sullivan, and Sid. This cast is the perfect combination. Thank you for this amazing entertainment.

  4. The first 6 seasons are currently on Netflix and I’ve watched some of my favorites multiple times. Really miss Lady Felicia, and her beautiful clothes, hats & coiffures. At first I didn’t like Bunty (“Barbie” comes to Kembleford!) but she is becoming more interesting as the series progresses. Bravo for thé return of Inspector Sullivan! Gives the ladies someone handsome to look at . . .. I agree with other fans of the series that Inspector Mallory is something of a caricature, but he provides some comic relief. Sid, where ARE you? I miss your wit, sarcasm, and genuine affection for Lady Felicia and Father Brown.

  5. PBS began airing season 7 last week . I missed it and only caught episode 2 by accident last night. Don’t know what is taking Netflix so long to air it.

    • Which PBS station? I still haven’t seen it here in South Carolina (SCETV) and it’s impossible to find information about upcoming series on their website or even by googling it. They only show you what’s currently airing. So frustrating. I don’t want to miss it, and honestly I love this show so much that I’d prefer to watch it week to week on PBS vs binge it all in an afternoon on Netflix!

  6. I love this entire cast…even Inspector Mallory has loveable qualities. I cannot wait for Season 7!! Good clean viewing that holds one’s attention without the need for vulgarity! Love it!!

  7. I am on the other side of the pond (USA) and I think the Father Brown series is the absolute best thing on TV. I am sick of all our American shows, which have too much sex and violence. Without those, Father Brown continues to be interesting and keeps me guessing. I have watched seasons 1-6 about three or four times and wish someone at the BBC would take the plunge so we in the USA can enjoy season 7.

  8. So great to hear Father Brown will be returning for a 7th season. Marvelous series and actors and their characters. Although the actor who has graced this series in previous episodes, please allow the marvelous actor who plays Flambeau to always guest appear. He and Father Brown play well off of each other. I believe they both really like and respect each other more than they lead us to believe

  9. I so enjoy this show for its character driven plot..Love that this show turned back the clock a time when blood / sex / violence was void from most tv series.. I hope this shows goes on for many more years..

  10. John Light’s character is always fun and interesting. I love to watch him play off of Nancy Carroll and, of course, Father Brown. I can’t help watching the episodes in which his character appears more than once. I would love to see him gain redemption.

  11. Of all the shows I watch Father Brown is right at the top! It’s a great change-of-pace from so much of what’s on TV these days. I have been watching it since the beginning and can’t wait for the new season. I hope they have more episodes in this season than they did the previous one. Please keep them coming!

  12. I hope it will be on PBS as it had been. I don’t have Netflix. Love this chow. mallory is rather annoying. I miss Sid.

  13. Love the characters, but especially Mark Williams’ Father Brown. Fr. Brown is not just concerned about crime, but also the immortal souls of his parishioners. Williams makes Fr. Brown genuine. The other actors are great as well. Mallory is getting palpable because Goodfellow is evolving as a challenge. GREAT show! I concur with many others, bring back Lady Felicia and Sid. They could help deepen Bunty’s character.

  14. Keeping my fingers crossed that season seven, Father Brown, comes back to Netflix in March 2019! Wonderful Series!

  15. I totally enjoy Father Brown. He is so torn between his religious duties and his sleuthing. The characters around him are a great foil. I also like lady Felicia who had such a dubious past and doesn’t hate to take use of it. also Mrs, McCarathy, well meaning gossip. Bunty I have some problem with, I don’t think they have evolved her enough.

  16. Love Fr Brown!!! Just glad there is a season 7. Keep up the good work. I’ll be doubly happy if Lady Felicia & Sid will become regulars again. All the actors are great!

  17. I too love this show, clearly I’m not alone! I can’t wait for Season 7, wish I lived in the UK as it is already airing there! No fair!!

  18. I will definitely be watching in the US. Can’t wait till it is released here. I absolutely love the show

  19. Can’t wait for Season 7 of Father Brown. We love British television. We also love the baking shows and the new cooking show. Of course we loved Downton Abbey and are watching it for a second time on PBS here in New Mexico.

  20. Dying to watch season 7, and desperate to know when my local PBS station will be airing it. Please come to the US soon!!

  21. Can’t wait for Season 7 in the US! I just love this program and it’s one of the few that my husband will also watch.

    As far as Inspector Mallory goes I couldn’t stand him at first but the character has grown on me. The fellow that plays the part is very good at his craft.

    I would love to see Lady Felicia again as well as Sid but I do like Bunty also.

    Mark Williams and Sorcha Cusack are simply amazing in their roles. I just love the program and I’ll keep watching the reruns until we can get Season 7.

  22. I cannot wait for Father Brown to return to America. I have Acorn TV and I did not see it listed.

  23. I am almost through season 6 and was wondering what I could watch next, it is so addictive. I hope that Lady Felicia and Sid return.

  24. I am soooo happy about the great new on the 7 Season of Father Brown….I watch all seasons over and over….and I even got my nieces hook on his adventures…
    Thanks for the good new!!!

  25. Here in the USA we are very excited for the new Father Brown to come out. We previously watched the Kenneth More Father Brown too.
    We miss Sid and Lady Felicia but glad they make at least occasional appearances!
    Keep up the GREAT acting and episodes!

  26. I’ve watched several of the series. Don’t know if I have series six or not, because I don’t remember Inspector Malory. I’ll have to check again. I’ve been watching them on Acorn—I think 🙂

  27. I just finished watching season six, and was shocked that I had watched the last available episode. I didn’t know there wasn’t a season seven. I loved the show, and all of the characters. I especially loved the antics of Inspector Mallory. At first I didn’t care much for him, but now he makes me laugh with his facial expressions, etc. I also hope they will bring back Sid and Lady Felicia. Can’t wait for season seven to arrive in the U. S.

  28. I’m seeing Inspector Sullivan in the picture at the top of the article, yet seeing Inspector Mallory listed in the article as coming back. I’m hoping for Sullivan – Mallory is very annoying. And most definitely Sid needs to come back too. Who else is going to drive Lady Felicia around. Love the show – so happy it’s back.

  29. I would love to see more episodes and an ongoing continuation of this series as it is a rare jewel among television shows. As I get older (last of the baby boomers), I appreciate being transported to a simpler time when things made more sense. What’s more, it is sort of like visiting with old friends. I am with everybody else on bringing back the missing cast of characters. Sid and Lady Felicia added a lot to the series. But happy to see Father Brown, Mrs. McCarthy, Bunty, and all of the other characters just the same. They are able to stand on their own but I really miss the nice flavor the others added.

  30. Love, love the show!!! It would be great if Sid could come back AND Lady Felicia even for a couple of shows!! Love them All! Love Binty and Mrs. McCarthy AND Father Brown of course!!

  31. Love the dynamic between Mrs. McCarthy and Bunty. They pick at each other, but they are becoming closer friends. And Father Brown has come to depend on Bunty’s intelligence, courage, and loyalty. She is a great addition to the cast. Bunty rocks! Counting the days til Series 7.

  32. I am so looking forward to Series 7! It will come here to the United States later than in Britain, but I am glad that we can watch Father Brown here. This is truly one of my favorite “classic” shows; I love them! And I very much enjoy watching British television !!

  33. Come on Series 7, can’t wait!! Would be happy to see Sid and Lady Felicia return, and have enjoyed the addition of Bunty. Of course, Father Brown and Mrs. McCarthy play off of each other wonderfully. All of the Inspectors have been great, can’t forget Goodfellow. Costumes, scenery, gardens, churches, love all of it!!
    Can’t get enough.

    • Ditto to Peggy. Please get Sid back, sure miss him. Love and miss Lady Felicia and roll my eyes a Mallory but shrug along with Goodfellow, because he is (a good fella).

  34. Yes, I so agree…we need Sid and Lady Felicia back! Please bring them back, they were such a great team.

  35. I absolutely love Father Brown. Father Brown, Mrs. McCarthy, Lady Felicia, Bunty, Inspector Mallory and Srh. Goodfelloe… but please. Please tell mms that Sid will be back, I can’t imagine father Brown without the prospect of Sid coming back.

  36. Love Father Brown and looking forward to season 7. I would like to see a different police inspector. Mrs McCarthy should stay nosy as it adds to the series. Would like to see Sid back in the show.

  37. Love Father Brown! Can’t wait to see season 7! I hope Lady Felicia and Sid make an appearance!

  38. I absolutely love this show. I feel like they are family after having binge watched 70 shows. When is the next season coming to?

  39. Can’t remember which streamer I was watching, but Shetland was about to show the murderer and it happened to be last episode of that series…. still waiting to see who it is/was

  40. Our favorite! So happy Father Brown is returning – we are looking forward to Season 7. We love the town and all the characters, and especially, of course, Father Brown. Also like the addition of Bunty as a regular character. They all make us smile and feel good after we watch an episode.

    • I LOVE this show!! Can’t wait til season 7 comes on Netflix!! Any clues to when that will be?

  41. Absolutely can’t wait for Series 7 – and I adore Inspector Mallory!

  42. Have watched through all 6 series twice now. I’m sure series 7 will last me a weekend, but that’s okay. I agree with other commenters; bring Sid back – Alex Price’s career hasn’t exactly been on fire since he left.

    • Alex Price is currently on Broadway in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which recently won a slew of Tony Awards. So he seems to be doing fine! (I do hope he returns to Kembleford though!)

  43. I can hardly wait! Love the series, the scenery, the cast….and even the opening music!

  44. Yes, I’ll definitely be watching. I hope we don’t have too long of a wait for Netflix

  45. Very enjoyable but bring back Sid! He adds spark to it with his zany personality. Don’t change anyone. Great show!

  46. Love the show, but can’t stand Mallory, and Mrs McCarthy is just too nosy at times, they need to tone her down a little and find a man for her.

    • Remember, this was written along time ago and it does fit the times back then. Enjoy the difference of life back then, for she loved her faith and father Brown.

  47. Love Father Brown! Have been binge watching on Netflix. Can’t waite for Season 7.

    • Inspector Mallory is too much of a character. Watching his act would have me scared to ask for British police help, much less believe anything they told me.

    • I love Mallory. In Season six, in one of the episodes, I laughed so hard at Mallory’s facial expressions, and body language. He reminds me of a silent film character, and I think he’s hilarious.

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