February British TV Premieres: What’s New on Acorn TV for February 2021?

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February British TV Premieres: What’s New on Acorn TV for February 2021? 1


If you don't already subscribe to Acorn TV, you can sign up on their website HERE. If you have a smart TV that isn't compatible with their app (like a Samsung) or you prefer to subscribe through Amazon Video, you can sign up HERE instead. 

Either way you do it, you get a free 7-day trial, and both offer easy online cancellation if you decide it's not for you. Both options have the same programming, though some people on slower internet connections have reported slightly smoother streaming on Amazon (and occasionally, a delay of a few hours for new programming to appear). 


Acorn TV February 2021 Schedule of New Shows…

February British TV Premieres: What’s New on Acorn TV for February 2021? 2


New British TV Shows on Acorn TV in February 2021

February 1st Premieres

February British TV Premieres: What’s New on Acorn TV for February 2021? 3
Just William comes to Acorn TV in February

Just William

This BBC series follows the entertaining adventures of a mischievous 11-year-old boy, William Brown (Daniel Roche, Outnumbered), and his friends in 1950s England. The series takes us back to a fun, carefree time when kids could run off for the day and not return home until teatime. The series also includes appearances from Daniel Ryan (Home Fires), Caroline Quentin (Jonathan Creek), Lily James (Cinderella), and Warren Clark (Poldark). 

Watch it HERE


February 8th Premieres

February British TV Premieres: What’s New on Acorn TV for February 2021? 4

Balthazar, Series 3

If you like your forensic pathologists tall, dark, and French, you'll be pleased to see Balthazar is back with another set of 8 intriguing mysteries. This season picks up six months after a set of unfortunate events following Balthazar's investigation into his wife's murder. He and Chief Inspector Hélène Bach team up to tackle a variety of even darker cases this season (and because it's Balthazar, you can be pretty sure he'll once again be running around topless and/or bottomless at some point).

Check out the trailer below, or catch up on Season 1 & 2 HERE



February British TV Premieres: What’s New on Acorn TV for February 2021? 5
Love My Way

Love My Way, Series 1

This Australian drama follows a thirtysomething woman as she juggles a variety of obligations and relationships. Claudia Karven (Spirited), Asher Keddie (The Cry), and Brendan Cowell (The Slap) star. This 2004 series has 10 episodes.

Series 2 arrives on February 22nd. This was originally listed in their January release, but it was apparently bumped back to February. 

Can't wait? Watch it HERE now.


February British TV Premieres: What’s New on Acorn TV for February 2021? 6
Muse of Fire: A Shakespearean Road Movie

Muse of Fire: A Shakespearean Road Movie

This documentary follows a couple of actors who once shied away from Shakespeare – until they became actors. Over four years, they journey around the world trying to get at what makes Shakespeare's work so great. The film includes appearances by Dame Judi Dench, Sir Ian McKellan, Ewan McGregor, Ralph Fiennes, and Jude Law.

Catch up on Series 1 HERE.


February 15th Premieres

February British TV Premieres: What’s New on Acorn TV for February 2021? 7
The Circuit premieres on Acorn TV on the 15th

The Circuit, Series 1 & 2

This Australian drama follows a magistrate and an entourage of court officers and lawyers on a regular five-day 2000 kilometer round-trip to dispense justice to the remote communities of north Western Australia. It’s a hard job for anyone, but for newly-hired Aboriginal lawyer Drew Ellis (Aaron Pedersen, Mystery Road) who had a white upbringing and has a white wife,  it’s a rude awakening as he gets a close-up view of the inequalities in the system. 


February British TV Premieres: What’s New on Acorn TV for February 2021? 8
The Real Prince Philip

The Real Prince Philip

This biographical film celebrates the life and achievements of Prince Philip, from his birth in Greece through to his current duties as the patriarch of the British royal family.


February 22nd Premieres

February British TV Premieres: What’s New on Acorn TV for February 2021? 9
Jenna Coleman stars in The Cry, coming to Acorn TV in February

The Cry

When a baby is abducted from a small coastal town in Australia, it proves catastrophic to one young mother's mental health. She, Joanna (Jenna Coleman, Victoria), and her husband Alistair (Ewan Leslie, Sleeping Beauty) must deal with unthinkable tragedy while also coping with the intense public scrutiny it brings upon them. 


What Do You Think of the February 2021 Acorn TV Premieres?

Admittedly, it's a bit of a slow month compared to some – but that's to be expected, considering how many shows have been disrupted by the pandemic. Even when shows were technically able to film, many were plagued by scheduling conflict (since everyone was trying to film at once) or budget issues (since it costs more to film with all the extra precautions). 

We should start seeing a lot more new shows in the near future – and Acorn TV has loads of newly-commissioned series on the schedule for later in 2021. 

We're thrilled to see more Balthazar coming, and we'll continuing waiting patiently and supporting our favourite streaming services as they do their best to keep bringing us quality content in spite of the challenging times.


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February British TV Premieres: What’s New on Acorn TV for February 2021? 10
New Shows Premiering on Acorn TV in February 2021

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  1. Please tell us if Brokenwood Mystery is coming back with a new season and also Mystery Road?

  2. We had no new premiers in February until the 15th. Balthazar series came through with episodes 5 through 8, 1 through 4 missing. No premiers today 2/22/2021. Frustration!! Will be trying Amazon Prime now!!

  3. It’s interesting that I get more info from iheartbritishty.com than I do from Acorn. All they send are emails trying to sell me stuff!!

  4. Too much Australian and NZ stuff. I subscribed to get British programming, which I now get on BritBox. If Acorn wants to compete with BritBox, they need to step it up. We hardly watch Acorn anymore since we got BritBox. It’s America, if you want to win you need to compete. We’re thinking about dropping Acorn if they don’t start adding more British programming. BritBox + Acorn merger would be phenomenal.

    • I agree with you. Acorn used to be great, but not anymore. I don’t like the Aussie stuff. And Balthazar isn’t even in English!

  5. Not much new content. While I like Australian and NZ programming, there’s a paucity of British shows. Considering dropping Acorn in favor of Britbox. Advice anyone?

    • I have BritBox US and like it so much more than Acorn.The streaming quality alone is a reason to change. I do not have the buffering problem as I do on Acorn. I only bought Acorn for 2 shows and will probably drop it soon

  6. AcornTV is my fav! I also have BritBox but love all the AUS & NZ content on AcornTV ❤️🇨🇦

  7. There’s so many old old movies, not enough new movies to watch. I sign up through Amazon Prima and there so many TV shows and movies that I got rid of my cable. I wanted to ask if certain TV shows will return I know Covid-19 hasn’t helped. Doc Martin, Murdock Mysteries, Darkness those who Kill, Wisting, Hidden Miss Fisher (not the new one, its not interesting at all), Dead Lucky, Deadwater Fell, and the Truth Will Out. All of these are good TV shows and would like to know if any of them are returning or were may I find this information at.
    Two shows that are just awful are Bang and 19-2, the acting is awful.

    • Totally agree. There needs to be more shoes like Law and Order UK, Broadchurch, Liar, Hidden, Dr. Foster, Happy Valley.

  8. I agree,too much Australian programming and not enough British titles. BUT,that said, I am over the moon to see Flame Trees of Thika and Danger UXB. That’s one way to beat Britbox, bring back the timeless Masterpiece classics, such as Duchess of Duke Street, Lilly, the original Poldark. At this point, I will stay with Acorn.

  9. It’s time, I think, for Acorn to merge with Britbox or Prime–or rebrand itself as Australian TV. The number of quality British shows on Acorn continues to decline as they’re snatched up by other channels. The one notable British (ITV) program coming up this month on Prime is more than 40 years old: Danger UXB (which you’ve mislabeled, btw, in the email above).

  10. I loved ACORN but, and it’s an irritating “but” it turns out it can’t stream on my Samsung Smart TV. Why is that? Can it be resolved? It’s really maddening. So I get Britbox instead and it’s excellent but then you have to show us your upcoming shows and I get angry. So I’m writing to quell my anger. Can’t you fix it?

    • I have two Samsung TVs, and I have the same problem. You can purchase either a reasonably priced Roku stick, or a Amazon Fire Stick, and either work well to show Acorn, and many other streaming channels.

      • We too, have 2 Samsung TVs which we love. They aren’t compatible with Acorn without an extra device as you suggested. We have 2 Apple TV’s since I have an iPhone and an iPad.

  11. What happened to episodes of Heer & Meester on Acorn. I was gonna watch those! Are they moving to another streaming service?

  12. We have not been watching much on Acorn the last few months – just nothing new that we like. We are holding out for new seasons of My Life is Murder, Agatha Raisin, Brokenwood Mysteries and Murdoch Mysteries. We love fun-loving mysteries – not too dark, not gritty, not rude or crude, but most of the new things put on here are just that. We want likable characters and do not want to be preached social sermons.

  13. I can’t get Episodes 5 and 6 of A Suitable Boy on Acorn. Is there a reason for this? Very frustrating.

  14. I dropped Acorn because of the lack of new crime/detective/mystery/thriller shows and movies for which the UK is the best at providing…too many corny, pointless shows offered instead as entertainment.

    • I love British mystery and detective stories/series. Not enough of these shows. The plots are always woven into a terrific storyline. Please bring more of these to watch. I am certain there are many that like the international shows with English subtitles. Some of these shows are brilliant! I just can not follow along and read the subtitles. Confusing for me at times. Would love to watch these shows in English without subtitles. Thanks

  15. Please have fewer crime/mystery and more night romatic/drama/comedies. Love Australia and New Zealand shows

  16. Most of the shows are Australian. Any British shows coming? Why do you always show old shows, 1990s & early 2000s? There has to be more recent shows you can get!!!!!!

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