Here are a few photos of these sweet little guys – with more photos and videos to come once I get a chance to upload the rest.

Foster Kittens 1
We were calling this little guy Barnaby, after DCI Tom Barnaby on Midsomer Murders. This is him on one of the first days we had them, and he was still looking pretty rough.


Foster Kittens 2
This is Barnaby on the last night we had him, looking much healthier. He's an absolute sweetheart.


Foster Kittens 3
This guy was called Hamish, after the TV series Hamish MacBeth. He started off extremely skittish, but he got a lot braver with every passing day.


Foster Kittens 4
This is Hamish on one of his last nights here. His sweet little face often looks sad, but he's a playful, happy kitten.


Foster Kittens 5
We called this little guy Luther, after the British mystery series Luther. He's a bit of a wild man, but he also loved sitting on shoulders and laying draped around necks.


Foster Kittens 6
Here's a shot of Luther taken on his last night here. He loved scaling the cat tree.

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