Hate the New Acorn TV Interface? There’s a Simple Fix.

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Hate the New Acorn TV Interface? There's a Simple Fix. 1
The new Acorn TV interface…

In our opinion, Acorn TV has traditionally had the very best app for streaming British TV content. Netflix has the annoying auto-play when you're browsing, BritBox hasn't yet worked out all the bugs, and Hulu…let's not even talk about that monstrosity of a redesign they put out last fall. Acorn TV, however, had a delightfully simple, functional app that did a great job of showcasing the 200-300 titles they tend to have at any one time. It was fast and effective and all-around great.

The new app, however, is a huge step down. Unfortunately, the new experience is buggy, hard for many to read, and less functional. We've been seeing complaints non-stop since the update started rolling out, with positive comments few and far between – and mostly along the lines of, “It's alright, I guess I'll get used to it.”

What's different with the New Acorn TV App?

Not everyone has seen the new Acorn TV experience yet. Some devices have rolled it out automatically, while other people had to reset their devices to get the new version. If you subscribe to Acorn TV through Amazon, you won't see a change.

The biggest and most noticeable change is that everything has gotten really small, even on relatively large screens. Now, anyone who's been in a British TV Facebook group (like ours, which you can join here) will know the audience for British TV tends to skew a bit older (there are younger viewers, but fewer of them). The overwhelming majority of our Facebook page likes and website visitors are over 45, with a substantial portion over 65. Most people over 40-45 have some level of diminished reading vision, so why not take that into account?

Note: We don't collect your personally identifiable information unless you give it to us, but our site traffic tools give us aggregate data about our audience.

The new app has also removed the bar under shows that showed your progress, and there's a new auto-play feature that means you can fall asleep watching and wake up 8 hours later having slept through half a dozen episodes. Most apps with auto-play have a way to shut it off, but I've looked around the Acorn TV app and I don't see that option anywhere at time of writing.

The thing I dislike most about the new app is that you don't see episode descriptions as you scroll from side to side. Instead, you have to click on the episode to read it, then go back, etc. It's just less efficient. Here's a comparison:

Hate the New Acorn TV Interface? There's a Simple Fix. 2
The old Acorn TV app showed each episode description and your progress as you browsed.

And the new app…

Hate the New Acorn TV Interface? There's a Simple Fix. 3
The new Acorn app forces you to click each episode for a preview.

The new app also makes it harder to find your way back to where you were in a series, since it doesn't automatically take you to the episode you were ready to start. There's a “resume from –” button, but that doesn't give you the same visual feedback about how far you are in the series (by seeing shows before and after as you scroll right to left).

Some people have been even less fortunate, in that they can't open or use Acorn TV at all now. We've seen a number of complaints from users with Apple devices who say the app just flashes on and disappears. What a disaster for people who were looking forward to watching a favorite British show this weekend!

We Still Love Acorn TV, Though…

Now, if it were any other app, we'd be tempted to just unsubscribe and move on (that's what we did with Hulu). However, we – like a lot of people – really love Acorn TV's content. If you love your Acorn TV but hate the new app, there are two things you can do to fix it.

Give Your Feedback

Acorn TV set up a survey here to let people give their feedback about the new app. This is a great opportunity to give them better feedback than “I HATE THIS” so they can fix this situation. Be specific with your complaints for maximum benefit. If you like anything about the new version, include that, too.

Use Amazon Until the App Improves

If you don't like the Acorn TV app anymore, you can always subscribe to Acorn TV through Amazon. They offer a free trial to see if you like it, and it's extremely easy to cancel if you later want to go back to Acorn directly.

We hope all the issues and problems will be fixed very soon, but in the meantime, this may help some people to watch their favorite shows in a more user-friendly way. Amazon's app isn't perfect, and the experience varies by device, but you may find you like it better while Acorn is fixing their app.

What Do You Think of the New App?

Whether you love it or just need to vent, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments (but if you work for any of the companies involved or their competitors, please disclose that with your comments).


  1. I cannot access Acorn on my tv so watch it on my iPad mini but I cannot get it to play full screen. Very frustrating. Also I use closed captioning and I have to turn it on every time a new episode comes on.

  2. I love Acorn tv! I was excited about the 14th season of Murdoch. Tried to watch on my Fire tablet, as I always do and it says error and will not play. We are paying, so PLEASE fix, or let us all know what to do. Why do you update something that was great!?

  3. Just started a month ago with Acorn tv, just watching series in its site, using Google Chrome navigator. And a week or so ago, it suddenly began to fail downloading videos. No useful help from the Help Center (they insisted on recommending a new hdmi cable, which I dont use because I just watch thru the site, on my laptop.Or it would be a problem with my internet connection. I tried from different locations in order to test, never worked. Pity I have to cancel my membership.

    • Try switching to Firefox. I switched to Firefox on my laptop because Chrome stopped playing Reddit videos. It fixed the problem. Then Acorn started the circle of death on my media computer with Chrome. I switch to Firefox on that PC and now I get some, but very short circles. 80% better with Firefox.

  4. I can’t get Acorn TV at all. It’s just an endless circle trying to download. Totally useless. I’m cancelling my membership.

    • Marie, I’ve had the same difficulty for the past two or three days. For the past few weeks, I had to coax the stream forward with the frame slider bar. They made an upgrade recently without informing us directly that a higher internet speed is needed. It’s buried under Announcements.

      • HI! Having issues as well. Acorn recommended HDMI cable with HDCP. Instead we are trying to get our Smart TV to stream directly instead of through our IPad.
        Where did you find “Announcements”? Can’t find that on Acorn’s web site.

    • I have had the same problem starting last weekend. No response to my emails to their customer service whatsoever. I finally acquired the customer service phone number -and after being on hold for over 45 minutes, got to speak to a live person. I was told there had been new “roll out”(unannounced) for streaming and that I had to get a new “HDCP” HDMI cable. I spent almost $20 for one with the same results -constant buffering and time outs. My internet -thru Comcast is over 120 migabits. No problems with any other streaming sites. I finally asked them to cancel my account. Worst service ever.

  5. I had to log in to to ACORN TV today.
    I have a really encrypted password and its arduous to do.
    On the third attempt, I entered into an interface that was different.
    I immediately disliked it.
    The absolute worst is the lack of fast backward.
    I loved how fast, sometimes too fast, I could back to review something I didn’t follow or had missed running to the kitchen to warm up my coffee.
    The current interface only allows to go back a second at a time.
    It’s maddening and I hate it.
    Does anyone know how to freeze frame ACORN TV on ROKU?
    Sometimes I need to read subtitles or a mobile phone screen text that is either to small and that goes by to fast of both.
    I was hoping the article was going to reveal a way to return to the old interface.
    Nope…just a place to voice complaints that will never be heeded.

  6. Anyone who’s an environmentalist should encourage video streaming companies to provide an easy option to turn off auto-play when desired. If you do doze off or get distracted by some other priority (especially with young viewers) and leave the shows running, that’s a lot of extra energy wasted. Video on-demand is one of the most demanding energy consumers of modern networks and computer warehouses.

  7. Well that simple fix is long gone. Amazon had the same crappy acorn app with the worst user interface I’ve ever seen. It’s been well over a year since you wrote this app I guess they truly don’t give a crap as long as they’re collecting money.

  8. Unless I missed it, I didn’t see my annoying problem from anyone else. While watching an episode the screen will go black, but the audio continues and continues and continues. It doesn’t stop when I go to another app, it doesn’t stop when I go back to Acorn (then I get the audio from the first program and the audio from the newly selected one) and it doesn’t even go away after turning the tv off for five or ten minutes and then on again. Eventually, it just goes off and then I’m reluctant to go back to Acorn. I don’t want to cancel, but what to do?

    • Same issue with us. Tried contacting acorn multiple times with no success. Ready to cancel. But I luv the shows

      • I have the same problem. The only way that I’ve been able to stop the audio when this happens is to uninstall and then reinstall the app. As this requires logging back in, it’s a bit of a pain.

  9. As bad as the site is Acorn’s help is beyond belief (bad!). The site gives you automated responses and when you finally get an answer it doesn’t address your problem. I’m trying to switch to annual and I cancelled the monthly as they said I should (even got a confirming e-mail) but their site grayed out every time I tried to finish the transaction. After two complaints to help I get an answer saying my monthly subscription is still active!!!!! They don’t even seem to read what you send them. I have never had poorer support than Acorn. Of course there is nowhere you can talk to a real person.

  10. Ok, so frustrated. Mad that I paid for a full year. Three problems that are unacceptable #1 two voice tracks running at the same time for a distracting echo effect. #2 voice track continues to run even after you go back to home, I’ve even tried logging out and logging back in, but the voice track comes right back. #3 I’m trying to watch the Murdock show, but the link between the episode you click on and what runs are not a match. Clicking on series 3 episode 1 will play series 1 episode 1 and so forth. And for another thing, why does Vera jump from series 2 to series 6 with no 3, 4,or 5. I didn’t know and was so confusion. I’m ready to cancel and request a refund.

  11. I cannot get Acorn to recognize my internet connection on Amazon Fire. I have two tickets in with NO response from Acorn. They take my money, though, without a problem.

    • Eric, I’m having the same problem. It’s very frustrating. I only watch acorn on my Kindle Fire and now, the site loads but won’t play any of the shows.

  12. For those outside of Great Britain, Closed Captions are a must. There appears, with the new interface, no way to turn them on. On a fire stick, Up, Up, On, no longer works.
    Fire stick CC is on, Samsung Smart TV CC is on, but Acorn seems to have dropped this option.

  13. Can no longer access Acorn TV on Samsung Smart TV LED H5203 Series Smart TV – 46” Class (45.9” Diag.) UN46H5203AFXZA, even though it’s in the list, and there seems way to fix it. I love Acorn TV but am surprised you have any customers, changing your software as you have. Interface is terrible, but worse I cannot now watch Acorn on my big set. Bah humbug.

  14. I heard that there was another company building a site to compete with Acorn. I am hoping that this is true and if not, that some other company does because the way that Acorn is not listing it would not take much for me to convert over to a new service that does listen.

  15. Acorn “fixed” a functional menu system that was not broken. Several months have passed having to put up with this miserable clunker of a menu. It’s apparent to me AcornTV cares little about its loyal customers and their user experiences.

  16. Sorry, I can’t edit my comment. I just had a look at the new layout (to see what it looks like) and I like it, you can still see the information about each episode, you just have to click on an episode/series number, then you can scroll like normal and the information about the episode you are on will show up at the top right (Where the information from the show is).. maybe this isn’t with all shows though – I only tried it with Wire in The Blood – there is also a ‘resume watching’ button once you are within the series you want to watch, as I’m not a member/haven’t watched anything yet, I’m not sure if you have to be within the specific series number you are watching to get it or not. For example, when I clicked on Wire in The Blood, it asked/had a button that would let me start watching from series 1, episode 1. Being as I haven’t watched anything, I can’t say if it has the exact spot you are currently at underneath the episode, but the resume button is there.

    So, it could be the ‘best’ of both worlds in their thinking, as I know a lot of people that prefer just a poster of the show/film when scrolling as photos are a lot easier for people to see on screens than writing.. just seems like it’ll take extra steps to get to the features a lot of you are missing.

    Full Disclosure: I am using a ROKU streaming stick (2016 version I think), so I’m not sure what it would look like on other platforms.

  17. I’ve been thinking of trying out Acorn TV. So, the new layout looks like Britbox?
    the old layout looks (if it’s the bottom photo, of the scrolling one) looks like what all of my roku apps used to look like before they updated.. so it could be something to do with them getting rid of the code, etc needed for the scrolling layout? I have mixed feelings, as i like the BRitbox layout but i did find the scrolling apps/channels to be easier to navigate. I just couldn’t really see anything (text included) on the screen with that one (blind in left eye and partially blind in right) as the text was so small (27″ main tv and a larger one in another room) under the screen/photo from the show.

  18. I’ve been a ACORN subscriber since 11 months, enjoying my beloved British shows extensively on my large 5 years old SAMSUNG Smart TV. First SAMSUNG has been a huge disappointment, drastically reducing the number of functional apps, failing to step up in terms of customer support, and messing up the operating system. Now even ACORN ceases to work on that TV. Acorn accuses Samsung and Samsung accuses Acorn about no further compatible app. Conclusion: I will NOT renew my ACORN subscription, and will NEVER again buy a Samsung product.

  19. We are having issues with fire stick on our tv now with the shows stopping and having to go back and log back in to acorn tv and get to the selected show then series # then particular show.Sometimes it take doing this 8 times to watch one 55 minute show. We timed it and it takes us an extra 15 minutes of interruptions and then restarts to finish one show.This has been going on for about 2 weeks now.

  20. I have the same problem acorn displaying on my tv previews will cast but not the full program. I am a member and have signed on. Vizio TV casting from Android or IOS

  21. I’m relieved to learn that I am not the only person who is having trouble Chromecasting Acorn TV from my iPad. Mine does exactly what Patty says. I connect, get “Acorn” on my TV screen, choose a show to cast, it starts to cast and then drops the show returning to the “Acorn” on the screen again. That said, I can cast from my laptop using the Chrome browser and going to the Acorn TV website. So frustrating.

  22. As of 3 days ago Samsung Smart Hub doesn’t support the APP at all anymore. I called Acorn and the best they could tell me was to buy something else to view Acorn. I’ve subscribed for over a year and a half. I said no thank you and canceled my account. It seems like acorn would work with these companies to develop an App that would be usable.

  23. I have been using chrome cast to watch acorn without any problems for months. Now I can’t cast at all. It connects and shows the acorn logo but the shows won’t play! This is really aggravating. And if I try to watch it directly using the app on my smart tv I get a network error. Please fix this!

    • I have the same problem with Acorn TV and chrome cast. Started several days ago and I have no idea what is going on. It is incredibly frustrating.

  24. I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to Acorn thru Amazon even though I still have a little bit of my yearly subscription left. It is definitely with the few extra bucks for the peace of mind. Plays well on my Firestick.

  25. I had horrible issues with my Samsung TV interfacing with Acorn. So ridiculous as it was I purchased a FireStick for my smart TV. It worked and issues resolved. Until now. I can watch about half a program and then it starts buffering and freezing. I have to exit the program and then go back in multiple times. Frustrating as hell. Acorn needs to get some REAL pros on their staff. Much as I love the programming there’s no point in subscribing if I can’t view the programs. I’m ready to cancel.

  26. I just signed up for a 7 day free trial on my MAC and have had no trouble there. However, I also downloaded the app to my Samsung Smart TV and I am unable to log in. I use the same email and password for the free trial I’m viewing on my MAC, but on the Samsung I get “Invalid Password”. I will definitely cancel my trial before the 7 days are up if I can not watch on my Samsung TV. Glad I read these comments as now I realize it must be the new Acorn app and nothing I’m doing incorrectly.

    • I’ve been an Acorn TV subscriber for almost 2 years. I watched using my Samsung TV for 8 months without any issues. Then i started getting Network Error messages as well as Invalid Password. Per Acorn’s tech support, Samsung has released a new operating system for their newer Smart TV models and will no longer be supporting app updates on Smart TVs from 2015 and prior. As a result, they’re no longer able to update the Acorn TV app on these models. This is why I now use a Roku stick. Cheers!

  27. I just signed up for Acorn last weekend because I was dying to watch “Hidden Villages” and the Julie Walters “Coastal Railways” series, I think my free trial ends tomorrow. I already have been signed up for Britbox a few months ago. The trouble I’ve run into is on my Samsung TV. I have a Roku stick attached to it, and from there, Britbox works great, but when I try to also access Acorn TV via the Roku stick, it keeps asking for a 4-digit pin and it shows “Roku Pay” on the screen. I don’t know if this is because I’m still within my one-week free trial, and my credit card hasn’t been charged, or if this will keep coming up. Meanwhile I’m trying to find a solution, because when I use the Acorn app on the TV, which I got through Samsung apps, the other night it would freeze when loading. On the upside, I’m loving Hidden Villages!

  28. Awful awful awful. Hate trying to fin what I was watching a few days earlier.

  29. Thanks…
    I was hesitant to buying a refurbished Apple IPAD but this tablet functions as well as new tablets of varied brands I have purchased NEW in the past for sublime amounts of money. I would not balk at buying another such product from this responsive seller in the future.

    Jerome Y.

  30. On Amazon Fire Stick now the loads have become difficult to impossible with the load arrow just spinning and spinning and not loading.

  31. Hi Acorn Tech

    Now i completely understand the episode tracking problem. It appears the new update was not compatible with the old data base relative to episodes I have viewed in the past. Acorn MUST realize what a disaster this is to ME THE CUSTOMER. The re-design requirements SHOULD have been compatible with the old data base. A major screw up by Acorn engineering / Software management, THEY SHOULD ALL BE FIRED!!!


    So where does that leave me, Larry Durkos, a real pissed off customer. First hoping your better media will find a new home that I am now subscribed too. Also hoping that someone in your software writing group can think out how to make this new user interface compatible with the old data base and with the next Rev of the software MY previously viewed episodes with become so indicated. I also hope that same guy can drop the “red bar idea” and indicate, as the old Rev did along with all other competitive user interfaces, draw a line under previously viewed episodes and the underlines appear when the episode box appears, that it is fast unlike the ‘red bar”. The “red bar” is hard to use and sloooooooooooow. BAD SOFTWARE, BAD DESIGN.

    Let me know if and when all these fixes will be DONE, me and I am sure thousands if not tens of thousands of customers are waiting for this fix while deciding whether to drop Acorn completely. This is not fun writing these email telling Acorn how they screwed up and how to fix the new user interface.
    Guys the ball is in your court in a very competitive business, if you all can not get it done quick I am gone, along with thousands of other CUSTOMERS.

    • Hi Larry – I totally appreciate the frustration and outrage, and we have seen a LOT of unhappy people. However, this website is not run by Acorn or BritBox. We’re just a fan site offering up news and information on British TV. It’s unlikely Acorn will see your message here, so i would recommend emailing it to them directly so they know how you feel.

  32. I have given Acorn 2 months to fix the new user interface or revert back to the old user interface or we will drop our subscription. It loses track of what episodes we have viewed, useless. In addition to being a monstrosity to use.

    Why do Companies that have a good thing going destroy their product by re-designing. Such fools.

  33. I am hearing impaired and use closed captioning. Or at least I did until the new acorn app. Now I’m never sure when it will play. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve written the acorn several times and gotten a response of things to try but nothing seems to fix it. They took a good working app it’s screwed up with this new app. Is anybody listening at acorn?

  34. I wanted to share the survey on facebook but since I already took the survey it would not show me the page to share. I even looked on the Acorn web site and did not find it.

  35. I am also hating the recent Acorn app (for iPad). I suppose I am lucky because I can still actually watch the shows… My main problem is: once I choose a series and begin watching, I can’t go backwards to chose another series. There is a back arrow in the upper left; this will toggle back & forth endlessly between “remove from watchlist” and “add to watchlist.” (This arrow actually does work as a back arrow on the iPad mini, but, I am watching on the standard size.) Once I turned the iPad to portrait orientation and the arrow worked — one time. Guess I am stuck in Murdoch for a while! Also, I preferred the list of episodes instead of the giant full-screen previews which are unnecessary. The one positive fix is the drop down menu to choose the season — the ONLY thing they needed to fix on the old app.

  36. Additionally, regardless the version of the app, it’s ridiculous that a streaming app in this day and age provides no means to fast forward or reverse.

    • Will this change? I will not be able to use the app without forward or reverse!!!!!

  37. Love Acorn TV. Hate, despise, loath the Acorn TV App on Samsung Smart TV and Apple iPad. With the latest update, the App on those two devices will not allow me to sign in, even though I sign in flawlessly via web browser on the same Samsung TV and Apple iPad. I stream exclusively and the Acorn TV app is by far the worst streaming TV app I use. Since I can’t sign in using the App, I no longer recommend Acorn TV to others and will most likely give up my subscription in the near future if the App doesn’t improve.

  38. I subscribed to Acorn through iTunes. I just updated the App and now I cannot access the site at all. It keeps directing me to a free trial offer, I have submitted two help requests to tags Acorn online system and have not received any responses ( otter than an auto reply acknowledging receipt of my request). Very disappointed with Acorn’s poor customer service. I feel I have no choice but to unsubscribe .

    • That was my decision and a sad one as they offer such fabulous content. I subscribed directly and cancelled my annual subscription directly. They have not contacted me about a refund for the six months unused. It seems reckless to roll out an app with so little effective beta testing. I am now on a monthly subscription to Britbox. It costs a little more (much less than I paid for Acorn if they never refund). But Britbox works with iPad and Chromecast.

  39. While watching Acorn, the show freezes up and I am put back to my home page. Then, I have to go through a long series of steps to get back to the show that I was watching, only to repeat the same process in a few minutes. I only have this with the firestick, not on the computer or tablet. Any suggestions.

    • I am so frustrated, having the exact problem as you Maureen K. It takes me over two hours to get through a 1 1/2 hour show because of the times it turns off and sends me back to my home screen, have not had a response from my inquiry from Acorn.

    • Exact same issue has been occurring for the last few days. I love their shows but this ridiculous!!! I paid for a way to watch British shows in full….not having to restart them every 10 minutes!!

      • EXACT same issue here. I’m so disgusted. I’ve uninstalled the app, reinstalled it, I’ve rebooted anything and everything you can reboot.

    • I have the same problem. I thought about getting a digital AV adapter from Amazon. It’s 20.00 for a iPad 2. But some people say it works great and others say it doesn’t work at all. And thought about getting a Roku stick. Not sure it would work either. Can I ask what kind of tv you have? I have a Sony smart tv and I’m using an Amazon stick.

    • I have the same problem. Sadly it’s 8 months since you posted this and I experienced the same issue multiple times last night where Acorn through the Firestick just freezes up and goes back to the main Amazon Firestick page and I have to navigate back to Acorn, find the show, continue where it left off. Then after watching the show for 15 minutes or so it does it again.

  40. The “search” function is worse than useless. It is interrupted to do a “search” after only one or two letters have been entered. Too frustrating, and too bad since I love Acorn content!

  41. The new app just simply does not work properly. I won’t bother to list the problems I have had with it because I have written up the “bug” list for Acorn TV support SIX TIMES. I have yet to receive anything other than a robot response claiming someone will be in touch with me shortly. WHO? WHEN? So I’m stuck with a non-refundable annual subscription and no recourse. Anyone want to join me in class action law suit?

  42. I use (or try to use) Acorn TV on iOS (my iPhone or iPad). With the new app I can no longer log in to the Acorn app — it keeps telling me that my password is incorrect even though I can log in using a browser with that same password. (I need to use the app so I can ChromeCast to my TV — Chrome under iOS doesn’t support this capability.) When I try to do a password reset from the app it always gives me the message “Password failed to be reset! Please try again.” I submitted a ticket to Acorn and haven’t heard anything. I love Acorn, but I hate their new app.

    • Per my comment on April 15, I have the same problem. Impossible to cast as I had done successfully since signing up in September. I have talked to three people, messaged through twitter and gotten messages back from the ticket I opened three weeks ago. I hear back that the issue is fixed. It’s not. I actually moved up my schedule to buy a new IPad and same problem persists. I signed up with Britbox and have no problem casting. It’s a little more expensive but I waited to sign up with Acorn until they were Chromecast compatible. Now they’re not. I’ll be cancelling on Monday.

    • Cannot Cannot Cannot sign in to acorn iphone app, even though the email and password are accepted through my roku, on my computer, and even on safari on my phone. WTF acorn?!!!

  43. I love Acorn and upgraded to an annual subscription — just before the interface changed. Now it looks different, but many of the user-friendly features are gone. No longer is the last episode in a series marked for watching next, and autoplay has been added with no option for turning it off. It is now a much more unpleasant experience. I subscribed through Roku and there are no refunds. I feel really skewered. It sounds like subscribing through Amazon presents an experience like before — but who wants to double subscribe?
    I keep hoping Acorn will sent out an update and keep asking if their IT people ever actually use the app at home?

    • Ugh, sorry to hear that! I agree that the new interface continues to be pretty terrible. I’m hopeful that they’ll fix it, but who knows. They’ve opened a new group on Facebook with some very unfriendly moderators, and it continues to get lots of complaints. Unfortunately, they say Acorn employees don’t actually monitor the group for suggestions or support, which is just mind-boggling. I’m sorry to hear you can’t get a refund, but if you paid with a credit card, you might be able to try a chargeback. They substantially altered the service you believed you were signing on for, so it seems like there’s a reasonable case to be made.

  44. I am having the same problem as Deborah. I have not heard back from Acorn tv but they did take my monthly subscription out right on time. I understand why they can’t get back to each person but why don’t they post something on their site?

    • Same here. I was casting easily from my iPad until a few nights ago. Now, the “acorn tv” logo appears on the tv, and sometimes the title of the episode I’m trying to watch, but then it just stops. I can watch on my iPad, and it’s obviously connecting with Chromecast, so I don’t know which end is causing the problem.

  45. Cannot cast at all since update. My 10.3.3 version iPad with Chromecast worked fine until now. I’ve deleted and re downloaded Acorn app without success. Still gives me an error message saying content not available and that I am not connected to the internet when I am. Waiting to hear from help,desk

  46. I find it very difficult to figure out which episodes I have already watched. It was so simple before the way the line underneath each episode showed if partially watched, fully watched or not watched at all.?those of us getting a little order need that help. And the way you have to pick episode and then read info at top.? Why oh why do people have to take a great thing and then screw it up. Please go back to the way it was!!!!

  47. After complaining a few times, about the font size mostly, Acorn wrote me:

    Dear ….

    Thank you for contacting Acorn TV!

    We have reported to our tech development team that viewers feel the overall font on the website is too small. It is currently being investigated.

    We sincerely apologize for this issue.

    Best wishes,
    The Acorn TV Team

    • We are now one year on from your post and the captions are still impossible to read. Who wants to get out of the chair and walk up to the TV screen in order to read a programme description? When will Acorn TV get a clue???

  48. Why “fix” something if it’s not broken? I used Acorn all the time even to many of the programs are available on other sites simply because Acorn was easier and faster and clearer to use. Now it’s all screwed up. I have to type in a password and go through 10 hoops before I can even see my shows. Please go back.

  49. I agree with the problems cited by this post. I like being able to see graphically where I am in the series and be able to quickly see/read the synopsis without opening the episode. I see no advantages over the old set up. It had been one of the most user friendly interfaces. Why copy inferior apps???

  50. I use the app to cast to Chromecast (Ultra). I’ve always come and gone with Acorn usage, so I’m surprised there are differences.

  51. Please return to old way with Acorn. I loved being able to read descriptions of episodes. It was also so much easier to maneuver around. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Okay?

    • Hate the new app and having nothing but problems now with shows not loading or continual buffering.

    • Major issue is no description of episodes. What’s the point of watching when you don’t know anything about the content?

  52. After I subscribed, I was shown just a “carousel” of five or six shows to choose from. Where is the extensive library of shows? How do I access more shows, older as well as newer?

    • Did you subscribe through Acorn TV’s app, or through Amazon? For Amazon, you can see the full listing of programs here: https://amzn.to/2GMDuoB

      For direct Acorn TV subscriptions, the app has show categories if you navigate down below the main carousel. Hope that helps!

    • I am experiencing this as well. I can not access over 120+ shows. It just freezes at show 5 or 6 in every category. How on earth is this an improvement? I have filled out multiple service forms and still nothing is fixed. This is such an epic failure for Acorn. It seems that in order to justify having programmers on staff, they made unnecessary changes and have destroyed what was a great streaming channel.

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