Honest Trailers Takes on Sherlock

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If you haven't yet seen any of Screen Junkie's “Honest Trailers”, you're missing out. They're extremely well-made, and they always seem to say what everyone else is thinking (even when you don't realize you were thinking it). And now…they've taken on Sherlock.

I loved the “but this show is more than a rehash of  public domain stories from the 1890s…now, they blog!” bit and nearly lost it at “armed only with the ability to make helpful words float in thin air”. I'd also never really noticed just how often they refer to Sherlock as a high-functioning sociopath, but someone over there did a great job of tracking down multiple clips.

Anyway, if you enjoy Sherlock, or if you just like making fun of it, have a watch. It's hilarious and all too true.

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1 Comment

  1. Hilarious take-down of Sherlock’s kind of showy style and “boring, predictable, dull” formula that still works somehow! And he did warn us in ASiP that he loved attention and applause (that talk of serial killers described HIM!). Too bad series 4 was such a bomb. But I love the lampooning of my fave show & films. Did you do Lord of the Rings, perchance?

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