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A couple days ago, we launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the creation of our upcoming book, The British TV Field Guide. The book will be an 8″ x 10″ color directory of more than 1000 different British television shows, along with descriptions, air dates, and a handy place to check off which seasons and specials you've watched.

It will also include journal area where you can keep notes about your favorite actors, where to watch different shows, or anything else that pops up in your journeys. While it's aimed at British TV fans outside the UK, it will have value for anyone who loves quality British programming. In addition, we'll be adding a section to the website to help you track down watching options for each of the shows listed.

You can pre-order a copy HERE, but if you have any confusion about the process, keep reading…

What's the Problem?

Unfortunately, many people were confused by the idea of an Indiegogo campaign and they weren't sure how to order a copy of the guide. No worries! We'll do our best to explain it here, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have more questions. You can always email myself or David at or, or leave a comment here.

You can also post here in the I Heart British TV Facebook Group and one of us (or even another member of the community) can help.

What is Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is a popular website used to help “crowdfund” products or creative projects. What that means is that instead of taking on all the risk up front and not knowing how many units to produce, businesses and creatives can announce a project on Indiegogo and offer ways for fans and readers to help fund it. It's not a charity, though. It works more like a pre-order system, except you get a whole menu of ways to participate. For example, on our campaign HERE, you'll see options like:

  • 1 British TV Field Guide: $15 + shipping
  • 1 Field Guide Plus Credit: $25
  • Field Guide + Mug: $30

You can click on any option (they call them “perks”), and it will expand to show you a more detailed list of what you get at that level. For example, the “1 British TV Field Guide” option gives you a single copy of the guide. The “1 Field Guide Plus Credit” option gives you a copy of the guide, but your name will also be printed in a special contributor section of the guide itself. The “Field Guide + Mug” option gives you a copy of the field guide, along with a neat British TV-themed mug for your favorite hot beverage. There's also an early bird option giving the first 10 “backers” (the Indiegogo name for people who buy from/support a project) a discounted copy at just $10 + shipping.

How Do I Get the British TV Field Guide?

To get your copy of the guide, simply go here and select the option you want. If you JUST want a copy of the guide, you'll want the “1 British TV Field Guide” perk. Once you click on it, it will expand and you'll see a button that says “Get this Perk”. From there, you just fill in your details and make payment. You have until September 10th to get your order in and be guaranteed a copy.

When Do I Get the British TV Field Guide?

We've already done hundreds of hours of research and layout work on our end, but we'll continue to add any new shows we hear about until the project closes in September. At that time, we'll give it a final proofread and get it off to the printers. We've estimated a delivery date of November to be cautious, but we hope to deliver a bit sooner if the printer sticks to their promised timetables.

If you've chosen a “perk” that comes with an additional item like a mug or towel, you can expect to receive those separately, anywhere between 2-5 weeks after the project closes in September. The items are custom-printed for you, and delivery time varies by item.

Any Questions?

We hope you'll consider supporting our project and picking up a copy of the British TV Field Guide. If you have any questions at all – no question is too silly – don't hesitate to reach out and we'll do our best to walk you through it.

More Images from the British TV Field Guide

Just a couple more preview images from the guide to give you an idea of what you're getting…




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