Is There a Maisie Dobbs Movie or TV Series?

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Since many – if not most – British TV fans are also passionate fiction readers, it's no surprise we're frequently asked whether there's a Maisie Dobbs TV series (or movie). Given that many less deserving works have been adapted for TV, it's only natural to wonder if anyone has adapted Jacqueline Winspear's formidable female detective.

Not familiar with the books? You can check out all the Maisie Dobbs books HERE

So: Is There a Maisie Dobbs TV Show or Movie?

Sadly, no – but that's not where the story ends. 

In 2015, SLAM Films acquired an option to produce a Maisie Dobbs TV series. The relatively new production company is headed up by actors Stephen Mangan (Episodes, Hang Ups) and Andrew Lincoln (Teachers, The Walking Dead). To date, they've produced shows like Hang Ups and the single episode show Urban Myths (episode titled Bleak House Guest)

At time of acquisition, Stephen Mangan released the following statement: 

We are hugely excited to be working with Jacqueline Winspear,” said Mangan. “There has never been a female character like Maisie Dobbs in period drama; she has huge appeal for a modern television audience and the potential to be a truly iconic screen figure. We can't wait to get started on these wonderful stories

Noticeably absent from their list of productions is a Maisie Dobbs series. Since the initial announcement, there's been no further information about progress on the series. That might be a good thing, though. 

Based on Slam's productions so far, the Maisie Dobbs series doesn't seem like a good fit. Slam's productions have mostly been light comedies, while Maisie Dobbs is a rich, historic series with a lot of emotion and drama. 

Given how precious the series is to so many, it would be terrible to see it adapted poorly. The quality of the source material deserves an adaptation on par with shows like Endeavour or Downton Abbey. It has the potential to be the next great detective TV series, but only if it's done well. 

Will There Ever Be a Maisie Dobbs TV Series?

While it's true Slam Films acquired the option to produce Maisie Dobbs, it's also true that options expire. None of the announcements we found stated the option length, so it's entirely possible it's already expired – or that it will expire in the near future. 

If that's the case, it's entirely possible that another company could pick up the rights and make a Maisie Dobbs TV series. We certainly hope that's what happens. It's terrible when a company picks up the option to a much-loved series and then just sits on it instead of moving forward.

There are comparatively few rich, dramatic mysteries with female leads (vs. male leads), so it would be wonderful to see this series picked up by a company with the talent, track record, and budget to do it justice. With 16 books in the series and millions of sales around the world, there's certainly a lot of great source material.

Who Would Be Your Pick to Play Maisie Dobbs on TV?

Given that the series spans a number of decades, it would be vital to select an actress old enough to play Maisie as she approaches her 40s, but young enough to convincingly portray her in the earlier books (and probably a second, much younger lady to portray her in her youthful days as a servant). 

Who would be your pick to play Maisie? When you read the books, have you pictured anyone specific for the other people in her life? Let us know what you think in the comments! 


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Is there a Maisie Dobbs TV series?

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  1. Cate Winslett or Tatie but toned down a bit. Winslett a bit thinner perhaps as Maisie is tall and slender. Hathaway, perhaps. Or someone completely new, Englsih, tall, slender and a beautiful cam way of acting. Not acting, in fact, just being. I have three more books to go and when they are finished, I am sure I shall go into a funk. Brilliant character, elegant writing, engaging on a level we do not see often in TV series.

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