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Game On – 1995 to 1998 – Three twentysomething childhood friends from Kent share a flat in London. 

Gameface – 2017 to present – Roisin Conaty stars as Marcella, a young woman struggling with debt and her love life as she tries to make it as an actress. 

Gap Year – 2017 – This comedy-drama follows a group of young people backpacking through Asia. 

Gary: Tank Commander – 2009 to 2012 – This sitcom focuses on the life and antics of a Scottish tank commander and his crew. 

Gates – 2012 – This short-lived sitcom focuses on a couple of parents trying to fit in with the other parents at school.

Gavin & Stacey – 2007 to 2010 – After months of chatting, Gavin and Stacey leave their homes in Essex and Wales to meet for the first time in London. 

George & Mildred – 1976 to 1979 – A couple to move to suburbia, where Mildred dreams of upward mobility and George embarrasses her at every turn. 

Get Back – 1992 to 1993 – This early 90s sitcom about a self-made man fallen on hard times features an early performance from Kate Winslet. 

Get Some In! – 1975 to 1978 – A corporal takes his frustrations out on his men in the 1955 RAF. 

Get Well Soon – 1997 – This hospital comedy takes place at an NHS hospital after the war. 

Getting On – 2009 to 2012 – This dark comedy follows the residents and staff in a geriatric ward. 

Ghosts – 2019 to present – Ghosts attempt to oust the new owners of their crumbling country estate before they can turn it into a hotel. 

Gimme Gimme Gimme – 1999 to 2001 – Tom is a gay, unemployed actor with no career, rooming in London with Linda, an unattractive woman who dreams of romance. 

Going Straight – 1978 – After getting out of prison, a man struggles to be good and stay out of trouble. 

Goodbye, Mr. Kent – 1982 – Lazy journalist Travis manipulates his way into a room at Victoria's home. 

Grandma's House – 2010 to 2012 – A successful TV presenter quits his job to find more meaningful pursuits, regularly catching up with family at his grandma's house. 

Grandpa in my Pocket – 2009 to 2014 – Thanks to a magical shrinking cap, a boy's grandpa can ride along in his pocket. 

Grange Hill – 1978 to 2008 – This series is all about the lives of the children at the Grange Hill Comprehensive School.

Green Wing – 2004 to 2007 – In this hospital comedy, very few medical things actually happen. 

Grownups – 2006 to 2009 – Young married couples raise their families in Manchester. 

Hallelujah – 1983 to 1984 – Thora Hird stars as Captain Emily, a woman devoted to charity and determined to flush out sin in rural Yorkshire. 

Hang Ups – 2018 to present – Stephen Mangan stars as a webcam-based therapist trying to relaunch his practice after professional disaster. 

Happy AF – 2019 to present – Aisling Bea stars in this series about a young woman recovering from a breakdown. 

Happy Ever After – 1974 to 1978 – Middle aged Terry and June look forward to their empty nest life…until crazy Aunt Lucy and her pet mynah bird move in.

Happy Hollidays – 2009 – This Scottish comedy is about life at a fictitious caravan park in Scotland. 

Hardware – 2003 to 2004 – Martin Freeman (Sherlock) stars in this sitcom about hardware store workers and their DIY-obsessed customers. 

Harry Enfield & Chums – 1994 to 1999 – This sketch show focuses on the misadventures of oddball and misfit characters. 

Harry Enfield's Television Programme – 1990 to 1992 – This sketch show features more of the comedy of Harry Enfield, including a number of much-loved recurring characters.

Having it Off – 2002 – This series is set in greater Manchester and features a stereotypically bitchy gay hairdresser whose plans to grow the salon are routinely thwarted by the owner's wife. 

Heartburn Hotel – 1998 to 2000 – This odd couple sitcom centers around the owner and occupants of the Olympic Hotel in Birmingham.

Hebburn – 2012 to 2013 – Set in Hebburn, England, a man brings his new wife home to meet the family, but they don’t know he’s married. 

Henry IX – 2017 to present – King Henry has a mid-life crisis. 

Hi-de-Hi! – 1980 to 1988 – At Maplins, an English holiday camp, the guests are often the last thing on the minds of staff members. 

High & Dry – 2018 to present – Passengers and crew crash land on a deserted island in the Indian Ocean.  

Him & Her – 2010 to 2013 – This sitcom offers a brutally-raw look at a working-class couple of twentysomethings. 

Hitmen – 2019 to present – Mel and Sue are two best friends just trying to make their way in the world as professional killers. 

Hoff the Record – 2015 to 2016 – In this mockumentary, David Hasselhoff attempts to stage a comeback in the United Kingdom. 

Hold the Sunset – 2018 to 2002 – Two mature neighbors are anxious to start a new life together, but they’re interrupted when Edith's adult son arrives on her doorstep. 

Holding the Baby – 1998 – After his wife leaves, high-powered executive Gordon hires a nanny to help him raise his son. 

Holding the Fort – 1980 to 1982 – Though commonplace now, this early 80s series was unusual in that it featured a stay-at-home husband with a breadwinner wife. 

Home – 2017 to present – A new couple goes on holiday to France, and they end up bringing home a most unexpected souvenir. 

Home from Home – 2016 to present – A family believes their dream has come true when they buy a home on the lake, until they meet the neighbors. 

Home James! – 1987 to 1990 – When Jim loses his job and home, he finds replacements for both as a chauffeur for a businessman.

Home to Roost – 1985 to 1990 – John Thaw stars in this sitcom about a divorcee who's happy with his solitude until his son wants to move in. 

Hope it Rains – 1991 to 1992 – After the death of her mother, Jace goes to live with her godfather, the grumpy proprietor of a seaside wax museum. 

House of Fools – 2014 to 2015 – Every episode of this surreal sitcom features uninvited guests in Bob Mortimer’s house. 

How Not to Live Your Life – 2007 to 2011 – Don inherits his grandmother’s house, a large mortgage payment, and a strange caretaker. 

How to Be a Little Sod – 1995 to 1996 – This series about being a bad baby is told from the baby's perspective. 

Hugh & I – 1962 to 1967 – A young bachelor who lives with his mother wants to be rich, but he doesn't want to work for it. 

Human Remains – 2000 – Each episode of this black comedy tells the story of a different relationship, documentary-style. 

Hunderby – 2012 to 2015 – This sitcom is a black comedy about a woman washed ashore after a shipwreck in the 1830s. 

Hyperdrive – 2006 to 2007 – The crew of a spaceship is sent to encourage alien businesses to relocate to Britain.

I Am Not An Animal – 2004 – This dark comedy features a number of highly intelligent animals who have been rescued from a lab and forced to live on their own.  

I Live with Models – 2015 to 2017 – Real life begins for four friends in the fashion industry. 

I Want My Wife Back – 2016 – Ben Miller stars as a nice guy who gets blindsided when his wife suddenly leaves him. 

I'm Alan Partridge – 1997 to 2002 – Pathetic Alan couldn't hack it as a TV presenter, so he moves to the village of Norwich to do a radio show. 

I'm With Stupid – 2005 to 2006 – When a homeless man needs a place to stay for the night, a wheelchair-bound man helps out and they begin a lasting friendship. 

If You See God, Tell Him – 1993 – A man bumps his head and becomes a devout believer in TV commercials. 

Ill Behavior – 2017 to present – After a Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis, a man decides to seek natural treatment instead of chemotherapy. His friends are not pleased. 

In Loving Memory – 1969 to 1986 – Accident-prone Billy and his Aunt Ivy manage a team at an undertaking firm. 

In Sickness & in Health – 1985 to 1992 – A couple of pensioners deal with the challenges of aging and the country's social security system.  

In with the Flynns – 2011 to 2012 – The Manchester-based Flynn family deals with a fairly standard set of working-class issues. 

Inside No. 9 – 2014 to present – Dark humor, crime, drama, and horror are showcased in this anthology series. 

Is It Legal? – 1995 to 1998 – A small law firm somehow manages to survive in spite of overwhelming incompetence. 

It Ain't Half Hot Mum – 1974 to 1981 – A bunch of misfits form a group to entertain the troops in Burma during WWII.  

IT Crowd – 2006 to 2013 – Competent but odd Moss and Roy work deep in the bowels of a large corporation under their inept boss, Jen. 

It Takes a Worried Man – 1981 to 1983 – A recently divorced man worries about everything. 

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