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Jack & Dean of All Trades – 2016 to present – Two university friends sign up with a London temp agency that frequently sends them out on strange jobs. 

Jam & Jerusalem aka Clatterford – 2006 to 2009 – This sitcom takes place amongst the members of a women's club. 

Jane Hall – 2006 – This early series by writer Sally Wainwright follows the life of Jane Hall as she trains to be a bus driver in London. 

Jeeves & Wooster – 1990 to 1993 – Wealthy Wooster gets into trouble and his intelligent butler (Hugh Laurie) gets him out of it. 

Joint Account – 1989 to 1990 – Belinda Braithwaite is the primary breadwinner and wants to retire, but her husband David is unwilling to return to the workforce. 

Joking Apart – 1991 to 1995 – A comedian talks about how his marriage went bad. 

Josh – 2014 to present – Three young adults try to get on while a nosy landlord keeps a close eye on them. 

Judge Romesh – 2018 to present – This unscripted comedy features comedian Romesh Ranganathan acting as a judge and presiding over actual grievances from the public. 

Just a Gigolo – 1993 – Nick is mistaken for a gigolo, but when he loses his job, his brother encourages him to go with it and become one. 

Just Good Friends – 1983 to 1986 – 5 years after Vincent leaves Penny at the altar, they meet again and become friends. 

Keep it in the Family – 1980 to 1983 – An eccentric comic strip artist is constantly at odds with his agent. 1__ 2__ 3__ 4__ 5__

Keeping Up Appearances – 1990 to 1995 – Dame Patricia Routledge stars as Hyacinth Bucket, a woman in perpetual denial of her working-class roots. 

Kiss Me Kate – 1998 to 2001 – A counselor has a partner who is depressed, a neighbor who can't find love, and an Italian who is lovesick over her. 

Knight School – 1997 to 1998 – This children's show is set in the Middle Ages, and takes us to a knight school that decides to take on a scholarship student, a loveable village beggar.  

Lab Rats – 2008 – This sitcom focuses on the lives of staff of a university laboratory. 

Ladies of Letters – 2009 to 2010 – Two widows meet under a table at a wedding, then maintain a friendship via letters. 

Last of the Summer Wine – 1973 to 2010 – The world's longest-running sitcom features grandpas gone wild in rural Yorkshire. 

Law & Disorder – 1994 to 1994 – A female barrister judges the flaws of others but doesn't always hold herself to the same standards. 

Lee & Dean – 2018 to present – Two Stevenage-based builders are the best of friends until a woman enters the picture and complicates things. 

Legit – 2006 to 2007 – Two Scottish men sell illegally pirated DVDs and computer games in a Glasgow market. 

Life of Riley – 2009 to 2011 – When a newly blended family comes together, dysfunction reigns. Includes Caroline Quentin and Neil Dudgeon.

Life's Too Short – 2011 to 2013 – Ricky Gervais stars alongside Warwick Davis, a little person dealing with the frustrations of daily life.

Limmy's Show! – 2009 to 2013 – This Scottish sketch comedy explores a wide variety of dark and bizarre topics. 

Linda Green – 2001 to 2002 – This comedy-drama is about the life of a thirtysomething woman who sings by night and sells cars by day. 

Little Britain – 2003 to 2006 – Frequently offensive and always hilarious, this sketch comedy features some of the strangest and most memorable characters to grace British TV screens. 

Living the Dream – 2017 to present – When a Yorkshire family buys an RV park in Florida and moves to pursue the American dream, they end up with a serious case of culture shock. 

Lollipop Loves Mr. Mole – 1971 to 1972 – Only a few episodes remain of this opposites-attract couples comedy.

London Irish – 2013 – Four young Northern Irish ex-pats make their way in London. 

Lookalikes – 2015 to present – Part reality show, part comedy, this series explores the difficulties of running a celebrity impersonator agency. 

Los Dos Bros – 2001 – The Dunning Kruger effect is out in full force with these two half-brothers who each think they're handsome, smart, and smooth with the ladies. 

Love Thy Neighbour – 1972 to 1976 – When an educated black man moves into a white working-class neighborhood, his neighbor's world is turned upside down. 

Lucky Feller – 1975 to 1976 – A shy plumber lives in London with his mother and much cooler brother. 

Lunch Monkeys – 2009 to 2011 – The support team for a law firm makes messes, angers their bosses, and maddens their clients as they try to make the best of their unglamourous jobs. 

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