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Joanna Lumley in the Land of the Northern Lights – 2008 – Joanna tracks down the Northern Lights in the northern reaches of Norway. 

Joanna Lumley's Greek Odyssey – 2011 to 2012 – Joanna Lumley visits the great historic sites of Greece. 

Joanna Lumley's India – 2017 – Joanna visits the many treasured sites of India. 

Joanna Lumley's Japan – 2016 – Joanna takes a 2000-mile trek across the four main islands of Japan. 

Joanna Lumley's Silk Road Adventure – 2018 – Joanna Lumley (Absolutely Fabulous) embarks on a 7000-mile journey along the legendary Silk Road. 

Joanna Lumley's Trans-Siberian Adventure – 2015 – Joanna Lumley travels on the Trans-Siberian Express from Hong Kong to Moscow. 

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