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Vanity Fair – 2018 – Becky Sharp climbs out of poverty and into English society, climbing all the way to King George IV's court.

Versailles – 2015 to present – King Louis XIV of France plans to create the greatest palace in the world.   

Victoria – 2016 to present – Victoria comes to the British throne at 18 and marries Prince Albert.   

Wanderlust – 2018 to present – Toni Collette and Steven Mackintosh star as a mid-life couple in a sexual rut.  

War & Peace – 2007 – This 2007 adaptation of Tolstoy's classic includes an appearance by Brenda Blethyn (Vera).

War & Peace – 2016 – This miniseries adaptation tells the story of five aristocratic families in Russia whose lives will be changed by the Napoleonic conflict.

We'll Meet Again – 1982 – In a small English town during WWII, American Air Force men don't always get along with the locals.

Wessex Tales – 1973 – The short tales of Thomas Hardy are told in this series.

When the Boat Comes In – 1976 to 1981 – In between the wars, an ex-sergeant returns home to his poverty-stricken village in northeastern England.    

Where the Heart Is – 1997 to 2006 – This long-running drama follows a group of nurses in a small Yorkshire town.  

White Heat – 2012 – This miniseries follows seven London students as they age, with each episode taking place in a different year.

Who Pays the Ferryman? – 1977 – A man attempts to track down an old love and finds out she's passed away, leaving behind a daughter he never knew about.

Wild at Heart – 2006 to 2013 – A veterinarian travels to South Africa with his family to release a wild animal at a game reserve, but then decides to stay and manage the reserve.  

Wives & Daughters – 1971 – In this period drama, Molly and her widower father live alone happily until he remarries and throws her life into turmoil.

Wives and Daughters – 1999 – In this reboot of the 1971 miniseries, Molly and her widower father live alone happily until he remarries and throws her life into turmoil.

Wolf Hall – 2015 – This period miniseries follows the events after the downfall of Cardinal Wolsey when his secretary, Thomas Cromwell, gets close to the king.

Women in Love – 2011 – This two-part miniseries is based on two DH Lawrence novels, The Rainbow and Women in Love.

World Without End – 2012 – The English town of Kingsbridge deals with the start of the Hundred Years' War and looming threat of the Black Death.

Wreckers at Dead Eye – 1970 – On a dark and stormy night in 1770, a ship crashes, led astray by the light of a smuggling operation along the coast.

Wuthering Heights – 2009 – The dark and destructive love between Catherine and Healthcliff threatens the peaceful existence of everyone around them.

Years and Years – 2019 to present – This series focuses on a Manchester family, beginning in 2019 before flashing fifteen years ahead to a very different England.

Young James Herriot – 2011 – This miniseries focuses on the early life of famed veterinarian James Herriot.

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