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Gangs of London – 2019 to present – This big-budget series will be set in a version of London that's been torn apart by all manner of international criminal organizations.

Ghost Squad – 1961 to 1964 – The Ghost Squad is a division of Scotland Yard dealing in situations too sensitive or challenging for ordinary investigators.   

Gideon's Way – 1964 to 1967 – This series examines the public and private life of Commander George Gideon of Scotland Yard.  

Glue – 2014 – When a teenage boy is killed, the subsequent investigation draws out all manner of village secrets.

Good Cop – 2012 – When his best friend is killed, a good cop wants revenge.

Good Omens – 2019 – Based on the Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman novel, this series tells the tale of a severely bungled apocalypse.

Grantchester – 2015 to present – A village clergyman helps a local police detective solve crimes.

Hamish MacBeth – 1995 to 1997 – Hamish Macbeth is a talented but unambitious Highlands constable who doesn't always follow the rules.   

Happy Valley – 2014 to 2019 – Sarah Lancashire stars as a troubled police sergeant investigating crimes in West Yorkshire.   

Hard Sun – 2018 – While investigating a murder in contemporary London, two detectives stumble upon evidence that the world will be destroyed in 5 years – evidence the government is trying to hide.

Harry – 2013 – Detective Harry Anglesea returns to work just four weeks after his wife's suicide, and it may be too soon.

Hazell – 1978 to 1979 – New Zealand – Edgy but charismatic private detective James Hazell investigates mysteries.  

He Kills Coppers – 2008 – Based on a novel by Jake Arnott, this three-part drama explores the death of three police officers during the 1966 World Cup celebrations.

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates – 1996 to 1998 – A tough old pensioner becomes a private detective and investigates crimes with the help of her husband and a teenage boy called Geoffrey.

Hidden – 2011 – When a man agrees to help find a missing alibi witness, he's unintentionally drawn into a much larger conspiracy.

Hidden aka Craith – 2018 to present – This bilingual Welsh drama focuses on an investigation following the discovery of a missing young woman's body in a nearby lake.

Him – 2016 – A boy known only as HIM discovers he has telekinetic powers.

Hinterland – 2013 to 2016 – In Wales, DCI Tom Mathias investigates crimes while trying to move beyond problems in his past.   

Hit & Miss – 2012 – This Paul Abbott-created series stars Chloë Sevigny as a transgender contract killer.

Holding On – 1997 – The murder of a young woman in London acts as a catalyst to draw a group of unconnected people together.

Honest – 2008 – Amanda Redman stars as a woman whose husband has spent several years in prison, and all she wants to do is get her family on the straight and narrow.

Houdini & Doyle – 2016 – The police look outside their regular sources to people like Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle to help them solve crimes.

Humans – 2015 to present – Based on the Swedish show Real Humans, this series explores ideas around AI and robotics.   

Hunted – 2012 – After an attempt on her life, a spy goes back undercover as a nanny, unsure of who she can trust.

Identity – 2010 – Aidan Gillen and Keeley Hawes star in this police procedural about a unit specializing in identity fraud.

In Plain Sight – 2016 – This series covers serial killer Peter Manue's crimes in 1950s Lanarkshire, Scotland.

In the Club – 2014 to 2016 – This drama follows six couples who attended parenting classes during their pregnancies.  

In the Dark – 2017 – While dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, DI Weeks returns to her hometown to help a childhood friend after an abduction.

In the Flesh – 2013 to 2014 – The government attempts to rehabilitate the undead for a return to normal society.  

Informer – 2018 to present – A London counter-terrorism officer convinces a young Pakistani man to go undercover as an informant for him.

Injustice – 2011 – A defense barrister has to deal with the consequences of defending an indefensible crime.

Innocent – 2018 to present – When David Collins's conviction for murdering his wife is overturned, he struggles to recover his broken world.

Inside Men – 2012 – This four-part miniseries follows an armed robbery at a secure counting house in Bristol.

Inspector Alleyn Mysteries – 1990 to 1994 – Set in the late 1930s, this series follows DCI Roderick Alleyn as he investigates murders.  

Inspector George Gently – 2007 to 2017 – Inspector George Gently and DS Bacchus chase criminals in the 1960's in Northeast England.

Inspector Morse – 1987 to 2000 – Grumpy, classical music-loving Inspector Morse investigates crimes around Oxford with his junior partner Sergeant Lewis.

Interpol Calling – 1959 to 1960 – Interpol inspector Paul Duval chases criminals around the globe.

Ironside – 2013 – A tough police detective tied to a wheelchair pushes his staff to bring in the clues that will solve their cases.

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