Midsomer Murders Season 21: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It

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Midsomer Murders Season 21: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It 1
Series 1-20 of Midsomer Murders can already be found on both BritBox and Acorn TV

Great news for Midsomer Murders fans. It's been a long wait, but the Midsomer Murders Season 21 premiere is now in sight. When we interviewed Neil Dudgeon back in late 2018, he mentioned he expected to get word of plans for Season 21 sometime after Christmas. By this summer, new episodes were filming. 

Now, we have a firm premiere date for Season 21 of Midsomer Murders on both BritBox and Acorn TV


When Will Season 21 of Midsomer Murders Air?

Midsomer Murders Season 21: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It 2
Midsomer Murders (not a shot from Season 21)


Series 21 will come to US audiences via BritBox and Acorn TV on December 1, 2019. We don't know if Canadian audiences will also get the new episodes, or if there are rights conflicts that might prevent it. 

It's unknown when it will air in the UK, but the latest estimates we've seen predict 2020. BritBox is currently planning on offering a streaming service to UK residents, with a nonspecific launch date of “late 2019”. Does that mean the UK will be able to get Midsomer Murders episodes via BritBox at that time? Maybe.

It's unlikely the UK version of BritBox will offer precisely the same programs the US version gets (and the Canadian version is also a bit different due to various streaming rights differences). For example, the show Living the Dream is available on the US version of BritBox, but it's broadcast by Sky rather than the BBC or ITV (co-partners on BritBox). In the UK, Living the Dream is available on Sky's streaming service, Now TV, so it seems less likely they'd also allow BritBox to stream it there. 

Ultimately, we'll just have to wait and see whether Season 21 of Midsomer Murders premieres on BritBox in the UK at the same time as the US premiere. It WOULD be a great incentive for new subscribers.


Not a member of BritBox or Acorn? You can start a free trial at the links below:

Not sure which one is best for your British TV watching needs? Check out our BritBox vs. Acorn TV comparison HERE


What's Happening in Season 21 of Midsomer Murders?

Midsomer Murders Season 21: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It 3
Midsomer Murders (not a shot from Season 21)


Very little is known about Season 21 so far. We know Neil Dudgeon is returning as DCI John Barnaby. We also know Nick Hendrix has returned to play the role of DS Jamie Winter. He joined the cast back in Season 19, and he's DCI Barnaby's third regular sergeant. Hendrix has expressed an interest in returning for another season, assuming they make another season, want him back, and he's free. 

We'll also see the return of Annette Badland as Fleur Perkins, along with Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby.

Episode titles could potentially change, but three titles have been offered up to the public so far (with a fourth unnamed episode listed):

  • The Point of Balance
  • The Miniature Murders
  • Unknown 
  • With Baited Breath

Guest stars currently listed for the new season include Roger Barclay (Holby City), Katy Brand (Mongrels), Eleanor Bron (Absolutely Fabulous, Fat Friends), and Clare Holman (Lewis). 

No images or plot summaries have been released, but we'll update this post as soon as we have more details on that front.


Will You be Tuning in for Season 21 of Midsomer Murders?

Midsomer Murders Season 21: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It 4
Midsomer Murders – Season 21 is premiering soon

There are certainly those who think the show has gone stale in its old age – but as far as we're concerned, few shows on television offer the kind of cozy escapism you get from Midsomer Murders. While we've liked some detective pairings and plot lines more than others, we wouldn't dream of not watching for as long as the show continues. 

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  1. I have Acorn, Britbox and Netflix and Amazon prime. I find great programming on all these services. I have to admit Midsommer murders is my favorite. Keep them coming. I will watch this show as long as you continue the episodes.

  2. i subscribe to both ACORN and BRITBOX and between them you can see pretty much all good British and australian shows. Since I donate to KQED for charitable reasons I also can see PASSPORT shows. Can hardly miss anything with these 3 streaming services. Years ago I was on NETFLIX but left because not enough British show, ditto for Amazon Prime.

  3. I have been brought up on Midsomer murders, which was my mum’s doing. I am now obsessed. My mum never got over Troy leaving, she adored him but I must admit my fav duo are Tom Barnby and Jones. I say bring them back for a special episode. My mum would be proud to know I have carried on her legacy of continuously watching old episodes, even if I have seen them before. 4 episodes a series is not enough, part timers. They need to do like back in the old days, 6 or 8 episodes, now that’s a series ❤️.

  4. I would love to see if john nettles as dci barbaby made a guest appearance ,along with his wife and daighter and troy and johnes now that would be a great appearance show

  5. i love all the british shows. vera, midsomer murders, shetland. any and all of them. i wish america had such great t.v. our t.v. is horrid. the shows are for idiots.

  6. I love Midsomer , I have watched it over and over as it’s one of my all time favorites. Plus it’s funny to note that Henry Cavill and Sam Heughan appeared In earlier episodes just to mention a couple.

  7. My husband and I love Midsomer as many have expressed. The countryside and the intricate plots and the characters are not to be compared to anything in US mysteries. We’ve loved Waking the Dead and Silent Witness this year while waiting for MM to return. But we have gone back to review a few. Unbelievable people, weird and brilliant.

  8. I’m so excited – I have Britbox and I am watching the last episode for season 20.

  9. Have watched all 20 Seasons and would like to see you post the specific books that the upcoming season episodes are based on because I really like to read the books prior to watching the show. Thanks!

  10. I have the TV on all night and it is tuned to Midsomer Murders every night. I have Netflix which is getting boring compared to the Brit shows. Also have Britbox so I will survive. lol

  11. I love BritBox, Acorn, Midsomer Murders, Father Brown, and all things British! So happy to see my favorites return. I live in the U.S., but never watch cable t.v. Your shows are the best!

    • I love the newBarnabys. Love the humour they have brought into the series. However…Annette Badlands’ character ruined this series for me. I find her character rude, crude and socially unacceptable!!!! I’ll be giving season 21 a miss and hoping there will be a series 22 with a new ME.

  12. I have watched the whole series multiple times. I look forward to season 21. I think it is a terrific show.

  13. I love this show – I recently “cut the cable cord” so will be subscribing to Britbox. I live in the USA and really enjoy British TV programs as they are so different than ours. Can’t wait for the premiere and hope I get every season on Britbox.

  14. I love Midsomer and was just grieving the fact that Netflix was removing it from their lineup. So, thank you for having such a fun show!

  15. Will defenitly watch all Midsomer Murders..in the process of watching season 1 and all up to 12 right now…have watched with the new Barnaby and will research to come up to season 21!! Keep them coming!! I od’d on Inspector Lewis (please come back!) So this is right up my alley!!

    • I love Midsumer Murders and have watched all the episodes multiple times. I’m looking forward to season 21! I loved dci Jones the best as Barnaby’s partner and wish they’d bring him back. I miss Inspector Lewis and wish there could be new episodes of that show. I subscribe to both Acorn and Britbox because I also love British shows, especially mysteries.

  16. Absolutely love Midsummer. Am in the process of watching for the 3 rd time. Hope it continues after Season 21. I have both Acorn and Britbox. Love them both


  17. Guess I’ll be dropping Netflix, they’ve ditched, or will be ditching, most of my favorite shows. Looking forward to seeing the newest Midsummer Murders on a different streaming service. I think that Netflix is slowly putting itself out of business.

    • I doubt that dropping Midsomer Murders was Netflix’s idea. They probably lost the rights to the show now that Britbox is showing it. Netflix is already short Season 20. Unfortunately, as every network seems to want to get in on the streaming action, we’re going to wind up with a fragmented repeat of cable.

    • I love my Britbox. I watch avidly Midsummer Murders, Vera, Shetland, and Father Brown. I wish they would make more episodes of these each season than they do. I would love for them to make more Murdock Mysteries, Inspector Morris, and Lewis.

      • I really miss “Inspector Lewis” but Endeavor died that’s why “Inspector Morse” ended. Of course you must taken to consideration that half of these phenomenal series you have mentioned are approximately 80 to 95 minutes without commercials and there 6 episode season becomes more like 12. The only series you mentioned out of your grouping that I haven’t been able to get into is Murdoch Mysteries.

      • I love all those shows that Vickie Payne mentions as well. When season 8 of Vera went to Britbox, as well as Shetland, I was upset. I really liked those shows. I can’t afford Acorn, Britbox, HBO, PBS Masterpiece at same time. Probably cancelling HBO again because too expensive for the few shows I watch in it. U wish Acorn and Britbox would have a two-for-one-price deal. I watch so much on Acorn. Wish Murdoch Mysteries would return.

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