Midsomer Murders Season 22: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It (UPDATED)

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Midsomer Murders Season 22: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It (UPDATED) 1

It's been a rough year or so, but there's good news for Midsomer Murders fans – Series 22 is coming soon! Though the pandemic has added a bit of uncertainty to television production over the last year or so, it's nice to know that some shows have been able to get back into the swing of things.

The new series began filming in autumn 2020, and due to the pandemic, new episodes were divided up between spring and autumn of 2021.

What Do We Know About Series 22 of Midsomer Murders?

Midsomer Murders Season 22: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It (UPDATED) 2
As much as we'd love a Father Brown-Midsomer Murders crossover, we doubt Mark Williams will appear in his Father Brown attire

Relatively few details have been released so far, but that doesn't mean we have ZERO details about Series 22. We know that Neil Dudgeon will be returning as DCI John Barnaby, now in his 10th year in the role. Nick Hendrix will also be back as DS Jamie Winter, and Annette Badland is returning as pathologist Dr. Fleur Perkins. Barnaby's wife Sarah will continue to be played by Fiona Dolman, and Paddy the Dog also returns.

Guest stars for the upcoming season will include Amanda Abbington (Sherlock), Mark Williams (Father Brown), and Maimie McCoy (Van der Valk). ITV had indicated that further guest role announcements will be coming at some point in the future.

Season 22 of Midsomer Murders will include *6* feature-length episodes in total (a nice change from some of the shorter seasons). They are as follows:

  • Episode 1 “The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthy” – A local photographer wins a myth competition with the creation of something called The Wolf Hunter. Unfortunately, his myth quickly gathers a cult following. When a man is killed, Inspector Barnaby will lead the investigation to find out whether the myth has turned into reality.
  • Episode 2, “The Stitcher Society” – A local outcast who was once (controversially) acquitted of murder joins a post-op heart rehabilitation club. Soon after, members start dying. Is it a coincidence?
  • Episode 3, “Happy Families” – In this episode, the owners of a handmade board game will gather for a murder mystery weekend – and in a twist that will surprise no one (this is Midsomer, after all), play murder quickly becomes real murder. Guest stars include Caroline Quentin (Blue Murder, Doc Martin, Jonathan Creek) and Rachael Stirling (Detectorists, The Bletchley Circle).
  • Episode 4, “The Scarecrow Murders” – When the local scarecrow festival turns deadly, Barnaby will find out just how seriously some of the locals take the competition.
  • Episode 5, For Death Prepare” – When a local amateur opera company's rehearsals are interrupted by a dead body at the theatre, Barnaby's investigation will dive into the world of small theatre and big ego.
  • Episode 6 “The Witches of Angel's Rise” – TBA

Directors for Season 22 include Matt Carter, Roberto Bangura, Audrey Cooke, Toby Frow and Fiona Walton. Writers include Chris Murray, Jeff Povey, Helen Jenkins, Nick Hicks-Beach and Julia Gilbert.

When Will Midsomer Murders Season 22 Premiere?

Midsomer Murders Season 22: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It (UPDATED) 3
Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby, Nick Hendrix as DC Jamie Winter-Midsomer Murders_Season 22, Episode 1-Photo Credit:Mark Bourdillon/AcornTV

In the US, the first two episodes of Midsomer Murders Season 22 premiered on April 19th, exclusively on Acorn TV

The remaining 4 episodes begin airing in late September, again exclusive to Acorn TV. Episode 3 premieres on September 27th, with 3 more to follow after that.

We don't have information about dates in Canada, AU/NZ, or the UK at this time.

While you wait, you can check out a bit of Midsomer Murders trivia HERE

Where Can I Watch Seasons 1-21 of Midsomer Murders?

Midsomer Murders Season 22: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It (UPDATED) 4
Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby, Annette Badland as Fleur Perkins, Nick Hendrix as Jamie Winter-Midsomer Murders_Season 22, Episode 1-Photo Credit:Mark Bourdillon/AcornTV

Acorn TV is now the exclusive US home for watching the complete collection of Midsomer Murders episodes. If you're on a tight budget, you can use Tubi, Pluto, or IMDb TV to watch early seasons for free – but it may be quite a while before the most recent episodes make their way to any of the free services.

Your local public library may also offer either DVDs or digital access to Acorn TV.

Will You be Watching Season 22 of Midsomer Murders?

Though some people say Midsomer Murders is past its prime, we still enjoy every new season that comes out. It's not quite the same as it used to be, but it still beats a lot of the other shows on TV these days.

What do you think? Will you be watching when Season 22 premieres?


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Midsomer Murders Season 22: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It (UPDATED) 5
Midsomer Murders Season 22 Premiere Date (US)

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  1. got home WiFi July 2020, so pleased friend suggested MM…in love with John Nettles; adapted to Dungeon…like his wife, she
    calms him down. All the ass’t DCI’s were handsome and wry. Lots of dogs, mansions better than USA “Lives of the Rich &
    Famous.”. Funny pageantry and those belled stomping dancers. Objection: Nettles throwing clubs…dah, won every time!?!
    My dear, writers’ one ego-trip. Out of character! That his wife (Norse beauty) shot and won teddy bears was in character.

    • Love the show “Midsomer Murders” I hope it comes back to Britbox, that’s why I paid for that service, but had to get amazon prime to finish season 20 then go back to Britbox for 21, hope new season is on Britbox or prime, don’t have Acorn, I have watch it more than once too.

      • I agree with you Bert. I am not about to purchase another streaming service. Just as you, I paid for Britbox just to see Midsomer Murders. I don’t mind waiting if that’s the case, but won’t be ordering another service.

  2. I love this show I don’t have acorn TV I watched this thru roku TV will it be coming to this TV I hope

  3. Love this show very much. A USA watcher.
    Can anyone tell me, please, what is the difference in the SERIES and the SEASON? SERIES 21 is different from SEASON 21….very confusing!
    Hope to see series 22 for sale soon.

  4. Here is the USA, I watch this show with my husband faithfully. It is a great show and we love it. A nice respite from the everyday tv they call entertainment here in America. I nice cup of Typhoo tea to go with Midsomer Murders is just the ticket to relax and enjoy. So happy to hear Season 22 is available. This show never gets old.

  5. I LOVE Midsomer Murders from Season 1 up until today! I am in the USA and have been rewatching old seasons patiently waiting for new episodes. I love the stories, the characters and am very invested in the regulars. I love British crime shows and watch as many as I can and this one is one of my very favorites. Plus you get to see a lot of your favorites actors and actresses guest star. Love it! Cannot wait for many, many more seasons! ❤️

  6. Midsummer Murders is THE reason I subscribe to Acorn. I have watched from S1:E1 twice in order. As long as they keep producing episodes, I will watch.

  7. I have been watching mm since season 6 and it’s always been free, other than the newest as they are released. My binge watching is – get to the end of all the episodes and just start over from the beginning! I’ve watched it so many times that I can fill in for the actors. I have seen the first two episodes of S22E1&2. The next 4 episodes will be out soon!

  8. My favorite show is Midsomer Murders. I have watched the series of episodes twice. My husband and I LOVE the show and can’t wait for Season 22. Right up there with Midsomer is Death in Paradise. I cried when my husband and I saw the first DCI die. It was gut wrenching. Please let the current DCI have his romance. He needs it !!!! The ending of last series was just plain MEAN ! Father Brown is superb and again we have watched the series multiple times. Can’t wait for new shows! Murdoch Mysteries is superb and again the ending of last season was cruel. How much is his wife supposed to take ? Let them solve mysteries like they did before.

  9. I can’t wait for Season 22! Been watching Midsomer since Season 1 and I love it. I’m glad Acorn kept the rights to MM. I’m looking forward to seeing Holly Willoughby on it. I wonder if she’s going to be a baddy or a victim?

  10. I hope Barnaby’s wife will have something to do this season besides nag Barnaby to be nice to his dad or take up yoga. She was more interesting when she was a working wife and mother. She seems to be at home all the time now.

  11. What a shame it is no longer on Britbox – I prefer it to Acorn. I guess I’ll wait until all episodes are out – get Acorn (free trial) and binge watch season 22.

  12. Very pleased to learn of new series. My wife, not a fan of American TV loves the British shows and MM tops the list. Agree with others about Morse, Frost and Vera! Father Brown, a little lighter fare but also a favorite

  13. Midsomer is great! My wife and I have been huge fans for 8 or 9 years and have watched every episode multiple times. We also enjoy Murdoch and Brokenwoood. For anyone who likes Midsomer, definitely give both Murdoch and Brokenwood a try.

  14. I adore MIDSOMER MURDERS! I am SO disappointed that. Britbox lost Seasons 1-19!! Shocked! I wasn’t caught up being busy watching all the other new content on BritBox! So I’m watching Season 19 on Pluto. I HOPE BritBox will get Season 22. And I HOPE BritBox doesn’t lose Seasons 20-21! PLEASE BRITBOX!! C’Mon!! You’re killing me! I can’t afford BOTH BritBox and Acorn.

  15. I love Midsummer Murders. I hope it will eventually come to Brit-Box where the other seasons are. Not everyone can have multiple streaming sites.

    • I completely agree. We started watching it on Britbox and had to watch the next few seasons on Amazon Prime and had to go back to Britbox where it ends at season 21. Now if we want to continue watching it we have to become members of Acorn. This is way too much!!!

  16. We are eager for Season 22. This show is NOT past its prime. Who doesn’t love a little genteel murder and mayhem? We have all the DVDs and are currently watching for the sixth time.

  17. Absolutely love them! My husband and I truly enjoy the British mysteries and always are disappointed to see the end of a series.

    • I agree. Midsomer Murders is really good tv. The episodes continue to be fresh
      and fun. Love Barnaby, his wife and little Betty. Looking forward to season 22.

  18. Binge watching Midsomer Murders, Agatha Raisin and Murdoch Mysteries helped get me through the pandemic here in Indianapolis, Indiana. I LOVE Midsomer Murders and if I didn’t have family in Indiana, I would move to the Cotswolds! I am hoping that Agatha Raisin returns. I have read all of M.C. Beaton’s Agatha novels prior to the show being produced. I am a purist and at first thought thought a young, blond actress wouldn’t be right for Agatha who is described as a large woman, with shiny dark hair and small, bearlike eyes! However, the TV Agatha has the same attitude and I hope there are more episodes that resume shortly.

  19. Love it! I have all the seasons on DVD and rewatch during “down” times. But why do the faithful fans in the US have to wait so long for the DVD of each new season?

  20. Midsomer Murders is one of the best shows ever. My husband and I have watched them and can’t wait for series 22. I hope they continue for a long time.

  21. Of course! We have been waiting for the new season. My husband and I have watched the complete series several times and we highly recommend it to family & friends. It’s just great clean entertainment. Watching it right now.

  22. I watch it daily and have seen all episodes several times…it is my go too! Love it!

  23. My husband and I have been watching Midsomer for years! We have rewatched the whole series several times for there not many other good “who done it” type series anymore!
    The acting is good and we love the story lines, which unlike most American series are full of guns and foul language.
    We’re glad the crew is back for season 22; it’s a great cast, we loved Cam, but have gotten a real kick out of Fleur’s no nonsense personality!

    • I’m on the last episode of season 21 and can’t wait to see season 22! Will have to start re-watching entire series.

    • You are so right! Here in U.S. the t.v. programs are garbage. I’ve been hooked on Midsummer Murders since the first season, and have quite a few seasons on DVD and could watch new seasons with no problem when I lived in Arizona, but once I moved to the Midwest I’m only able to see some of the old episodes once a week on the CBC station out of Canada.

  24. I had in december corona and started to watch midsomer murders on BBC first. I got adicted and have now seen all 21 seasons. I can not wat to see seasons 22, and hopefully more seasons

  25. Oh how wonderful! I live in America and absolutely love this series, I also have the entire 21 series on tape and binge watch several times absolutely Love it!

  26. More please! It’s been a total escape during this pandemic. I’ve gone through all the seasons now. Just keep them coming!

  27. Fantastic show! Completely entertaining and the plot twists always keep you guessing. Keep ’em coming and we’ll keep watching.

  28. I am thrilled there will be more episodes. Over here in Cincinnati it is such a treat to still see the countryside in the UK and try to guess the villain(s) at the same time. It is a wonderful series! I expect nothing less from GREAT Britain.🇺🇸🇬🇧❤️

  29. I’m really looking forward to the new season! This is one of my all-time favorite shows!

  30. i live in canada and all i ever watch is uk drama and mystery programs as i am addicted to these tv shows These shows are brilliant.

  31. Can’t believe it’s still up and running after so many years!!When it first aired, I had jet black hair and a full set of teeth. Oh how times have changed.
    Always been a fan of murder mysteries and Britain has almost always had at least 1 showing. Morse, A Touch of Frost to name but a few.MM has certainly done well and it’s a part of ‘our entertainment,’ for so many years. I do hope it continues forever.
    You gotta hand it to the producers, to really get a whole host of script writers.
    Most shows will fizzle out because of repetition or lack of ideas, but MM keeps evolving.
    While not every single episode was top notch, there were some rather dire ones, but overall, you gotta take your hat off, for their ability to find new ways and scripts. What’s it now? 164 episodes and counting. That’s phenomenal. 164 different ideas.
    Amazing accomplishment. I remember watching some of the earlier episodes, late at night in darkness. And it did give you a bit of a shiver.
    I’m really looking forward and continuously keep checking to see if it’s ready to be aired.

  32. I can’t wait. I’ve been driven to watching past episodes and trying to see how early into them I remember who dun it.

  33. I am waiting with anticipation for the new season to be shown. Like many others I have watched seasons 1-21 countless times as I never get sick of it. Admit that I also love Morse,Lewis, Death in Paradise and many others but Midsomer Murders is a must.

    • I totally agree. I have all of seasons of Midsummer Murder. I am waiting for season 22. I also have seen the TV show several times. Like wise, I have all the seasons of Death In Paradise. I have watched this show several times, also. British shows are so much better then American TV shows.

  34. ResoundingYes!!! I have watched seasons1-21 at least 4 times each. Some individual episodes more than that. Midsomer Rhapsody , The Green Man,Fit for Murder,The Killings of Copenhagen and the Christmas ones especially. Everything about this show is just perfection. Can’t wait for 22.

    • I’m the same.. have watched all episodes numerous times.. eagerly waiting for next series.. when will that be?

    • Have to say I got really bored with it. It had got to be like watching paint dry at times. Then Neil Dudgeon came in and breathed new life into it. Same thing when Nick Hendrix arrived to make the best partnership ever. Add in the ever wonderful Annette Badland and I now look forward to each new episode.

  35. I totally love, love, love “Midsomer Murders!” To qualify that – I’m also totally in love with Inspectors Morse, Lynley, and Banks,too! My apartment building (a refurbished tobacco warehouse on a cobblestone alley shared with the Salvation Army) has SkyWire – and the only freebie channel is PLUTO (200+ channels) – and there’s a channel entirely dedicated to “Midsomer Murders” and nothing else 24 hours a day! Other PLUTO offerings include taped news, sports, and countless reruns from yesteryear. I can almost repeat line-for-line from Midsomer scripts. Ha! Ha! The ads interrupt a lot – unlike PBS – but, that’s why PLUTO is free! I am in awe of thatched roofs and stately mansions!

  36. Love this show here in Detroit, MI ! Never miss
    Never miss an episode. Can’t wait for season 22 to start
    I will watch as long as this show runs- forever right? Be safe and wear your gear 😉

  37. Oh yes. We watched it from the start, had a hiccup while we moved to Canary Islands. We’ve returned, lost touch, but decided to watch it from Day1, scene 1. We are now up to end of Season 21, and patiently waiting for 22 to hit.

  38. I have watched this show from the start and love it even more now! It is not past it’s prime! I enjoy the side stories about Barnabys’ family.

  39. I have watched it since it began. I really like Neil and Fiona and look forward to many more years. I am from London Ontario Canada

  40. One of the things that’s gotten me through 2020 has been that every Wednesday, I visit my sister (the only place I go other than to buy food or other necessities); we have dinner together and watch MidSomer Murders. We’ll be watching season 22, and will keep watching as long as the show continues!

  41. We love Midsomer Murders. Have all 21 series on Britbox. My only disappointment was that there were only 4 episodes in series 21. Fleur and is one of the best additions in a while. Didn’t care for Cam. We really liked Charlie. Wish he’d have stayed longer.

  42. A lot of us Canadians with Newfoundlanders especially, absolutely love Midsomer Murders. I definitely will be watching Season 22. Can’t wait!

  43. I will certainly be watching. Have seen all of the episodes in the 21 seasons. I was disappointed in the last season—21. I hope the writing gets better. I thought DS Winter got a raw deal….little personality and not very interesting relationship with Barnaby. The interplay between Barnaby and his DS has been for me one of my favorite aspects of this series…..up until Season 21.

  44. My husband & I really enjoy watching Midsomer Murder. We enjoy the way the stories are told. We are looking forward to the new season.

  45. Definitely a Yes. I am currently rewatching the first 21 seasons since I now have both Britbox and Acorn.

  46. Definitely YES! All long as the actors stay true to their craft, and the writers keep it fresh, interesting, and original, Midsomer Murders should self perpetuate for their fans for many more years to come.

  47. Absolutely yes. Have watched every season from the very beginning. Was skeptical when John Barnaby replaced Jim Barnaby but John quickly won me over. Hopefully this series will continue for many years.

    • John Barnaby replaced Tom Barnaby. I loved watching Tom and watch the early episodes whenever I can. It’s a pity he didn’t do more episodes.
      Loved John Nettles in Bergerac and Midsomer Murders.

  48. Hi I am glad to see that. Midsummer is coming back again, both my Husband and I have watched Midsummer from the very
    begging,and have enjoyed all of them.

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