Shakespeare and Hathaway Season 4: Premiere Date & Where to Watch

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Shakespeare and Hathaway Season 4: Premiere Date & Where to Watch 1

If you’ve been watching the past three seasons of Shakespeare and Hathaway, you probably want to know: When does Season 4 of Shakespeare and Hathaway premiere? And where can I watch it?

Shakespeare and Hathaway stars Mark Benton as disgraced police officer-turned private detective, with Jo Joyner as PI Luella Shakespeare. The duo met while Luella was investigating her untrustworthy fiance, and they’ve been partners ever since. 

What’s Happening in Season 4 of Shakespeare and Hathaway? 

Shakespeare and Hathaway with Assistant Sebastian
(L-R) Jo Joyner as Luella Shakespeare, Patrick Walshe McBride as Sebastian Brudenell, and Mark Benton as Frank Hathaway

Shakespeare and Hathaway is mostly set in the market town of Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire. If you’re curious about the area or just missing trips outside the house, we recommend a Google walk around Stratford-upon-Avon. It’s fun and easy to do – just click HERE. It works best on a desktop or laptop computer (though it's not impossible to look around on your phone or tablet).

The link will put you in the middle of town, and you can use your computer and mouse to “walk” the streets. You can even go inside some buildings. It’s not the same as being there, of course, but it’s a great way to see the area.

Shakespeare and Hathaway Season 4: Premiere Date & Where to Watch 2
Frank & Luella in Shakespeare & Hathaway: Season 4, Episode 6

The new season has 10 episodes:

  1. If It Be Man's Work – When a local tech company fears they have a mole, Spider calls Frank and Luella to help out.
  2. If Music Be the Food of Love – This episode sees Frank and Luella entering the world of ballroom dancing – and learning about the dangers of entering into a tontine. 
  3. Too Much of Water – When a former beauty pageant winner is drowned, Frank and Luella investigate her dark past.
  4. Most Wicked Speed  – After an American PI is arrested for murder, Frank and Luella find themselves pulled into the world of valuable muscle cars. 
  5. Hunger for Bread – Luella goes undercover at a local slimming club – but her investigation goes a bit sideways when she finds out her sister is a member.
  6. Die We Must – After an important manuscript goes missing, Frank and Luella end up trapped in a famous author's home.
  7. Some Cupid Kills – In the course of their investigation at a “Shakespeare-for-hire” company, Frank and Luella learn there's more drama behind the scenes than on the stage. 
  8. And Rarest Parts – A wealthy trainspotter hires Frank and Luella to investigate a case of possible paranormal activity. 
  9. Time Decays – A peaceful Shakespeare walk turns terrifying when one of the walkers is murdered…and Frank is suspect number one.
  10. No More Desire a Rose – This episode appears to have been delayed in the UK, and a description has not yet been made available. 

Who's in the Cast for Season 4 of Shakespeare & Hathaway?

Shakespeare and Hathaway Season 4: Premiere Date & Where to Watch 3
Familiar and not-so-familiar faces await us in season 4 of Shakespeare and Hathaway

The main cast is set to return – Joy Joyner as Luella Shakespeare, Mark Benton as Frank Hathaway, and Patrick Walsh McBride as Sebastian Brudenell, the detective agencies only employee who is their receptionist and undercover agent. Darren Evans also returns briefly as Spider, and Yasmin Kaur Barn is back as PC Viola Deacon. Tomos Eames will also be back as DS Joe Keeler.

Guest stars for the new season include Jame Glover (Agatha Raisin), Danny John-Jules (Death in Paradise), and Tracy-Ann Oberman (Eastenders). Other guest stars include West End actresses Jodie Prenger and Ruthie Henshall.

When Does Series 4 of Shakespeare and Hathaway  Air & Where Can I Watch It?

Shakespeare and Hathaway Season 4 Premiere Date
Shakespeare and Hathaway – When does Season 4 premiere?

As usual, air dates will vary by location.

UK Premiere Date: Shakespeare & Hathaway, Series 4

In the UK, season 4 began airing on 14 February 2022, with daily (weekday) episodes through the 24th. 

US Premiere Date: Shakespeare & Hathaway, Season 4

In the US, the new season will premiere on BritBox on April 19th. The episodes will be dripped over time, with two episodes available on the 19th. 

Will You Be Watching Season 4 of  Shakespeare and Hathaway?

Shakespeare and Hathaway Season 4: Premiere Date & Where to Watch 4
Tracy-Ann Obermann appears in season 4

Will you be tuning in for season 4 of this quirky, cosy mystery? We certainly will.


Shakespeare and Hathaway Season 4: Premiere Date & Where to Watch 5

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  1. So…. Any further word from anyone on a potential BritBox release date for Season 4 of S&H in 2022 ? (Father Brown is starting up again, so we light-hearted mystery fans have that to tide us over for a while ! :-)) Can’t wait to see who Sebastian pretends to be in the new season !!

    • I Live in the USA and its getting frustrating waiting so long for the next season. This is one of my favorite shows!! No to a romance, yes to Mark losing weight for health purposes. I’d love to see Johnathan have a love interest. I can’t get enough of him!!

    • The fourth series of Shakespeare and Hathaway starts today, 14th February on BBC1 in the UK.

  2. I absolutely love this show! Being in Canada I have to wait to stream it, but I’m happy I have a 4th season to look forward to!

  3. I love this show don’t really want to see a love relationship between the main characters but I would like to see Mark lose a little weight. I worry that he has gotten too heavy not good for his health.

  4. I think I’d like to see not a not-sleeping-together change, but the of “I really Like and enjoy this person but I never want too risk the friendship”. Having a low/moderate level of interest–without any angst–could be interesting, keep a lot of the opposition going, skip all the TV will-they-won’t-they hooha, but give the areas of affectionate/platonic friendships, risk and boundaries in work relationships you enjoy, working with friends some coverage. Many people have these, they can wax and wane, and they can create a lot of growth, instead of dumb Hollywood formulas. (which i could watch there if i wanted formula TV)
    No matter what I’ll definitely be watching!

  5. We we live in BC Canada and still getting re-runs of Shakespeare and Hathaway. It’s now November 2021. When well we get season four?

  6. I love this show! It seems like I am waiting for all my favorite British mysteries to air their next series, and this one is at the top of my list. I hope they do NOT become romantic. They have great chemistry as friends and co-workers. Going in a romantic direction would ruin that. The focus needs to be on the mystery of the week and the fun yet caring relationship among the three leads (who are all fantastic!)

    • Hi there, I think you are right Renee the duo should stay as they are… just friends. There is absolutely no reason at all for a romantic hook up. But I wold like to see Frank hook up with someone. He needs a woman in his life. I think he has a lot to offer. He’s a kind soul and deserves love. As for Luella she should just play the field and have fun but stay single. She does not need to be hurt anymore by an ass-hat. Just my opinion take it or leave it. Thanks for listening folks.
      Peace and good health to all. Jo from B.C. Canada

    • Don’t mind if they get together. The American show Castle got much better when the two main characters got together.
      Opposites do attract.

  7. If the writers attempt a romantic relationship
    the show will have jumped the shark. The idea Is ridiculous.

  8. Season one pilot show was one of best ever made for any show. ALL the actors are supreme.
    So grateful they will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This mystery show is so compelling! Love the three main characters, which are so relatable. I enjoy the misfit characters and plot lines. Hurry it up, please!

  10. I love watching Shakespeare and Hathaway, especially as in the past I have worked in the lovely Stratford-upon-avon. It’s so quaint and pretty this series reminded me of it all. I miss the shoulder length hair on Frank, I thought it went so well with his character. Cannot wait for season 4!

  11. I love to watch Shakespeare and Hathaway from Season 1 to 3 all over again. I never get tired of it. Especially, Mark Benton, I love his acting and funny. I am looking forward to Season 4. Keep up the good work and we all love the three of you.

  12. We just finished season 3 and soo loved the series!!! It’s simply BRILLIANT!
    We’re waiting with bated breath for season 4!

  13. The show is BRILLIANT and I am really looking forward to season 4 too. However, I’m the odd one out here. I think a bit of romance (the occasional kiss and cuddle rather than a full-blown relationship) might give more plot options. The humour, characterisation and interaction between the three main characters adds so much that other shows lack. This show should be used in creative writing courses, if it isn’t already.

  14. From my US view, I can hardly wait until season 4 on Britbox! I’m ready-watching season 1-3 in readiness for the new season. I am totally in favor of keeping Frank and Lu as good friends and partners, not romantic. And yes, along with Frank and Lu, looking forward to Sebastian as well!

    • I love this show. Looking forward to Season 4. Frank & Lu need to remain good friends. A romance between them would ruin the show. Have rewatched Seasons 1 – 3 a number of times. Excellent production.

  15. My wife and I are BIG fans of Shakespeare & Hathaway and have binge watched the first three seasons! Can’t wait for Season 4 to come along!

  16. Also from the U.S. and BritBox. My husband is on hospice and only wants shows that entertain and aren’t too heavy… thank you to your great cast, crew, directors, and production. And 1 more vote to keep Lu and Frank good buds and partners.P.S. Sebastian is our favorite!

  17. Very anxious for season 4! Love the show as is-please leave the characters as friendly partners. even brother and sister type alligence.

    • I agree! They show how u can be very close as friends, and nothing more. Its wonderful to see! Luv Sebastian, too. What an actor!

    • Totally agree – LOVE the show and the chemistry as it is- romantic entanglements would ruin the fun and playful nature of all their relationships. Sebastian is brilliant, and I was slightly worried he was leaving the show with the RSC. I’d love to see Mr. Benton slim a bit for his own health, he’s such a lovely character and would love to have him around for a long time to come! All the actors are truly lovely and so enjoyable.

    • I have Britbox an we are waiting for the season 4 of Shakespeare and Hathaway.What date will it air please

  18. I am a devoted fan from the States. LOVE this show! I hope it comes back soon and really would like to see more than 4 seasons. The chemistry between the three main stars is wonderful and the acting superb.

  19. Absolutely adore Shakespeare & hathawy. Binge watched
    Series 1-3 on I player twice. So excited there’s gonna
    Be a series 4.

  20. Absolutely love this programme cant wait for series 4! Does anyone know the start date?

  21. absolutely adore this series x the cast are fantastic and i’ve watched all 3 series about 20 times over x can’t wait for series 4 x hurry up

  22. I agree with others who say no romance between Lu and Frank; it would change the focus. I’m glad Sebastian got recognition from the playgoers and his school friend. Now he can continue to be a great detective! I love this show, and look forward to Season 4 – and more!

  23. Been looking forward to season 4 since the end credits of season 3! Hope Britbox snap it up!

  24. Yes! Yes! There will be a Season 4 … the sooner, the better. So glad Sebastian will not be going on tour after all! And I miss Amber Agar and that tension/admiration between her character and Frank. Her sidekick character ‘Keeler’ makes me want to throw something at the TV!! NO, NO romance between LU & Frank, please — it would just throw off the vibe and ruin the show. My opinion. I look forward to 4!! The opening credits uplift and bring a smile to face each episode. Can’t wait!!

  25. USA watcher here on Britbox. My husband and I love the show and are definitely happy to learn there will be a Season 4. Hope there will be additional seasons as well. Great characters and storylines.

  26. Love this show! The 3 characters and their roles, friendship are the best! They make the show–their personalities and chemistry and detective mystery solving approaches so enjoyable and fun to watch. Looking forward to season 4…and many more seasons. Just finished watching end of season 3 Teach Me, Dear Creature and loved, a favorite! Encore! Season 4. Go Benton Joyner McBride!

  27. Definitely will be watching. I keep checking for an update on the release date.

    • Yes my husband and I are looking forward to season 4 and we will be watching!!!
      However that is NOT the Sebastian that has been on the show the last 3 seasons. How disappointing that he will not be there, he was such a great and integral part of the show. I am not sure that particular character can be replaced!
      Wonderful show, love the humor!

  28. Hurry Series 4! So glad there is at least one more to look forward to! I hope there are many more to come. Fantastic program and actors and fun stories. Love the humor! I love the gritty UK crime shows, but it’s nice to have a lighter one with a bit of humor now and then too!

  29. Fantastic comedy acting. All the characters are brilliant and buzz off each other so well. This has to be the best programme on tv at the moment as it avoids all the the arty-farty cliches in other detective dramas, and instead, goes for superb and equally ‘daft’ storylines, all carried along by the amazing day-to-day interactions between the central characters.
    It’s pure escapism TV that leaves me smiling and joyous after each episode. I reckon this will be a future classic and Im so pleased that its popularity is soaring with viewers. Surely S&H is destined for a raft of tv awards…..They have my vote.

  30. This has become one of my favourite shows. I do hope that there isn’t going to be a romance between S&H, I like their dynamic as friends. Their friendship is a big part of what makes the show so special.

  31. Absolutely love this show it cheers me up no end ,all the actors are brilliant, can’t wait for new series and hope there is many more..

  32. BBC, you need the money. Whilst I understand the bosses at the BBC are idiots, even idiots can see this production makes money and more importantly keeps its fans very happy.

    • It’s a ‘helps keep you warm’ the shows a glow with its storylines. The characters act in the story like its happening to them in real life. Well acted and whoever comes up with the stories has a talent in knowing her special chosen actors are apt for them. Cannot wait to see the next batch 😃

  33. Shakespeare & Hathaway is my very favorite BBC series. I have recommended it to my friends! The show wouldn’t be the same without Sebastian and in the last episode it seemed he was leaving the series. I am definitely looking forward to seeing all the characters in Season 4 including Sebastian. I Love this show!

  34. Love love love this show! These characters are perfect together! No romance between s & h PLEASE! One for sebastian pls. I miss agar and her character.

    • I so agree on the NO ROMANCE sentiment. What’s wrong with being actual friends? Also agree on Agar.

  35. I lov3 this program and iv watched all 3 seasons a few times. I can’t wait for season 4. Even though Iv seen the first 3 episodes I’m still going to get the DVDs.

  36. Love the show on Britbox and glad to hear it’s coming back! Seems like all our favorite quirky mystery cozies have another season: Midsomer Murders, Brokenwood Mysteries, My Life is Murder, and now Shakespeare and Hathaway. Woohoo!
    Must be a blast to play Sebastian, with all his undercover work he’s the modern Artemus Gordon.

    • I adore this programme. It seems to me some of the best programming for the BBC is put in in the afternoons. So many people don’t know what they are missing.

    • Love the show and loved The Wild Wild West with Artemis Gordon’s adventures in disguise! I love glimpses of my favorite spots in Stratford!

  37. Absolutely love the show and can’t wait for Season 4. However, if it’s the last run of the series, please don’t leave us hanging. Maybe have Lu get a boyfriend, Sebastian finally get a lead role in a Shakespearian play or Frank land a top job with an investigative agency. Just let us have closure. Will be very sad to see it end. Wish it could go on for a few more seasons.

  38. S & H is an absolute joy. It’s such an easy watch and I mean that as a huge complement to it. Perfect for afternoons. I cannot wait for series 4 to land and I can happily watch repeats over and over. The totally OTT situations the 3 leads find themselves caught up in are superb. Joyner, Benton and Walsh McBride have brilliant chemistry and the supporting cast are always superb.

    • We watch it over and over too. The cast is amazing, the writing is fun, and the plots are enjoyable. I will consider working out of the my company’s London office for a few weeks once this hits iPlayer.

  39. Love this show seeing Stratford upon Avon has kept me going through Lockdown also I love the frequent Shakespearean references. No romance between Lou and Frank PLEASE.

  40. Husband and I love this show. Don’t think romantic interest for Shakespeare and Hathaway is necessary. They have great relationship now. They could get closer as friends but not romance for either one – with each other or other characters. Absolutely LOVE Sebastian. He is brilliant in his disguises, voices, characters. Love to just look at him – he is so handsome. And loved his bits of Hamlet.

    • Agreed, a romance between them would completely ruin it. I think a great thing about the show is the lack of personal life. It’s all about the mystery as hand, the humor the characters bring to it, knowing their quirks in their day to day work etc. Once there’s too much personal stuff and romance it ruins the successful chemistry.

  41. My husband and I love this show. We agree–NO romance between Shakespeare and Hathaway! Anxiously awaiting season 4 on BritBox!

  42. My very favorite show! Impatient for season four to begin. I watch on Britbox. No romance between Lu and Frank. Their good and quirky friendship works best. Maybe some romance with new characters for each of them. Sebastian is the bees’ knees. In fact all of the regulars are super. Gloria. Spider. The snarky police inspector.
    With Covid isolation, all of these characters have become my friends and I love hanging out with them. Have watched all episodes at least more than once. Bring on FOUR, Please…..

  43. Love the show and always enjoy the fun relief it brings! Awesome way to relax and get some good laughs! Can’t wait for series 4!

  44. Totally love this mystery/comedy! All 3 main characters are so believable. No romance between S&H though. Just can’t see it. It’s more like a brother sister thing I think. I love Sebastian and the funny delimas he finds himself in. He adds so much humor to the show…great actor I’m anxiously waiting for season 4. Big fan of Jo Joyner from her days on East Enders and loving this humorous side of her. Hope it goes on for another 10 seasons. We need more shows like it

  45. This is a great show! It is so nice to watch something that doesn’t have gratuitous violence and sex….just great acting and dialogue. The writers are great. Cannot wait for season 4.

    • Karen, Just read your comment. Goodonya! So hard to find decent shows with no gratuitous violence and sex. If you are in UK, you are lucky and will see S & H sooner than those of us here in the US waiting for BritBox to bring it to us.
      Linda H.

  46. I am waiting for season 4. Can’t get enough of this. Makes the Covid-19 blues disappear and I laugh out loud. To fill the gap I just watch them over and over. They never get old. I enjoy the interactioin of all the core character. Lots of Laughs. 5 stars.

  47. I need at least 10 seasons of this show in my life! I have it playing in the background just because it makes me happy. Its lighthearted and fun but also gives you a mystery to solve. Just what you need these days.

  48. I absolutely LOVE this show….I watch it on PBS and it is one of the best
    series on television. I hope it runs for many years to come. I cannot wait for season 4!!!!

  49. YES!!!! I love this show and subscribed to Britbox just to watch it. Please don’t stopppppp!

  50. I Love this. No romance for Shakespeare and Hathaway – at least with each other. Sebastian is WONDERFUL Maybe add a couple more characters and/or enlarge parts of Sebastian’s landlady and police woman. I liked the character who found the hand and kept stealing Sebastian’s tour group. This isn’t a glamorous show and there’s room for eccentric characters.

  51. I am totally addicted. Can’t wait until thursdays roll around so I can watch this and Frankie Drake Mysteries. Keep their relationship cordial.It’s well written and the locales are interesting.I will buy the entire series when it comes out on dvd.

  52. I love this show, please bring it back to Canada, this would be devastating not to have it back, I truly look forward to the show, the main characters chemistry is awesome, don’t lose one of them there amazing actors, please please bring it back to Canada

  53. I love this show!! Keep their relationship as brother sisterly then you can bring in other romantic partners… and their dynamic … all three… is absolutely perfect and so much fun!!! Keep up the great work… I love British tv and subscribe to both britbox and acorn… I’m in The states and am waiting for season 4!!!

  54. No romance for Frank and Lu, please. Loving relationship, yes; romance, no. Not believable. But whatever you do, keep the series going beyond Season 4 with all the three leads. It wouldn’t be the same if any one of them did not return.

  55. Love this show. Please keep it going.
    The light humor and banter among the leads is great fun. And it’s a relief to see a program where the mysteries to be solved do not always involve bloody bodies or drowned corpses piling up everywhere.
    Plus the setting is so charming. This has become my favorite show.

  56. Love ❤️ this show and all it’s characters but my favorite is Sebastian. Frank and Lu make a great pair of really smart detectives. Romance-maybe but for now I like the fact that they genuinely care for each other. I miss the custom shop owner character though which made up their loving detective family.

  57. I’m looking forward to series 4, but don’t fancy soap opera style romance between Frank and Lu! Any chance that Frank might go back to having long hair? Suits him much better, but that’s only my opinion. Hope characters like Spider and Billy the Brick might reappear sometime.

  58. Hated to see season three end. Hope season 4 is available very soon. It’s a great help through this pandemic.

  59. Really enjoyed the 1st 3 Seasons. Can’t wait to see #4. Hope everyone returns, this means you, Sebastian.😊 know future career important but a part of the characters that make the show. Ready for the investigations to start again. Not sure about the romantic twist, would need more thinking about that

    • Patrick Walsh McBride (Sebastian) will be returning in season 4. He confirmed that in an interview he did back in the summer – this article also said he was a returning character. Definitely don’t want Lu & Frank to get together in a romantic way & I doubt they would do that. It’s just not believable to me and would ruin their chemistry as great friends. Might be nice to see Sebastian have a romantic interest though.

  60. We heard a rumor that Sebastian wouldn’t be back in the next series, and the arc of the plot in the last episode seemed headed that way until the final seconds. He is so integral to the show, I don’t know how they’d replace him. I hope he does return, but wouldn’t begrudge him moving on to new opportunities.

  61. I love this series. I hope things don’t turn “romantic” S&H. Things are great already-don’t need the drama of romance.

  62. Love this show. I’m looking forward to more. Although I love all the characters, Sebastian is my favorite. It was great when they started putting him undercover.

    • I am a fan of S&H from across the Pond and concur with most of what has been said in the comments posted. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing the beginning of a romance between Lu and Frank if it were the last series. To be believable, they would each need to change a little, maybe becoming more empathetic with one another and sharing more of their inner selves and backgrounds. Of course there would still be plenty of comedy and a cracking mystery. I would even like to know more about Sebastian. But I can’t see how some character growth would hurt the Show. In fact, deepening the characters makes them more attainable, empathetic and likable. Thanks for listening!

  63. Shakespeare & Hathaway is one of my very favorite series. Will definitely be waiting for Season 4!! And hope there will be more after that!!

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