Shetland Season 6: Premiere Date & Where to Watch

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Shetland Season 6: Premiere Date & Where to Watch 1
Shetland has been renewed for Season 6 and Season 7

Fans of the Scottish mystery series Shetland have no doubt been wondering when we'll be seeing Season 6 on our screens. After all, Season 5 aired on BBC One back in February and March of 2019, and for months, there was no news about whether there would ever be new episodes. 

Luckily, the BBC has announced that Shetland will return for a sixth and seventh season. Season 6 premieres shortly, and Season 7 is already filming. 

Shetland Season 6 Premiere Date

Shetland Season 6: Premiere Date & Where to Watch 2
Shetland, Season 6

In the UK, Season 6 will premiere on October 20th on BBC One at 9pm. 

In the US, Season 6 will premiere on November 9th, with episodes premiering weekly. The place to watch it is BritBox, and they have all the other seasons on offer in case you need to catch up.

Keep in mind that if you subscribe via Amazon, they combine seasons 1 and 2 into just “season 1” – but they're all there.

Star Douglas Henshall recently tweeted to confirm that they've now moved on to filming Season 7.

You can check out the trailer for Series 6 of Shetland below:


What's in Store for Season 6 of Shetland?

Shetland Season 6: Premiere Date & Where to Watch 3
Shetland, Season 6 – DI Jimmy Perez (DOUGLAS HENSHALL) – (C) ITV Studios – Photographer: Mark Mainz

Each will feature six hour-long episodes, and Douglas Henshall will be returning as DI Jimmy Perez.  Alison O’Donnell (Alison ‘Tosh’ McIntosh) and Steven Robertson (Sandy Wilson) are also confirmed to return to the show.

Series 6 and 7 will be written and created by David Kane, the writer who oversaw the first series of Shetland and has written on every series since.

Paul Logue (VeraDeath in Paradise) will also write for both seasons, and the producer will be Louise Say (Les Miserables).

So far, few details have emerged about the episodes themselves. We do know that Season 6 was filmed entirely in the Shetlands, with no storylines taking them back to Glasgow this time around. 

There's also mention of a significant emotional journey for Perez – and that Season 6 is quite different from Season 7 (which films in September and October of 2021).

Will Series 6 be Based on the Shetland Novels by Ann Cleeves?

Shetland Season 6: Premiere Date & Where to Watch 4
Many viewers don't realise that Tosh didn't exist in the novels

The series as a whole is based on the novels Cleeves wrote, but in Series 3, they moved away from self-contained adaptations of the books and started doing longer six-episode storylines that used the same characters and overall feel, but not necessarily storylines from the books. It seems likely that Season 6 will be another original story, but there's certainly nothing to say they *won't* go back and mine the other books for more stories.

You can view all the books below:

Fans of both the TV series and the books will note that there are quite a few differences between the two. While some characters are similar, the adaptation is more about the spirit of the series than a literal transplant from page to screen. Cleeves has commented on this before, saying: 

“Television is an art that’s different from prose and once I’ve given my permission for the adaptation, I have to trust the artists involved. They deserve to be allowed the freedom to develop their own creative vision, just as I’ve been allowed to develop mine.”

Wild Fire is Cleeves's final entry in the Shetland series. She's commented a couple of times that she wanted to finish writing about the islands while she still enjoyed it, and before she started repeating herself and boring readers.

Though she's expressed a love for the islands she first visited more than 40 years ago while working in the Fair Isle bird observatory, they're somewhat limiting as a geographic area. With a bit more than 20,000 people, it gets a bit ridiculous if you have too many murders in too little time. That's a big part of why the show ventured to other areas.

Cleeves has said she plans to continue writing the Vera series, which offers a much more geographically diverse area in which to set stories.

She's also created a new series set in North Devon where she grew up. The first book in that series, The Long Call, came out earlier this year. That series is now being adapted for television as well.

You can read more on The Long Call TV series HERE.

Have a Bit of a Wander Around the Shetland Filming Locations

While parts of Shetland are filmed outside the Shetland Islands, the islands are still what give the show its dark and atmospheric feel. It simply wouldn't be the same without that stark, windswept scenery. It can leave you wanting to see more.

Unfortunately, most of us – especially right now – can't just hop on a plane and spend a few weeks exploring the Shetlands. Fortunately, Google has made it possible for almost anyone to travel the world from home. Even relatively remote destinations like the Shetland Islands are now included in their StreetView coverage. 

Lerwick is the main town and port of the Shetlands, so we've embedded a window below that allows you to walk around the island. If you have trouble with the frame below, you can also click HERE to be taken directly to the page for the location. 


Will You be Tuning in to Watch Shetland Season 6?

Though it's a bit disappointing we've have to wait so long for new episodes, we're thrilled to know the show will be back – and we certainly can't fault them for delays in the midst of a global pandemic (not to mention the scheduling nightmare as so many productions tried to get back into the swing of things at once). Will you be tuning in for Shetland when it finally arrives on our screens?

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  1. I have to wait till they’re out on DVDs, but I love the series and have introduced it to friends. In fact I just watched season 1 this evening because I wanted to hear everyone talking to each other. A good way to spend my evening.

  2. You probably don’t watch many British mysteries. All the rest of us devotees understand that if Agatha Christy’s and the rest of those types of stories were realistic, most of the villages in Britain would be empty by now. The solving is the challenge.

  3. Spent a year in Shetland while my husband was teaching at the Lerwick High School. It was part of a Fullbright exchange. This is a windy place, but the people are really nice. They were very kind to me.
    Love the show, seeing familiar places and refreshing my memories of the Shetland accent. My only negative comment is that sometimes the music drowns out the dialog.

  4. My Wife and I have been binge watching the murder mysteries available. We did the Murdoch Mysteries, Brokenwood, Vera, Death in Paradise, and are now nearing the end of the available Shetland episodes. We have tried several others and will continue to look as there seems to be so much available. These have all been gems that only required a little searching to find. Thanks to our (The Queens) english folks for their love of watching and producing such entertaining shows.

  5. I can hardly wait for the new episodes I get subscribed to brit box just to see all the great British mystery shows love them all I love each an every one of them got my best friends to subscribe also

  6. I can hardly wait for the new episodes I get subscribed to brit box just to see all the great British mystery shows love them all I love Shelton

  7. I can hardly wait for the new episodes I get subscribed to brit box just to see all the great British mystery shows love them all

    • I agree, I really enjoy British TV, especially the mysteries!
      Thanks to I ❤️British TV for their updates!

  8. I love this series.
    I “discovered” the tv series first and after I watched them all , I read the books. I love the books too, even thought they are not the same,but I think I like them because I do not imagine Anne’s Jimmy Pérez, but Douglas Henshaw’s character. And I am one of those people that always says “the books are better than the movie/serie”.
    Please, hurry up!!!!!
    We want to binge on it.

  9. Our family loves the show. We have been hoping for a season 6. Looking forward to being back on the islands😀

  10. We just finished the final disc from Netflix of the Shetland series and I immediately got online to see if more series are coming. I am so excited to know there are as we just love the show…the characters, the stories, the setting. Can’t wait for more!!!!

  11. Love Shetland and am eagerly looking forward to seasons 6 and 7 on Britbox or wherever I can get it.

  12. I love this series. The development of the characters, and their interplay, is a big reason for that. The mysteries are interesting. The development of Duncan is especially good since I have grown from disliking him to wishing him the best.


  14. Absolutely LOVE Shetland!! The chemistry amongst the cast can actually be felt. I had to purchase season 5 and will season 6 if I must.


  15. I was so excited to visit Lerwick a few years ago. I felt like i knew where I was when when walking around. We also got to see the house used as Jimmy,s house. What a treat. We love the series.

  16. I just finished watching the whole series, which included watching seasons 1-3 again and 4 & 5 for the first time. Like most everyone else who’s commented I love this show and am so looking forward to Season 6.

  17. Shetland is a jewel of a series. So underrated in both plot and acting. Thank you! Thank you for producing adult mysteries with such superb acting— WOW! We viewers are certainly blessed with this show. Yea Brits (Im from California in U.S. where T.V. mysteries are all bullets and no substance.

  18. I keep checking to see when this series is returning. A seriously good drama with likeable characters. Brits do police / crime drama the best.

  19. Being of Scottish favorite entertainment is certainly geared towards anything Scottish…Douglas Henschel is delectable and talented…can’t wait for more the series…

  20. Love Shetland! Great Series. One my favorite shows on the make sure to watch list. I look forward to it every week! One of the best shows on t.v. Seen every one so highly looking forward to another season. It has such a calming effect with the acting and scenes in the face of crime. Great acting! and scenery and plots. From California. Love it!!

  21. Totally obsessed with Shetland series. Love the humor, the acting and especially Douglas Henshaw. Tosh is my other favorite. Can’t wait for season 6.

  22. We loved this series – both the books and the tv series, and will be watching seasons 6 & 7.

  23. This series is outstanding. The stories are fresh and unique, and the settings put you in the middle of everything.

  24. Definitely will tune it. This is my and my husband’s favorite series ever. The relationships between the regular characters are so good and really express human values even though it’s a mystery series.

  25. So happy to hear this wonderful series and cast of actors will continue. Well done to everyone involved!

  26. Best Christmas present for 2019! Not only a S6 but a S7 as well! The only down side is the long wait. Love this series and all the characters, plus good storylines and guest performances. Hurry up 2021!

  27. Good to hear that season 6 of Shetland is en route, but as a big fan of the series in Canada, I have no idea how to see Season 5! I saw 3 and 4 (I think) on Netflix Canada but am anxious to see season 5. Can I Herat British TV please help me out?

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