The Best Shows on Acorn TV

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The Best Shows on Acorn TV 1
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The Best Shows on Acorn TV


Once you've enjoyed a few British TV shows, you'll probably start looking for more. Eventually, you may find yourself signing up for a British TV subscription service like Acorn TV. Once you get your subscription, though, you might be a little overwhelmed at the sheer number of titles.

As of today (late June 2020), I count 327 different titles on Acorn TV. Some are amazing, some are pleasant, and a few seem less likely to have broad appeal. 

Keep in mind – Acorn TV is not strictly limited to British shows. They often use the line “Britain and Beyond” in their marketing, and that's very accurate. British programming is definitely the most common, but every passing month brings more varied selections.

Along with British shows, you'll also see English-language programming from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland (technically part of the British Isles, but not exactly “British”), and Canada, along with the occasional series from Scandinavian or mainland Europe.

***Special note for our American readers: If you want a guide to more British TV shows on both Tubi and other streaming services, check out our British TV Streaming Guide. It's a handy printed guide to roughly 2000 British TV shows across 18 different US streaming services – including an index in the back for looking up the appropriate streaming services by show name.

The Best Shows on Acorn TV

For those new or returning Acorn TV users who aren't sure where to start, we've created this list of what we believe are some of the best shows on Acorn TV. I'm sure there will be some disagreement here, so please feel free to share your favorites in the comments. Happy watching!


The Best British Mystery Shows on Acorn TV

The Best Shows on Acorn TV 2
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Midsomer Murders

Midsomer Murders – It doesn't get much better than Midsomer Murders. The show has been airing for roughly two decades now, and it combines grisly murders with gorgeous Cotswolds (and near-to-the-Cotswolds) scenery. It's cozy without actually being a “cozy mystery”, and the acting is excellent. If you watch closely, you'll notice a lot of your favorite actors have guest-starred in various episodes over the years. Everyone from Robert Hardy to Sarah Alexander to Richard Briers seems to have made an appearance in this classic British tv show.

Rebus – Rebus is based on the wildly successful Rebus series of detective novels by Scottish author Ian Rankin, and the show lasted 4 seasons (though Eleventh Hour Films recently snagged the rights to a reboot, so there may be more Rebus yet). Inspector Rebus is a gruff old-fashioned detective in nearly every sense of the word. He smokes, drinks, and doesn't have a lot of luck with his personal life. Unfortunately, Season 1 is not available.


The Best Shows on Acorn TV 3
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My Life is Murder

My Life is Murder – This delightful Australian mystery stars Lucy Lawless as a retired police detective who helps out on the occasional case. Though I wouldn't call it a true cozy mystery (it occasionally skews just a bit too dark for that), it definitely has a lot of fun cozy elements – including bread baking and a cat!

Loch Ness (UK: The Loch) – If you appreciate dark and atmospheric mysteries that feel vaguely Scandinavian, check out Loch Ness. Set in a small town along the banks of Loch Ness, this mystery sees a quiet community ripped apart after a body is found murdered. If you enjoyed Monarch of the Glen, you may appreciate seeing a now older “Archie MacDonald” in a slightly darker role.

The Best Shows on Acorn TV 4
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Hamish MacBeth is easily one of our favourite British mysteries on Acorn TV

Hamish MacBeth – Hamish MacBeth is a nontraditional mystery set in the Scottish Highlands and based on the series by M.C. Beaton (aka Marion Chesney). The series stars Robert Carlyle as an extremely clever and capable small town constable whose main goal in life is to do as little as necessary to perform his job honorably, thus allowing him to avoid promotion to another police force. It's hard to decide which is better – the colorful townsfolk who round out the cast, or the stunning Scottish scenery.

Agatha Raisin – Another M.C. Beaton series, this one is a true cozy (Agatha is an ex-public relations expert, not a cop) AND it's set in the Cotswolds. While the show probably could have done a better job of sticking to the book and making the main character more likable, the scenery and supporting characters make up for those issues. Once canceled with no hope of return, Acorn TV brought it back to life by commissioning a second, and later a THIRD series. 


The Best Shows on Acorn TV 5
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Balthazar is one of the best mystery shows on Acorn TV

Balthazar – While this one's French, it's worth dealing with subtitles. It's a one-mystery-per-episode series with a number of ongoing storylines related to the two main characters. Given that the main character is a forensic pathologist, there are some gruesome bits, but the characters have great chemistry that elevates it above the standard procedural. We also understand that many viewers are quite find of the numerous shirtless scenes involving lead actor Tomer Sisley.

Pie in the Sky – For those who enjoy a lighthearted mystery, Pie in the Sky is sure to delight. When DI Crabbe leaves the police force to open a restaurant, they continue to pull him back in for part-time crime-solving. The show follows his efforts to balance his dual lives.

The Best Shows on Acorn TV 6
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Queens of Mystery – If you enjoy light mysteries, definitely give this new Acorn TV Original a try. Young and single detective Mattie has just been promoted to DS status, and she's assigned to her hometown of Wildemarsh where her three mystery-writing aunts live. Though she does her best to keep them out of her cases, it never seems to work. Check out our full Queens of Mystery review or our interview with Julie Graham.

No Offence – This edgy, fast-paced Manchester-based crime drama has more than its fair share of big, fun characters. It comes from the creator of Shameless, and features a female-led team of officers who track down serial killers. It's a one-mystery-per-series kind of show, and there's quite a bit of character backstory that comes into the episodes.


The Best Shows on Acorn TV 7
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Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Acorn TV

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries – In 1920s Melbourne, Miss Fisher occupies a class all her own. She's a thoroughly modern woman running her own private investigations practice in a male-dominated world. It's well-written, atmospheric, and highly recommended. The 2020 Miss Fisher movie is also available on Acorn TV.

Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries – This recent Miss Fisher spinoff takes us to 1960s Melbourne, where Phryne Fisher has gone missing, declared dead, and her niece Peregrine takes over in her footsteps. While it's a very different feel from the original Miss Fisher series, it's no less delightful – assuming you're able to mentally separate the two. 


The Best Shows on Acorn TV 8
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Line of Duty

Line of Duty – This one's not everyone's cup of tea, but the people who like it seem to REALLY like it. It's about a group of dedicated officers who work to uncover corruption within the police, and it definitely leans toward the gritty, action-packed end of the spectrum. Though it's quite distinctly British, it has a lot in common with the more intense, action-oriented American police programmes.


The Best British Comedies on Acorn TV

The Best Shows on Acorn TV 9
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Detectorists – There aren't a lot of shows I've watched more than once, but this is one of them. It's tough to explain the appeal to someone who hasn't watched a couple of episodes already, but it's a different sort of comedy. It's calm and quiet and it has a realism you don't see very often. The characters could easily be obnoxious and unlikable, but writer/director/star Mackenzie Crook has done such a good job with the writing that we see the things each character is struggling with – and that makes them more human.

Doc Martin – After the bright but socially awkward surgeon Doc Martin develops an aversion to blood, he relocates to a Cornwall fishing village to serve as the town's doctor. Though his stiff demeanor is at odds with small town familiarity and closeness, he manages to get by. Series 9 arrived on Acorn TV in Autumn 2019, and with any luck, we'll be seeing a Season 10 of Doc Martin in 2021 or perhaps 2022 (who knows what the virus situation is going to do to production schedules). 

The Best Shows on Acorn TV 10
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The Rebel on Acorn TV

The Rebel – If you like shows about mischievous and slightly misanthropic old people getting into trouble, you'll enjoy this 2016 Simon Callow comedy. Acorn TV has Season 1, but a second season came out in late 2017. With any luck, they'll get that one before too much longer.

After Henry – Prunella Scales (Fawlty Towers) stars in this great female-led comedy from the 1980s. This series focuses on a mother, daughter, and grandmother who all live together in the same house after the death of the mother's husband. Though it's a bit dated in some ways, it's also surprisingly contemporary and still quite funny. 

Boomers – Once the kids are gone and work is no longer an issue, these seaside Norfolk retirees find all sorts of trouble to get into.  Gavin and Stacey fans will be delighted to see Alison Steadman here, funny as ever.

The Best Shows on Acorn TV 11
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The Worst Week of My Life on Acorn TV

The Worst Week of My Life – Ben Miller (Death in Paradise) stars in this comedy about a man who seems to muck up pretty much anything and everything. Sarah Alexander (Coupling, Jonathan Creek) stars as his long-suffering romantic partner.

Trivia – This charming Irish show focuses on an initially unlikable man who's obsessed with the local pub quiz. Over the course of the series, we realize it's because there's a void in his life – and he begins to make real changes.


The Best British Dramas on Acorn TV

The Best Shows on Acorn TV 12
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Delicious – I've heard this series summed up as “food, love, and infidelity in Cornwall” – and while that's highly accurate, it doesn't capture just how shocking the show can be at times. The show feels much like a British version of something that might air on Showtime or HBO (with much better scenery than the average American show). If you like Dawn French in the Vicar of Dibley, you might find this role a bit strange. Still, she (and the rest of the cast) are pretty fantastic.

The Syndicate: All or Nothing – Each series of The Syndicate follows a different group of lottery winners as they grapple with personal dramas, newfound wealth, and temptation. It can be a bit dark at times, but it's highly entertaining and each series feels both familiar and completely unique. Acorn has just one series, but there are two others floating around. The one on Acorn gives us a group of employees on a struggling estate. Of the three series, it may be the most interesting because it has the added drama that comes with a staff that suddenly has more liquid funds than the employers.


The Best Shows on Acorn TV 13
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Richard Roxburgh in Rake on Acorn TV

Rake – This Australian legal comedy-drama focuses on Cleaver Greene, the brilliant but self-destructive barrister who gets his kicks defending some of the most hopeless cases to hit the Australian court system.

Behaving Badly – This is another show that didn't last nearly as long as it should have. In Behaving Badly, Judi Dench plays a wife who's been left for a much younger woman. Though she initially falls into the role of well-mannered divorcee, it doesn't take long before she decides she's had enough of doing what everyone else wants.

The Best Shows on Acorn TV 14
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Pitching In on Acorn TV

Pitching In – This Welsh dramedy stars Larry Lamb (Gavin & Stacey) as a man who wants to sell his camping park to an attractive estate agent (played by Hayley Mills). His daughter sets out to change his mind.


The Best Shows on Acorn TV 15
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Good Karma Hospital Season 3

The Good Karma Hospital – After a relationship sours, a young British-Indian woman decides to move to India to work in an impoverished hospital. Little does she know, she's got a lot to learn. Amanda Redman stars alongside Amrita Acharia. 


The Best Documentary & Lifestyle Shows on Acorn TV

The Best Shows on Acorn TV 16
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Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages

Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages – Dame Penelope Keith (of The Good Life and To the Manor Born) takes us on a guided tour of some of Britain's loveliest villages. Armed with her trusty Batsford travel guides, the series includes East Anglia, North Wales, Cheshire, Staffordshire, and Wessex (the historic region). Unfortunately, seasons 2 and 3 are no longer available on Acorn – but we can still enjoy the first season.

Penelope Keith's Hidden Coastal Villages – You can almost smell the salty air in this fun journey along Britain's coastline. In this one, Dame Penelope breaks out the Batsford guides again, venturing to the Isle of Wight, Northumberland, West Sussex, the Scottish Borders, East Anglia, and Suffolk.

Penelope Keith's Village of the Year – Originally broadcast back in 2018 in the UK, this delightful competition gives us a great deal of insight into what makes villages tick. Rather than just looking at the scenery, we get to meet village inhabitants and find out what they love about the places they call home. 


The Best Shows on Acorn TV 17
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David Suchet as Hercule Poirot

Being Poirot – Generally regarded as the best Poirot of all time, David Suchet held the iconic role for roughly a quarter of a century. In this three-part series, he attempts to share some of his experiences and explain why people have loved Poirot for so long.

Discovering Britain – In this fun travel series, Maureen Lipman (Metamorphosis) and Larry Lamb (Gavin & Stacey) join a number of their fellow British actors as they travel the country exploring its heritage. 

Coastal Railways with Julie Walters – Julie Walters (of Harry Potter fame) takes us all over Britain via its coastal railways. The series is full of stunning scenery and light-hearted, fun commentary. 


The Best Shows on Acorn TV 18
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Julia Bradbury hosts Coast & Country: Railways

Julia Bradbury's Coast & Country Railway Walks – Keen rambler Julia Bradbury takes us on a trip around the abandoned railways of Great Britain. In the last century, the UK has shut down thousands of miles of train tracks – leaving behind lovely places to go walking. The walks in this series are a lovely mixture of urban and rural scenery, with plenty of educational stops along the way.

Digging for Britain – Professor Alice Roberts shares her passion for Britain's history as she takes us to a variety of exciting archaeological sites. From Roman burial sites to Viking treasures to history as recent as World War II, there's a bit of everything in this one, along with plenty of expert commentary to help add context. 

Savile Row – This fascinating documentary series goes behind the scenes of the iconic Savile Row storefronts most of us will never visit.  Here, skilled craftsmen apply their talents to make some of the finest suits in the entire world. Now threatened by chain stores and a decline in appreciation for fine handiwork, we see the shops struggling to stay relevant and pay rent in one of the world's most expensive cities and neighbourhoods.

Vintage Roads: Great & Small – Actors Christopher Timothy and Peter Davison (both of All Creatures Great & Small) host this fun journey into the golden age of motoring. In each episode, they hop into a classic car and take a road trip to explore vintage routes from a time when people were just beginning to love traveling by car.


The Best Shows on Acorn TV – Your Thoughts?

We're quite certain we've overlooked some gems, so feel free to chime in with your recommendations for the best shows on Acorn TV – or if you disagree with our assessment, don't hold back. It may be useful to someone else who happens upon this post!


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The Best Shows on Acorn TV


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  1. Love Midsomer Murders of course. Agatha Raisin. Boomers was hilarious!!! Delicious. 800 Words. Bed of Roses. All of these are upbeat. Not dark. Just started “The Other One”.

  2. Folks, if you haven’t yet tried watching and thus enjoying “Pie In The Sky,” you don’t know what you’re missing! Clever, witty, peculiar players similar to Doc Martin, quite interesting mysteries, delicious culinary creations discussed, and awesome production designs make this program very worthy. Richard Griffiths was an outstanding actor! With the intriguing plots, you’ll wish that the series could have gone on forever, much like Doc Martin and Lovejoy. Now, ENJOY!

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  4. {1} can acorn be watched on a regular T V ?
    {2} can different shows be watched at the same time in different rooms?
    {3} is acorn portable? i live sometimes in S/C and sometime in Florida.
    (4} can you record and watch later?

  5. Many terrific shows on Acorn. Just watched Jack Irish and before that Keeping Faith. Having a hard time determining what to watch next. Seen lots of positive info on 800 Words. Plan on checking that out. Too bad Vera has move to Britbox. She is amazing. If you haven’t seen Broadchurch, it is a must

  6. I’m enjoying The Brokenwood Mysteries…set in
    New Zealand. The DSS talks to the corpses and loves
    country & western music. Lots of subtle humor, offbeat
    crimes, and a kooky (maybe Russian) female medical examiner.

  7. My husband and I love Acorn. Does anyone know why the final episodes of Poirot are not on? I am still waiting to find out how it wraps up. What an amazing series. And David Suchet, the best Poirot ever.

  8. We get both, plus PBS. Love the shows mentioned and will look for the others.
    Love this website.❤️

  9. I pay for Acorn tv and I only get 5 episodes of Poirot. It says in the above article that there are “20 years” worth of episodes. Is there some kind of other subscription to Acorn that I could get?

    • It does change from time to time, but we just checked and we’re seeing seasons 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 currently on Acorn TV, along with a couple documentaries on the topic (so only about 13 years of Poirot based on their current offerings). You should definitely have more available to you. What device and subscription method did you use?

    • I get Acorn through Amazon Prime and there is so much to look at. I think I got free trial and then it’s $4.99 close to that. I like anything withDavid Tennant. Broad church is a classic. I watched the whole thing in one sitting. I have plenty of time I just don’t nibble. I forgot to mention I broke my leg (femur) that’s why all the time. 🌝

  10. Agatha Raisin is an insult to the original M.C. Beaton books. Characters changed, stories jumbled together. Completely obliterating important characters overall. Wish it had been done by the people who did the original midsomer murders.

  11. The best 2 shows on Acorn are Good Karma Hospital and 800 Words. I also have Britbox…..for the mysteries. But, if you haven’t watched Good Karma, do so immediately!

  12. Thanks to your recommendation I gave Detectorists a field test and I found it to be magnetic, I ended up digging it!
    You gave Doc Martin a poor prognosis, if I may offer a second opinion, I find the series terminally hilarious.

  13. Nobody mentions one of the greats from the past on Acorn, “I Claudius” Watched it for the umteenth time and it still delivers. Still one of the finest TV shows ever produced.

  14. Here in North Carolina, we LOVE “Striking Out” which we discovered as soon as we got our Acorn subscription up and running. Great acting, addictive plots and subplots, and .. Dublin. What could be better?

  15. I LOVE Acorn.❤️❤️❤️ I also have Brit Bix because I love British Soaps !! Coronation Street- Emmerdale- & Eastenders. They deal with many social issues but still have a sense of humor, especially “Coronation Street”..If you haven’t seen some shows such as “Doc Martin”, “800 Words” , “Detectorist”, ” “A Place to Call Home”,. “Loch Ness”, “Cornor”( not how it sounds), ” Agatha Raisin”,” Capitol”, “Bed of Roses”, “Janet King”, “Miss Marple”, “Father Brown”, “Grantchester”, “Death in Paradise”, ” the Durrells”, “Broadchurch”(one of the best) “Last Tango In Halifax”,(super good ). So very many good shows ! And even the majority of thier detective and police shows aren’t as violent as most, most don’t carry guns, they don’t spend much time on bloody scenes.. I could name some but you probably already lost interest ! LOL. Also there are some good groups on face book for Brit Show lovers ! We trade info likes and dislikes. Also Im no teeny bopper myself , 66 yrs.. young.!! not waste a precious minute on fake U.S soaps, (sorry America, my country I love dearly).. But our American soaps have zero appeal for me. Acorn and Brit Box just tic all my boxes for entertainment at this time . I need both… And for $5 & $6 a month at that.

    • Please excuse the misspelling above. I am in a hurry. Sorry. And I also love the character development, love knowing who the characters are and about thier lives…

    • Another American, and I agree with you. I loved The Detectorists, Foyle’s War, Vera, Shetland, Hamish MacBeth, etc. We no longer even get any American TV shows.

  16. i prefer Acorn streaming TV to Brit Box. I tried Brit Box & watched one depressing movie. I thought, well I.ll just try another. I’m a 72 yr. old female & certainly not conservative, but there is just too much violence & it,s not for me. I just could not find anything I liked in the long explanations of the movies/TV programs or in my attempts watching movies on Brit Box. I love the movies & stories & most characters on Acorn. There is character development in most all programs. They have in depth development of their stories & I will resubscribe now.

  17. Watching The Detectorists for the fourth time. Pick up something new every time. Ini love with Mackenziei Crook. Hilarious, sweet and superbly written.

  18. Love love love Raised By Wolves. It’s frustrating that the series didn’t go longer, but it’s definitely favorite. We’ve watched all the episodes several times and went so far as to buy season three on blue ray so we could watch it.

  19. 800 Words should be #1 on this list and you didn’t do Doc Marten justice. Doc Marten is a small village full of eccentric and endearing characters. It’s kooky, warm, oddly funny and quirky.

    • Each of the characters on Doc Martin is so special and with such endearing traits that I would fly to their village to watch a filming of an episode if I could. I just finished the last of Season 8 and am thrilled that another season is underway. The filming and the scenery should be mentioned as well. What a great package!

  20. Wild At Heart. There’s 7 seasons plus a finale. We had to limit ourselves to 2 a night trying to make it last. Stars the actor who plays DCI Banks. Loved this series

  21. I just completed binge-watching, “Reilly Ace of Spies” – absolutely recommend! Historial, factual story, done by exceptional acting by all! Also, I could not stop watching “Dr. Finlay”, and binged-watched my way through that EXCELLENT production, too…highly recommend! I can hardly wait for Series 9 of “Doc Martin”…binged through all 8 series within a month! I LOVE “Doc Martin”!

    • Truly a wonderful series, however it is EXTREMELY loose with facts. Entire episodes simply didn’t happen. To be fair much of the truth was not known until after the series was produced.

      If you are interested in teh truth, get the book “Trust no one”. The real story is (almost) as amazing as this very entertaining series.

  22. Does anybody know if I can view Masterpiece Theatre regularly with either Acorn TV or with Britbox or even with Amazon Prime TV (if it is even offered in Canada?)

  23. Please don’t leave Single Handed out! I could watch Owen McDonnell all day!!! Lots of great characters and beautiful scenery.

    • 800 words, good karma, place to call home, boomers, mount pleasant are all fabulous series and don’t forget doc Martin

    • Detectrists is simply the best, and Mackenzie Crook is a god! I think I will watch all the shows for at least the third time as I am laid up from surgery. There are probably even healing properties to be found in this jewel in the British comedy crown!

  24. We love “800 Words”…very well written and acted family saga of earnest but sometimes hapless Aussie widower who moves with 2 teenage kids from Sydney to tiny Weld in backwater New Zealand, to “start over”…

    • It is a great guilty pleasure! With its great looking cast and rather dumb premise, it should be just another sitcom, but it really is more. At times it touches the heart and explores some rather deep feelings. However, it is still great fun, and I look forward to every new series!

    • 800 Words is also one of our favorites. Perfect balance of light hearted story lines and comedy thats not too over the top and beautiful scenery. Television needs more shows like this. When calls the Heart is also good.

    • Agreed 800 Words is excellent. American series television is total junk so we Americans constantly hunt for British, Scottish, Australian or New Zealand to get our entertainment fix. Let’s not forget Grantchester and Line of Duty.

  25. Thanks for this! There are several we had missed.
    We also enjoy access to Canada’s tongue-in-cheek, Victorian, science-of-the-time Murdoch Mysteries, with (irrepressible sidekick) George Crabtree.

  26. I would love to see the new father Brown I have watched it up to the very last show. Somebody told me I could get it on PBS one can’t find it is there anyway I can see it! And maybe mid summer murders! I’ve seen it up to 19 I’d love to see the new one.

    • shetland & baptiste r my favorites i adored miss fisher abc australia killed it saying it skewed 2 old they haven’t had anything as good as this i read they did a movie waiting 4 that 2 come out

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