The Sister Boniface Mysteries: A Father Brown Spinoff

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Sister Boniface in her lab (in Father Brown)

Father Brown has been home to loads of fun and memorable characters, but few managed to make an impression as quickly as Sister Boniface. The bright and quirky nun appeared in just one episode, but BritBox recently announced she'd be getting her own spinoff series, The Sister Boniface Mysteries.

What's The Sister Boniface Mysteries About?

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Sister Boniface with her nose in an Agatha Christie novel (from Father Brown)

While plot details and a release timeline haven't yet been revealed, we know Sister Boniface will be using advanced techniques to help police track down criminals. Those who saw her in Father Brown may remember her as being quite clever, and it doesn't seem she's dulled with time.

Rather than the early 1950s timeline of Father Brown, this one will be set in the 1960s in rural Warwickshire. It's a time when police forensics are still quite rough, and even simple blood tests can take days. “DNA” is a term that doesn't exist yet, and there's only very minimal awareness of trace evidence. 

And then there's Sister Boniface. Hidden away in St. Vincent's Convent with a bunch of winemaking nuns, the sister has an IQ of 156 and a PhD in forensic science. Rather than meddling, she has an actual role as the official Police Scientific Advisor, working with DI Sam Gillespie and DS Felix Livingstone – and advise she does, finding mud, blood, hairs, stains, and fibres amongst the crime scenes. Her laboratory is better than anything the police have.

We don't know who will be playing Gillespie and Livingstone, but Gillespie has been described as “dashing”, and Livingstone is said to be a “high-flying Bermudian Detective Sergeant”. Livingstone has been placed in Great Slaughter through a clerical error.


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Lorna Watson returns to play Sister Boniface

The series will star Lorna Watson, reprising her role as Sister Boniface. Of her role, she said:

She is such a fun character to play. Quirky, funny, endearing and a total brain when it comes to forensics. In many ways she’s ahead of her time and I love her for that. It’s not every day you get to play a crime-solving, Vespa driving nun.


When Does The Sister Boniface Mysteries Air?

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A frightened Sister Boniface in Father Brown

While we don't have the “when” just yet, we do have the “where”. The Sister Boniface Mysteries has been commissioned by BritBox North America, so that's where it's expected to premiere. BritBox UK operates independently of BritBox North America, so while it seems likely they'd have it over there, too, there's certainly no guarantee because they've yet to announce a UK broadcaster. 

The Sister Boniface Mysteries will be a 10-part drama.

 The Sister Boniface Mysteries was commissioned by BritBox North America president Soumya Sriraman, with Will Trotter executive producing.

Has Sister Boniface Been Delayed?

Yes. The Sister Boniface Mysteries series was originally scheduled to begin filming on April 27th in 2020. As most will know, that was an early point in the pandemic when shutdowns were in effect.

Father Brown co-developer Tahsin Guner tweeted about the delay. 

While the lockdown did ease later in the year, many productions were unable to film then due to scheduling conflicts. With everything trying to get into production at once, it wasn't possible to stagger productions like we might see in a normal year – and many actors and crew members were unavailable.

When we hear more news, we'll update this post.

Watch Sister Boniface in Father Brown

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Sister Boniface alongside Father Brown

If you haven't already, I recommend checking out Sister Boniface's original appearance in Father Brown. She shows up in Season 1, Episode 6: The Bride of Christ. That's also the source for the screenshots throughout this page.

Even if you're not normally a Father Brown fan, you might like The Bride of Christ. Sister Boniface really brightens up the story, and I was always a bit surprised she didn't become a recurring character.

Hopefully, BritBox will get Season 8 of Father Brown over to North America while everyone waits on The Sister Boniface Mysteries. Season 8 started on the 6th of January (2020) in the UK, so it shouldn't be *too* much longer before it crosses the pond (though sometimes it does seem like they're coming by way of a slow boat to China). 


Will You Be Watching The Sister Boniface Mysteries When it Premieres?

Everything about this series sounds like fun to us, so we'll definitely be tuning in. Mysteries, British scenery, a quirky nun – what more could you ask for? Will you be watching? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Sooo, how long of a delay are we talking about? …a few months or next year? I just wish the producers would give us news tidbits, screen shots or sneak peeks to tide us over. *whiney voice* Waiting is so hard! 🤭

  2. Bride of Christ is one of my very favorite episodes due to the quirky Sister Boniface. Waiting patiently (no other choice, lol) for her new series. 😃

  3. I’m so happy Sister Boniface is returning to Britbox. I’d love to see another episode where she & Father Brown team up again.

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