Vera Season 11: Premiere Date & Where to Watch (US Update)

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Vera Season 11: Premiere Date & Where to Watch (US Update) 1
Vera season 11 returns

Fans of the Brenda Blethyn-led British mystery Vera will be pleased to know that not only is season 11 happening, but episodes have already been filmed. The first part of the season aired in late 2021, with more to come in 2022.

What's Vera About?

Vera Season 11: Premiere Date & Where to Watch (US Update) 2
Brenda Blethyn as Vera

While there aren't too many British TV fans who are still unfamiliar with Vera, we try not to assume things around here. If you've never watched it, the series follows DCI Vera Stanhope, a disheveled but talented detective who works for the fictional Northumberland & City Police. Though you might not know it to look at the state of her wardrobe, she's a uniquely talented detective, and obsessive about her work. 

Over time, Vera forms close friendships with her younger sergeants – in spite of her prickliness. The talented Brenda Blethyn (Kate & Koji, Chance in a Million) stars as DCI Vera Stanhope, while sergeant Joe Asthworth is played by David Leon and Aiden Healy is played by Kenny Doughty. 

The series is based on the books of Ann Cleeves, though most episodes are not based on a specific book (there simply aren't enough of them). 

When Does Season 11 of Vera Air?

Vera Season 11: Premiere Date & Where to Watch (US Update) 3

In our British TV Year in Review print magazine, we shared images of the late 2020 filming for Series 11 of Vera. Though it's strange to see the cast and crew in masks, it's great to know they were able to safely return to production last autumn. 

Due to pandemic-related delays, Vera's eleventh season was broken up into two parts. 

Season 11, Part 1

In the UK, series 11: part 1 began airing at 8pm on Sunday, August 29th on ITV. 

In the US, season 11: part 1 of Vera premiered on September 1st on BritBox.  It was made up of two 120-minute episodes (one each week for two weeks).

Season 11, Part 2

In the UK, part 2 will begin airing on Sunday, January 9th on ITV. 

In the US, season 11: part 2 will premiere on BritBox on January 9th. 

In both cases, new episodes will air weekly.

What's Happening in Season 11 of Vera?

Vera Season 11: Premiere Date & Where to Watch (US Update) 4
What's happening in Season 11 of Vera?

Along with Blethyn, we'll see the return of Kenny Doughty as Detective Sergeant Aiden Healy, Jon Morrison as DC Kenny Lockhart, Riley Jones as DC Mark Edwards and Ibinabo Jack as DC Jacqueline Williams.

Guest stars include Mark Benton (Waterloo RoadStrictly), Caroline Lee Johnson (Roadkill) and Amber James (Doc Martin).

ITV has released some details about the episodes in season 11, part 1:

Season 11, Episode 1: When a local builder is found dead on the steps of the Collingwood Monument, DCI Vera Stanhope questions why a respected local would have been attacked so savagely. As she continues the investigation, she learns he was due to testify in court as a key witness for a violent assault trial – leading her to wonder if the two crimes are connected. 

Vera soon finds all manner of conflict and resentment in the builder's personal life. There are tensions between his estranged wife and doting son, and also with old family friends. Everyone seems to have some kind of problem, so she'll need to be on top of her game to wade through and find the culprit.

Season 11, Episode 2: The second episode sees DCI Vera Stanhope investigating the murder of a support worker named Angela Konan in Northumberland National Park. In such a remote location, she wonders whether it was a crime of opportunity or a carefully planned attack – and two park rangers seem oddly evasive about her questioning.

As she investigates, Vera learns that Angela worked at a women's addiction recovery centre, but her colleagues and manager had no relationships with her outside the refuge. While many victims have extensive relationships with people who can be questioned, this introverted victim poses a new set of challenges.

Enjoy the Vera Books While You Wait

If you haven't already, you can pass the time waiting for Series 11 by reading Ann Cleeves's Vera Stanhope series of novels. 

Are You Looking Forward to Vera, Season 11?

Though Vera is loved by many, we know it's a bit dark and dreary for some. Will you be tuning in for the premiere of season 11? We'll certainly be counting down the days!


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Vera Season 11 Air Date Coming Soon

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  1. My husband and I cannot wait for Vera. Like others here we love the character and frequently watch old shows. Keep them coming.

  2. Love!love! Brit crime series…from South Africa…love the accent…Vera being one of my favorites…Shetland, midsomer murders, hinterland, DCI banks,etc…American ditch years ago

  3. I love to watch Vera now I watch reruns, it seems to me when I find a good series to watch it runs out and your mood is already wanting that series it’s just terrible!!! I really hope Vera continues really good Series!!!!

  4. Vera is one of my all-time favorite mystery series. I’ve already watched the first two episodes of season 11 and am anxiously awaiting the next ones.

    I saw a commenter mention Shetland. I’d love to see the return of that series. It’s probably tied with Vera as my favorite. Just fantastic.

  5. I absolutely love Vera and appreciate all of the hard work Brenda has committed to this series. I have savored every episode in each season as they are released in America over the years and just watched the first episode of season 11. So good!!! Can’t wait for each future episode.

  6. I Love Vera. I live in the US. And it’s better then some shows here.
    I love that she is Fisty and she doesn’t let anyone push her around. A very strong character for women.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  7. I love Vera, I am anxiously awaiting the new series. It is one of a very few tv shows I watch. More please!

  8. Through pandemic and Trumpian times, VERA brought justice and respect for law back to my American mind. Brits just know how to construct a superior murder mystery/detective show. Can’t wait for season 11!

  9. I absolutely love VERA and look forward to watching Brenda Blythen put life to the cantankerous character, DCI Vera Stanhope. She does an exceptional job. I have even watched all of the reruns more than once when there are no new shows to watch. I can listen to the theme music over and over again. It reminds me of the Henry Mancini theme music from shows like the TV detective series “Peter Gunn” that ran from 1958 to 1961.

    I love all British mysteries and police dramas. I have watched so many series it is hard to find a good one I have not seen thanks to COVID-19. Shows and movies from all of the U. K. – Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and even South Africa. A few duds but most were very well done. When are the good ones coming back? Series like Silent Witness, Endeavour, Grantchester, Shetland, Unforgotten, Trial & Retribution, Marcella, Happy Valley, New Blood, and many others. I look forward to new seasons for all of them … hopefully really soon!

  10. I Have watched DVD’s of Vera almost every night for a year. Love how you can never tell who has ‘done it’ until right at the end. When you see the episodes over and over it is good to watch how the person you know ‘did it’ reacts. I have not been able to get episode 3 here in Australia, unless in a boxed set. Looking forward to more of Brenda’s great acting.

  11. I’ve watched seasons 1-10 at least 3 times over the past few years and I need some new ones!! Vera is my favorite British show, followed closely by “Shetland “ and I’ve been waiting SO long for both of them!

  12. Just Binge watch all 10 Seasons……….and cannot wait for Season 11. LOVE ‘my’ Vera!!!

  13. Vera’s dedication & persistence in “ getting it right,” is marvelous to watch; her relationship w DI Joe is so like a true “mother/son” relationship! Their chemistry is so evident & believeable!! The stories/ mysteries involved in the show are as complex as the investigators, each abound w “past histories & ‘baggage.’” Love this show as I remembered Brenda from the excellent movie “A River Runs Through It.” As an American speaker it is sometimes difficult to decipher the British tongue.

    • I really enjoy Vera, but I bought the boxed set of DVDs seasons 1-9 and then the single season 10 because the Dvds have English subtitles which make the dialogue understandable! The DVDs from ITV are made for region 2, so an all region or universal DVD player is essential. I am an American also and have difficulty understanding the English mumbles, witty though they may be.

    • If you don’t rely on subtitles you’d be surprised how given time your ear / brain learns to pick up on the English accent. My wife and I have been watching Brit tv since the 1980s via a C band satellite dish we had in our backyard. This was during a period when ‘Are You Being Served’ was still new. We still have trouble with the Wales, Aussie, and Scottish twangs though.

  14. I absolutely love Vera, I watch her over and over again,,,so keen to watch the next season, only trouble there’s never enough episodes!! she’s terrific and something about her facial expressions remind me of my mum whom I have lost, which endears her to me even more!

  15. We love,love,love Vera! After watching the first 7 seasons I read all the Vera novels too.

  16. Absolutely LOVE Vera. I bought The series on dvd and have been waiting for season 11. So glad it’s been filmed and ready to air. I watch all the dvds over and over. Vera,;along with other brit mysteries, our my fave. American shows can’t hold a candle to the British shows. Wonderful actors and stories are so sophisticated. Also love the subtle sense of humor.

  17. Vera is such a fine engaging show. Acting is superb. Production quality is always beautiful and surprising. Cinematography takes full advantage of interesting locations.
    We are looking forward to visiting New Castle this fall in our travels thru the UK. Miss David Leon. There was palpable chemistry between Joe and Vera.

  18. We love watching Vera, we have watched them twice over. Really looking forward to new season. Please don’t stop taping,one of the better mysteries.

    • I love watching Vera I live in the US my brother and his family is British and so I totally understand the English dialog I really love Brenda as an actress she is great she plays the part with great poise I can’t wait to watch the new episodes. I have actually watched all 10 seasons at least 2 times.

  19. Will the new episodes of Vera. Next show ever. Only be on britbox in Australia. I hope not. 😩😩

  20. wait for all the episodes to be downlaoded. Pay for one month; binge them, then unsubscribe. you won’t be obligated for a year.

  21. I have recently discovered Vera and love it! I like most all of the British mysteries and comedies. I have subscribed to Britbox in order to see more of them. I wish they had all of the Vera shows. I also love all Agatha Christie’s, Midsomer Murders, DI Banks, Dalziel & Pasco, Morse, Touch of Frost, Keeping Up Appearances and As Time Goes By! Wonderful TV!

  22. I’ve watched every Vera episode and am looking forward to Season 11. The main reason I am absolutely enamored of British TV is that your murder mysteries, beside my not being able to guess who the guilty party is (unlike American murder mysteries), they’re not so gory. Your comedy is subtly delicious and clean. I cannot get enough of either venue!!

  23. Oh how I love BritiBritish tv!! Especially drama n comedy.
    It’s totally different from our American programming. I’m hooked n addicted now. After the program ends n no more seasons are announced I’m heartbroken..I have watched or are watching

    Doc Martin
    A Place Called Home
    Mid diner Murders
    Miss Marple
    Kate n Kiki…….etc.
    I love Brenda Blythen
    I’d love to come to England n meet
    her. Thank you All

  24. Love watching Vera so down to earth she is one of my favorites i also love seeing David Leon on Vera keep them coming from Canada

  25. We absolutely love Vera! We are in Canada and really like all the British detective shows! Thank you so much! They have been awesome and we binge watched all during our Covid winter😀💜👍💚

  26. So love vera, I’m guessing this will be her last series? She’s so down to earth, simply can’t wait for series 11 to start, xxx

  27. One of my favorites! Love British dramas/mysteries–much classier than ours here in U.S.

  28. Absolutely love Vera!! The characters are just perfect and is played wonderfully by all! We have been waiting anxiously for it’s return and happy (oh, so happy) that it is!! Read all the books but, being honest, love the show more!! Thank you!!!

  29. VERA is my all-time favorite show! I never tire of her and her colleagues. I would watch her every nite if I could. I jumped with joy when I saw the headline about season 11…will be waiting to see the air date. Thank you to BritBox for this wonderful gift! I am 80 years old live in Delaware, USA, and happily watch only British mysteries.

  30. So looking forward to the new season. My husband and I love Vera and the gang and most British mystery/ crime dramas. We live in the US and don’t bother w/cable, we watch primarily British telly!! Thank goodness for Britbox, Acorn and PBS!!!

  31. I’ve enjoyed Vera from the very first episode I watched and then watched all episodes, sometimes twice. I’m an American from California, male 72 years old and a ardent fan of British Mysteries on TV and in novels. My Dad’s family are Scott’s who immigrated in 1910. Thanks for the shows and literature. Harry Russell

    • Right on Russell. I am your elder at 76 and love Vera madly! I am also a big fan of Shetland! They are also releasing new episodes. TV Time is looking up

  32. I love vera but watched her on Acorn !! I cannot afford to get BritBox now this makes me very angry !!!!!

    • wait for all the episodes to be downlaoded. Pay for one month; binge them, then unsubscribe. you won’t be obligated for a year.

    • Love vera can’t wait for the new season. U are absolutely wonderful.
      Everyone is great. I just hope I get
      the channel ur on. U make my night.

      Faith Eldridge

  33. We love Vera. We watch many of the British series, such as Father Brown. Please keep them coming. We do contribute.

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