What’s New on Acorn TV for June 2019?

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It's nearly June, and you know what that means – it's time to talk about the Acorn TV premieres for the new month. If you love non-fiction programming, you'll love what they've got coming over the next several weeks. 

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New British TV Shows on Acorn TV in June 2019

What's New on Acorn TV for June 2019? 1

June 3

What's New on Acorn TV for June 2019? 2
Blitzed: Nazis on Drugs Premieres on June 3rd

BLITZED: Nazis on Drugs (Documentary)

Acting legend Steven Berkoff (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) narrates the story of  Nazi drug experimentation during World War II. It's been established that Hitler's doctor Theodor Morell gave him drug cocktails, and German troops were given methamphetamine pills. This hour-long documentary examines whether those drugs could have changed the course of history.


JENNIE: Lady Randolph Churchill

Lee Remick (Anatomy of a Murder) stars as Jennie Jerome, the beautiful American who became Lady Randolph Churchill. Jennie was a fascinating woman who married one great politician and raised another – Winston Churchill (played by Warren Clarke). This 1974 miniseries is comprised of 7 hour-long episodes.



War doesn't just happen on the battlefield. It happens in towns where schoolchildren practice war-time drills, in cities where people go underground for cover during bombings, and in the countryside where young families send their children to less likely targets. Still, people find ways to enjoy what they can, even in the worst of situations. 

This three-part documentary focuses on normal life during World War II, and how people managed to “keep calm and carry on” even as their very survival was in question. (2017)


June 10th


STRAIGHT FORWARD (Acorn TV Original, Exclusive U.S. Premiere)

“Bringing together New Zealand’s stunning scenery with Scandinavia’s reputation for crime-noir, Straight Forward promises to be an unmissable television event.” -Scoop

Filmed in Queenstown, New Zealand and Copenhagen, Denmark, Straight Forward shows us what happens when Scandi-noir heads to New Zealand. When a family member is murdered, a woman with her own checkered past (Silvia) decides to get even by going after the crime boss who ordered the hit. 

Unfortunately, Silvia's revenge doesn't go as planned, and she's forced to flee Denmark with her mother and daughter. This 8 episode crime drama stars Cecilie Stenspil as Silvia alongside Vibeke Hastrup playing her mother and Marie Boda as her daughter.


MIDSOMER MURDERS: 20th Anniversary Documentary

2017 marked the 20th anniversary of Midsomer Murders, and this hour-long documentary is a fun celebration of all things Midsomer.


June 17th


PENELOPE KEITH’S VILLAGE OF THE YEAR, Eps 1-4 (Exclusive U.S. Premiere)

Fans of Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages and Penelope Keith's Coastal Villages will be delighted to see this light-hearted competition headed up by Dame Penelope Keith. In this series, Keith and a team of 3 expert judges visit 4 villages in each episode, with 4 episodes dedicated to each region of the UK. 

This series is a great (albeit somewhat idealized) look at modern village life, and it offers incredible scenery. While it's true only one village can be crowned Village of the Year, you'll almost certainly fall in love with dozens of them.

Four new episodes will premiere each week until all 24 have aired.



After twelve years in prison, Rex (Matthew Goode, The Imitation Game) is finally free. Now, he's ready to rejoin his partner Karen (MyAnna Buring, The Descent) and their 11-year-old daughter Alice so they can attempt to live a normal life in a remote village.

Unfortunately, settling down is not in the cards. It's not long before Karen starts receiving strange silent phone calls and mysterious text messages that let her know someone knows the truth about her family. This 2012 miniseries is comprised of two hour-long episodes.


June 24th



“Clunes is a lovable travel companion… an inspired choice to explore the United States” – The Independent

Martin Clunes is on the road again, this time embarking on an epic journey around the islands of America. He covers roughly 10,000 miles, moving from west to east and checking out islands in Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Puerto Rico, California, New York, Maine, and more. 

The series contains four episodes of one hour each.


What's New on Acorn TV for June 2019? 3
The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes premieres on June 24th


This 1971 British mystery anthology series focuses not on Sherlock Holmes, but on other Victorian detectives. Each episode is an adaptation of a detective story from one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's contemporaries, and you'll likely recognize a number of the actors cast throughout. Appearances are made by Donald Pleasence (Halloween), Peter Vaughan (The Remains of the Day), Donald Sinden (Two's Company), Jeremy Irons (Brideshead Revisited), and John Neville (X-Files).

There are 13 episodes in the series, because what else could be more appropriate for a murder anthology series?


What Will You be Watching on Acorn TV in June?

What's your pick of the upcoming new releases? Though we watched it once when it was originally broadcast in the UK, we're most excited for Penelope Keith's Village of the Year Competition. It's a wonderful slice of escapism, and unlike most British TV shows, the episode count is remarkably high. 


What's New on Acorn TV for June 2019? 4

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    • We’ve not received any word about Acorn TV getting Death in Paradise. We’ve also not seen any confirmation about whether Netflix will be getting Season 8. The BBC has pulled a number of titles from Netflix recently, so until somebody sends out a press release, we don’t know anything about where that one will be in terms of streaming services.

      It *is* airing via PBS in a number of US markets, though. I’d recommend checking with your local station/PBS Passport options.

  1. You should currently be able to see Seasons 1 and 2 on Acorn TV. Season 3 is filming this spring/summer and I believe it should be released sometime in the fall or winter, though we haven’t gotten any official word on when that will be.

    As for Midsomer, both Acorn TV and BritBox have all current episodes that exist. The case received the latest round of scripts over the winter, and filming is taking place this spring/summer for Season 21. I don’t expect that one will be ready to air until fall or winter.

    The problem isn’t that Acorn isn’t displaying the shows – they just aren’t finished yet.

  2. I am a subscriber. Agatha Raisin supposedly has another season but I don’t see any new episodes. Am disappointed. Also no new episodes of Misomer Murders but looks like there are new episodes being advertised but not available. Think I am going to withdraw my subscription.

  3. I will watch anything with Martin Clues, and the Penelope Keith Best villages sounds great, as a former Norfolk gal, love to see the British countryside although I don’t believe I would want to live in the modern UK as I left in 1961. Living in the Shadow of WWII intrigues me as I was born in 1941 and lived those years. Cannot wait!

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