What’s New on BritBox? Coming Soon + Recent BritBox Schedules

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Each month, we put up a post taking a look at what's new on BritBox. While they're a streaming service and there's no “BritBox schedule” in the sense that old network TV stations had schedules, they still offer a lineup of new shows each month (and most shows linger on the service for months or even years, so it's worth looking through the old BritBox lineup posts, too).

Since it can be hard to find all the individual monthly schedule posts, we've gathered them up here in an archive for easy referencing.

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What's New on BritBox? BritBox 2023 Schedules

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It's still too soon to know much about what's coming for the entirety of 2023, but we already know the year will bring new seasons of shows like Vera and Death in Paradise, along with the brand-new Death in Paradise spin-off, Beyond Paradise. You can view the first couple month's of new offerings below, and we'll continue to add more months as we get them.

BritBox 2022 Schedules

Though the last couple of years were a bit slow for new releases due to the pandemic, a lot of shows were able to get back to production in 2021 – meaning loads of new shows for 2022.

Already, BritBox has given us new episodes of Vera and Father Brown, plus new shows like Hope Street, Suspect, and Sister Boniface Mysteries. In late October, they'll be adding the new Scottish mystery Karen Pirie. We're excited to see what else is in store for 2022!

BritBox 2021 Schedules

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The Tower premiered on BritBox in 2021

BritBox 2020 Schedules

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Jason Watkins & Tala Gouvela star in McDonald & Dodds

2020 was a rough year for many things, including British TV. While there were plenty of great shows to watch (especially older shows brought to streaming platforms for the first time), a lot of more recent shows were unable to get new seasons out as originally planned. Aside from the lockdowns, safety precautions added time and expense to productions. 

The good news for BritBox is that as a BBC and ITV venture, they were able to quickly draw upon their massive archives to bring us dozens of really good older shows when the supply of new programming dwindled. Autumn saw the addition of classic comedies like All Creatures Great & Small, ‘Allo ‘Allo, Dad's Army, To the Manor Born, and Good Neighbors (which we still prefer to call The Good Life, as that's the original UK name).

December brought a MASSIVE release of more than 75 classic period dramas from the last several decades, and earlier months brought a Shakespeare collection and the Carry On films. 

Some of the best new shows on BritBox in 2020 included McDonald & Dodds, Mallorca Files, Don't Forget the Driver, and Scarborough. The year also brought us new seasons of favourites like Shakespeare & Hathaway, Shetland, Vera, Death in Paradise, Silent Witness, Father Brown, Cold Feet, and Inside No. 9.

To say BritBox upped their content game in 2020 would be an understatement.

Want to read more about what happened in British TV in 2020 (and what's coming in 2021)? Check out the British TV Year in Review magazine HERE

BritBox 2019 Schedules

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The Sweeney arrived on BritBox in December 2019

If we're being completely honest, 2019 was a good year for BritBox, but they didn't really hit their stride until 2020 when they REALLY started increasing the back catalog. That's not to say there wasn't a lot of great content added in 2019.

For us, the highlight of the year was the rapid addition of the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special – but that's definitely not all that was added over the year.

Classic shows like The Sweeney and Taggart were added to the service, as were newer shows like Hold the Sunset, The Victim, and Damned.

New seasons of favourites like Shetland, Shakespeare & Hathaway, Death in Paradise, Mum, and Vera were all added in 2019. They also added a number of much-loved gameshow and lifestyle programmes like QI and Autumnwatch.

We didn't post monthly schedules consistently until mid-2019, so that's where the list below starts.

Want to know more about what happened in British TV in 2019? You can pick up a copy of the 2019 British TV Year in Review Magazine HERE

What's Your Favourite Show on BritBox?

Of course, if you've been with BritBox for a while, you'll surely have a tough time picking just one – but do feel free to share some of your favourites (or upcoming favourites) in the comments! We've included many of ours here: The Best Shows on BritBox


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What's New on BritBox? A Look at the BritBox Schedule Over Time

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  1. I wish Britbox would improve their closed caption. It is small and white lettering which is difficult to read

    • You can change the font size also the color. I don’t remember exactly how i did it but maybe someone else who knows more about this can help you. I think I used the right arrow on my remote and it brought it up on the right side on the screen. I also used the bottom arrow on my remote and found the closed caption ,I just clicked in the right arrow and it went over to the left to a tiny Lillie box and it looked like it said cc so I clicked on it and sure enough that was it. Wait a couple of minutes and it will appear on your screen.

  2. I love brit box but watching the same show I don’t like. Never add more seasons to some show for year’s. I hope 2022 can be better.I have brit for 3years cancel it

  3. I love brit box but watching the same show I don’t like. Never add more seasons to some show for year’s. I hope 2022 can be better.

  4. I discovered all the wonderful mysteriy shows on Acorn during Covid when I watched A LOT of tv, and now have subscribed to Brit Box, where I am hooked on every mystery…I can’t get enough. I only watch a few American shows any more. Just no comparison. And no commercials!

  5. I was so angry when I found out that Acorn was no longer streaming over my Samsung Smart TV. They just stopped without any notification. I see that I can get Acorn through my Prime Account, but haven’t bothered thinking it wouldn’t work anyway. Now I wonder. Is thee any other way to get Acorn? This seems almost a silly question, forgive me.

      • I haven’t tried that and will definitely do it right now (this is what I get for not checking my email. Thank you. I’ll get back.

  6. Hard to limit it to just one. I LOVE Heartbeat! The stories are good, the scenery is nice, and the actors are very attractive. I am hopelessly in lust over Nick Berry who plays the leading man. He is so dishy! Check it out.
    This was a successful program and lasted 18 years! But only 1 year is available on streaming networks (or on CD). I want to put pressure on Brit box to put pressure on the company that owns the rights to Heartbeat to release more seasons for the US market.

    • Most episodes are on Youtube so you can watch the series that way for now. I watched Benidorm on Youtube until I got Britbox and I could watch it all over again with much better quality.

  7. I love “Death in Paradise” and the many mysteries they have. I have Acorn also and our friend Adrian Dunbar is in “Line Of Duty on Acorn, but I like Brit Box best.

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