Where to Watch British Murder Mystery Vera (Including Series 3 & 8)

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Where to Watch British Murder Mystery Vera (Including Series 3 & 8) 1
How often do you see a photo of Vera smiling?

In the United States, it occasionally takes a bit of work to figure out where to watch your favorite British TV shows. That's certainly the case with the Northumberland-set murder mystery Vera.

Where to Watch Vera

Historically, this was a simple question. Acorn had all existing series of Vera, so you could watch them all in one place. Things got a little more complicated when BritBox came on the scene, though. BritBox is a direct competitor to Acorn, and it's a joint venture between BBC and ITV. Vera is an ITV program.

Of course, it's in the best interest of both ITV and Acorn TV (owned by RLJ Entertainment) to get along. ITV controls a ton of great television, but they're also the ones putting out Agatha Christie's Marple and Poirot over in the UK. RLJ/Acorn owns a controlling stake in Agatha Christie's works…so it's all a bit sticky.

Regardless, you can still watch all 7 current series of Vera in the United States. Series 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are available here through Acorn TV.

But Where Can I Watch Series 3 of Vera?

Series 3 of Vera is available on BritBox. We're not quite sure why it's series 3 and not some other series, but that's the way it's worked out.

Where Can I Watch Series 8 of Vera?

Series 8 isn't yet available, but it will be very shortly. Previous reports had predicted a spring 2018 premiere for Series 8 of Vera, but the latest news is actually much better than that. Starting January 8th, BritBox members will be able to get Vera episodes just hours after they air in the UK.

Given the fact that several shows have already moved from Acorn TV to BritBox at the expiration of their US licenses, it will be interesting to see if Acorn TV is able to remain competitive in the coming years. Their interface is much better, and they do have a huge, well-established user base. It must surely be tough to compete with the combined forces of BBC and ITV, though. For now, though, we'll just enjoy our Vera episodes wherever we can get them. If you're not up to keeping track of it all, you can always get them on DVD instead.

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  1. I am in Ontario Canada. Through my libraries, I can stream for free on Hoopla. It currently has seasons 1 to 7 but there is a limit how much you stream per month. Each episode is a counted, not the season. I have a county library hoopla for 8 per month and a nearby city library hoopla for 6 per month. I have to have a different email for each membership. I also can get the DVDs for free at the library.

  2. I just joined Acorn.I love Vera,however not all are free. Why is that if I am paying for the service and they are available.

  3. “Vera” Season 3 is now “currently unavailable” on BritBox. Also not on Acorn. Grrr — this is ridiculous.

  4. Why can’t we get season 7 of Vera on Acorn? I understand from reading above that they lost the license for seasons 3 and 4. But 7 seems absent too.

  5. I’ve stopped watching most American TV, except for PBS. I stream thru Prime, both BritBox and Acorn. We love Vera, Wire in the Blood, Frost, Shetland and many others. I actually enjoy Escape to the Country for the scenery and the educational bits and love the British kitchen-diners. Keep it up. You are right: Doc Martin would not translate to our medical systems.

    • I watched season 8 on BritBox, as well as 3 & 4 which aren’t on Acorn TV.
      What I do is pay for either Acorn TV or BritBox until I watched what I want to watch, then I cancel them before the next billing cycle. That way I was able to see all 8 series of Vera.
      I did the same thing with Doc Martin.
      Also someone said you have to have Amazon Prime to get BritBox, that’s not true, I don’t have Amazon Prime.

  6. Season 4 is also on BritBox now, I believe. My wife is a Vera fan and just finished seasons 1 and 2 on Acorn (added on through Comcast). When we saw season 3 wasn’t available, we also noticed that the same thing was true of season 4. Acorn’s customer service department confirmed via email that its license had expired on both season 3 and season 4.

  7. I enjoy Acorn, especially when I get fed up with US TV, and hopefully will continue to do so. I am not buying two British TV subscriptions. It looks like there will be more problems in the future. There may be another alternative for Vera season 8. Check local libraries to see if they have it. I’ve done this with some PBS series that I missed and wanted to see.

  8. Just viewed Season 8, episode 1 of Vera and it was of course terrific! And so good to see all the wonderful actors who are Vera’s team. It’s 01/10 here in California, when might I hope to see episode 2? I just subscribed to BritBox to see Vera!!
    She’s surely one of the best Detectives ever!!

    • Although we’re not familiar with Spanish streaming options, you could definitely get something like UKTVEverywhere and watch it live or shortly after it airs (the device lets you go back in time up to 30 days to watch shows that aired recently) – https://uktveverywhere.com/

      • I am disappointed that BritBox can only be accessed through Amazon Prime in the US. Now that BritBox is “getting” shows that used to be on Acorn, I would need to subscribe to both Amazon, BritBox on Amazon, and Acorn to get my favorites. Frankly Ameriacn tv is simply awful. I hope the ongoing streaming boom will bring more options for British tv in the future.

        • If you have one of the later versions of Apple TV you can bypass Amazon for Britbox and watch it through Apple. Only series 6 & 7 of Vera are not available through Britbox.

        • Actually if you get a Roku box you can subscribe directly with Acorn and Britbox. They offer more programs when subscribing directly. Although, its cheaper to add them monthly to Prime.
          Also checkout MHZ haven’t subscribed yet but its next on my list.
          I only subscribe to one of these per month on Prime until I run out of my murder mysteries, then its on to the next british subscription.

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