Doc Martin Season 10: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It

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Doc Martin Season 10: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It 1
Doc Martin returns for Season 10, with a likely premiere date in 2022

It's been nearly a year since Season 9 of Doc Martin premiered, and many of our readers are starting to ask about whether there will be a Season 10 of Doc Martin.

There were rumours that Season 9 would be the final season, but could it really be true? Would ITV really end it where they did? 

Is Season 9 the Last Season of Doc Martin?

Though many have suggested that Season 9 would be the end of Doc Martin, we're pleased to have official ITV confirmation that it's just not true.

Given the ending of Season 9 (we're not going to include a spoiler here), many have wondered how Doc Martin could possibly continue as the same show. Luckily, they have a great writing team that have found a way to move forward.

Doc Martin Will Return for Season 10

Doc Martin and Louisa close for Season 10 premiere piece
Doc Martin and Louisa: together again for Season 10

In 2020, we gathered up the evidence that Doc Martin would be returning for Season 10. Though there hadn't been any official confirmation, there were some very promising signs:

  • When we interviewed Martin Clunes ahead of the Series 9 premiere, he said, “Well if we’re lucky, we’ll get to do a tenth Doc Martin – and then I’ll probably retire.” 
  • In an interview with Cornwall Film Festival, Doc Martin director Nigel Cole said, “There will be a series ten. We're working on it. It's official, we are doing it.”
  • Recently, the actors got together (virtually) to do a special Doc Martin short to thank the NHS for their hard work during the current health crisis. It's a great sign that perhaps the actors aren't quite ready to give up those roles.

While some sites didn't wait for the official confirmation, we remained slightly cautious because there have been a few cases where someone involved in production talked about an upcoming season, only to have network bosses kill the show later – and we didn't want to get anyone's hopes up too soon. 

Luckily, it didn't take too long before ITV had officially confirmed all the rumours. Doc Martin WILL be returning for Series 10.

When Will Season 10 of Doc Martin Air?

Doc Martin Season 10: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It 2
Port Isaac: Are they ready to see Doc Martin return to film Season 10?

Sadly, the pandemic played havoc with the schedules of many British TV shows, including Doc Martin. Though originally scheduled for a 2021 filming date, Season 10 is now expected to film in 2022.

While it's hard to wait another year, the upside is that we'll have just a little bit longer before we all have to say our final goodbyes to the series. 

In the past, filming would begin in spring and the episodes would air that autumn – so it's likely we'll be seeing Season 10 of Doc Martin airing in autumn 2022.

In the UK, Doc Martin airs on ITV. In the US, it has traditionally premiered on Acorn TV. Though we've not seen official confirmation that it will premiere on Acorn TV, it seems likely the pattern will hold up for the final season.

What Do the Stars of Doc Martin Think About Season 10?

Doc Martin Season 10: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It 3
We'd love to see Doc Martin and his family together again in Season 10

Many fans will know that Doc Martin star Martin Clunes is married to producer Philippa Braithwaite. They released a joint comment on the upcoming Season 10:

We have loved making nine series of Doc Martin.  When we launched the series in 2004 we could never have imagined how much our loyal viewers would take to the grumpy Doc like they have.  The series has avid fans both in the UK and throughout the world and we are thrilled that Doc Martin has topped the ratings every time.

However, after sixteen years we now feel that the time has come to say goodbye to Portwenn.  We will be making the tenth and final series in 2021 and we are very much looking forward to returning to Cornwall to film it.

That echoes what Martin Clunes said to us in an interview ahead of the 9th season of Doc Martin:

Well if we’re lucky, we’ll get to do a tenth Doc Martin – and then I’ll probably retire.

ITV's Head of Drama Polly Hill had a few comments, too:

I just want to thank Martin and Philippa and everyone involved in Doc Martin, because it’s a brilliant, beautifully made series that has delighted audiences for many years. I am pleased that we are making series 10, and sad this will be the last, but respect their decision to bring it to a close.

Where Can I Watch Season 9 of Doc Martin?

If you're not yet caught up on Doc Martin, you can watch Season 1 through 9 on Acorn TV.

Doc Martin is also aired on many local PBS stations. For PBS, remember that each major viewing area has its own schedule. You'll need to check your local listings to see if and when it's available where you are.

What Will Martin Clunes Miss Most When Doc Martin Ends?

Last year when we had the opportunity to chat with Martin Clunes about Season 9 of Doc Martin, we asked him what he'd miss most if Doc Martin didn't come back. He said:

Ohhhh, that’s a good question. I’d miss the chance to, you know, it’s quite a silly job, being an actor anyway, so the chance to play that silly game in such a nice place with such a great bunch of talented people across the crew and the cast. Just kind of provides you with a very safe playground to do what we do if you know what I mean.

We’re all quite cool with each other and I think that means that in essence, it’s a rare chance to try and celebrate something in a day, to have some fun with it and make something that’s good rather than just achieve another day of filming and get through the schedule, if you know what I mean. So I’d miss that, because I think it’s possibly the last good job in British TV (laughing).

How Do You Feel About the Doc Martin Season 10 News?

Given all the rumours that Season 9 would be the last, we're thrilled to know Doc Martin is returning for Season 10. Though it will be a bit odd not to have new episodes every other autumn, we know all good shows must come to an end someday, and we only hope they give all the characters the sort of endings they deserve. 

As we all wait, you can have a virtual walk around the village of Portwenn (aka Port Isaac) here


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Doc Martin Season 10: Premiere Date & Where to Watch It 4
Season 10 of Doc Martin is expected to have an air date in 2022

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  1. My wife and I really enjoy the The Doc Martin series, we also watch Keeping Up Appearences. I hope they continue to show decent programs on t v. We kind of get tired of watching Gunsmoke !

  2. Love Doc Martin. I’m an American. About 80% of my DNA comes from the U.K. I subscribe to Acorn and BritBox. Sadly, there’s a lot there that’s less than family friendly. It always seems that when a great new show starts out, it’s clean. But as they run out of ideas the dirty jokes, sex scenes and offensive language emerge. Not Doc Martin. Bless them for it. And Brits, please don’t paint Americans with the same wide brush. Having traveled extensively, I’ve learned firsthand over the years that every culture and country has its equal parts good and bad.

  3. I am a American but, raised by a British mum. I have loved British movies and TV since forever because of her. Their sence of humor can’t be beat for sure. Doc Martin is a main stay for my husband and I and have watched every episode over and over since the beginning!!! I can’t wait to see session 10, but will be so sorry it will be the end! My mum died before Doc Martin, but she would have loved it so much I know. She had every British show to watch up until then and that is all she would watch, nothing else. We still have family in Essix.

  4. Hello All,
    I am an American and I have watched British TV and read plenty of British literature. I think it’s a little silly to make Doc Martin a nationalistic war. I have seen plenty of violent, potty mouthed, sexually offensive British shows. That is to say I thought this will be a good one, and I finding it repugnant, had to change channels. I agree US entertainment is not entertaining to many people but TV News stories acted out- the most criminal at that. I love Doc Martin, Keeping Up Appearances, and others because of the clean content- mostly clean anyway. I found other UK, New Zealand, Canadian and Australian shows I enjoy as well. I think this crowd is just careful as to the entertainment you choose . I’m glad to know so many people still are! Maybe it will inspire Producers to continue to make quality, clean, great shows!

  5. Doc Martin is just good TV. The characters, the writing, the scenery, all stellar. I had not sat down and watch the series week after week. However, in December 2020, both my husband and I were very ill with COVID19…just before Xmas. We started to binge watch various shows that we had always wanted to understand more. We both fell in love with the show, although a little late to the game. We are waiting for 2022 for the new, and sadly, final production. Thank you all for your great work.

  6. Guess I’m on one of those stupid Americans. However, I don’t like shows simply because they are British. I was never a All Creatures, Hitchhiker, or Dr. Who fan; I did however enjoy As Time Goes by, Keeping up Appearances and of course Doc Martin. One of the reasons I like these shows is because I can understand what the characters are saying. US actors seem to have lost the ability to enunciate with the methods James Dean and Marlon Brando introduced.

  7. I am American and love the British shows. Have lots of Engish in my ancestory.
    I have both Acorn and Britbox. Doc Martin is one of my favorite and hate to see it end. I get a laugh out of the remarks about Americans cuz lots of it is true:)
    As for Ameican sitcoms, forget it. I don’t watch any of them. All bathroom humor that spoils the whole thing. Stupidity seems to rein . I want so much to visit Cornwall and Wales. Lots of Welsh in my background. But because of my age (79) and the Pandemic it is not to be. But I get to Cornwell thru this TV show and others. I even have a facebook friend who moved to Cornwell. My love of British TV started with Monty Python and never ended.

  8. My husband and I (Texas, USA) are thoroughly taken with Doc Martin, and sad that there is only one season remaining. We watched the whole 9 seasons once, and will watch them again. Despite some of the comments above, we are not all “stupid, greedy or ignorant” and we love British tv.

  9. I am American and We love Doc Martin in process of watching Them all will be sad to see it end love Martin Clunes in comedy situations hope to see more from Him have Acorn and Bbc

  10. Dean- spot on! it would not only be “lost,” but wasted, as Fran Healey, a U. S. sportscaster (!) once said, “You cannot overestimate the stupidity of the american public.” P. J. O’Rourke, similarly (paraphrased)), “You don’t have to test for drugs, test instead for stupidity, ignorance, greed, and the love of power.” (I urge to find the exact quote, it’ll be worth it) thanks, Dean, again, as our British “counterparts” would say, “Spot On!”

  11. I’m an American and I love the fact that there’s no gun violence or sexual innuendo on the show. I wish the Brits would stop putting all Americans in in category. I love British tv. It’s my favorite plus it’s the only thing I really watch. Watching BBC news is the only way I get my news. I Love Doc Martin

  12. For some reason we didn’t watch any of the Doc Martin series, but for the last six months or so every Friday night we are glued to the screen, we absolutely love it, We’re catching up with the first set of series, it’s adorable. We’re dreading the end of them, please have a series 10, and more!
    Thank you to everyone who is involved with Doc Martin, you’re brilliant.

  13. I too love the Doc Martin series!! I think you could say I’m addicted to it. I continue to watch all episodes from the nine seasons again and again and I am so hoping that season 10 isn’t far off! I love the characters, the stories, the beautiful locale the shows are filmed in, everything!

    Please continue with this series!!

  14. My husband and I LOVE the Doc Martin series. We have watched them over and over from the first through the 9th. I hope that there will be a 10th Season. Love the setting where this is filmed. GORGEOUS. Crossing our fingers for a 10th Season. Thank you.

  15. If US makes a Doc equivalent, it will be an unequivocal failure. Can’t remake this one. If they had any taste, they would just leave it. There’s no toilet humor, gun battles, dumb sexual situations and dialogue and anything else that are hallmarks of American tv. What makes this show great would be lost on the average American tv viewer.

    • Amen, Dean. I can’t count how many UK ideas US tv has stolen, but they’re never any good. Gene

    • You really don’t know what you’re saying, do you? We Americans absolutely ADORE British TV!!! I used to watch Waiting For God, As Time Goes By & Keeping Up Appearances. With Doc Martin, I’m addicted! I love every character, from the 1st episode on Series 1 to the last episode of Series 9, and the beauty of Cornwall, Port Isaac specifically, is like its own character in its own right… Spectacular! And through it all, is the poignancy of the Martin-Louisa love story! I am crying with sadness that Series 10 will be its last!! I can only that every few years they’ll agree to do a Reunion Movie, so we can see how all the characters are getting on over the years. Not on a weekly basis, but a a special 2 hour movie once every couple of years… So, your hatred for us Americans is odd, and your assumption that we’d have zero appreciation for a show like Doc Martin is not only rude but utterly false! I live in a Southern California beach community and I absolutely adore Doc Martin! A lot of Americans do…

      • P.S. – I also loved Downton Abbey, and I enjoy Grantchester, too, but the Doc Martin Series really captured my heart! Do you agree it would be lovely if every few years after Series 10 ends, the cast came together to do a 2-hr reunion movie? I don’t want it to fully end… Anyway, I hope I’ve helped you to see that Americans love & appreciate British TV, Doc Martin in particular…

        • Maureen- so sorry I didn’t make myself clear enough, sorry… I guess the best “compromise” statement would be to note that many here actually DO like British programming (I’ve been watching its many offerings since 1955, on the CBC network, which back then received most of their feeds from the BBC [eg., CBC aired “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” one week after its BBC premier, in 1969]); it’s much more a matter of apprecieation, of putting aside bigotry and such to see the depth of British humour and the excelling quality of British “production values” so, again, Maureen, I do apologize: I’d very much like to believe that I and my family and close associates have long appreciated British TV, and, as non-British citizens/despite not being… thanks for reading this, Maureen, I do believe I know fairly well from where you are coming with your insightful comment.

      • I agree about putting we Americans in a category. I sure wish my my beloved British born & raised Grandmother could have watched all the great shows for which we have access.

      • Thank you, Maureen. I couldn’t have said it better. Now if the American entertainment industry would listen, we would have entertaining. Shows safe to tune into regardless of who is present! No more awkward dilemmas how to unsee what you’ve just shared with the in-laws.

      • Well said Maureen, I agree with everything you said, I do love Doc Martin and look forward to season 10.

      • Thanks for saying all this. I agree wholeheartedly. There are a lot of trash on our tv but the writers think it’s necessary and we are powerless to prevent it. I enjoy British tv series for the most part. I think the rude comments about American viewers by these comments are unnecessary as we are not talking about some of the many British quirks. I really enjoy Doc Martin, it’s writers, actors and all. Looking forward to Season 10. Please don’t alienate half your viewers by your rude offensive comments and a lot of untrue statements.
        Other favorites: Downton Abby, all the mystery shows… Acorn and Britbox!

    • Dean- spot on! it would not only be “lost,” but wasted, as Fran Healey, a U. S. sportscaster (!) once said, “You cannot overestimate the stupidity of the american public.” P. J. O’Rourke, similarly (paraphrased)), “You don’t have to test for drugs, test instead for stupidity, ignorance, greed, and the love of power.” (I urge to find the exact quote, it’ll be worth it) thanks, Dean, again, as our British “counterparts” would say, “Spot On!”

    • Dean and Dave…. Speak for yourself and tunnel vision. Majority of Americans wouldn’t have all that in their shows. We don’t write those shows. Younger people do. British tv for the most part is not lost on me… an American and proud of it. Just like discussing Doc Martin but never understand people who want to bring negativity in about things that have nothing to do with the topic.

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