Will there be a Series 4 of Broadchurch?

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Will there be a Series 4 of Broadchurch? 1
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Chris Chibnall, Writer & Creator of Broadchurch

Series 3 of Broadchurch recently became available on Netflix in the US, but with just 6 highly binge-able episodes, many of us are left wondering: Will there be a Series 4 of Broadchurch?

Writer & Creator Chris Chibnall on Series 4 of Broadchurch

In an April 2017 interview with BBC Radio 4, Broadchurch writer and creator Chris Chibnall made it very clear, saying, “That is it and there will be no more after this one, absolutely.”

It reminds me a bit of a dead star, really. Just as light can reach us here on earth long after the star has died, the final episodes of Broadchurch came to us here in the States several months after the show's death was confirmed.

Why Won't there be a Series 4 of Broadchurch?

It's definitely not for lack of demand. Broadchurch was much more successful than anticipated, and quite a lot of viewers would love nothing more than to see another set of episodes. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, for one small Dorset town with far too many rapes and murders), people involved are busy moving on to other projects.

Chibnall is moving on to writer for Doctor Who now that Steven Moffatt has vacated his position there. Of his time on Broadchurch, he said, “It's a strange feeling actually, it's quite emotional…It's been an extraordinary journey with the show and [its success] has taken us all by surprise.”

Although we're sad to hear there won't be a Series 4 of Broadchurch, we wish Mr. Chibnall the best as he embarks on the difficult and controversial job of writing for Doctor Who as they roll out the very first female doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker.

What Should I Watch After Broadchurch?

If you're going through Broadchurch withdrawal, I'd recommend any of the shows below.

Modern British Mysteries that are Dark, Atmospheric, and Set in Remote Locations

There’s also a French Broadchurch remake called Malaterra if you don’t mind subtitles. The miniseries Gracepoint is also derived from Broadchurch, but it’s set in California (with David Tennant).

Other Dark, Modern British Mysteries You Might Like

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  1. I wish they had…ANYTHING to get that moron Chris Chinball AWAY from his full scale destruction of Doctor Who. Keep him & Jodie Whitaker’s nasty fingers off of Doctor Who…they’re destroying it. The writing is awful & her acting is a damn joke. Best part of her tenure? The 2 minutes of Captain Jack.

  2. Please rethink about not doing series 4 of Broadchurch.
    I love it and I have recommended it to a number of friends to watch it.

  3. You are breaking my heart! Please reconsider and have at least a season 4 for Broadchurch. As far as I am concerned, it could go on longer than Downton Abby, and we had 6 seasons for Downton.

    • I hope for a season four of Broadchurch. It is a series that holds your interest to watch. I hope for a good closure. Please do a season four of Broadchurch.

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